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пятница, 17 апреля 2015 г.

The counter-revolution under the banner of perestroika

 Restructuring: hybrid revolution in 1985  Russia used to that reform over and over again destroy the state, for which they startedRussia has returned to the political agenda - 20-30 years after she lost relevance. In the late 1950s, Khrushchev interpreted to Stalinism Stalinist Communist Party malice. In the 1980s, Gorbachev continued his exposure to the place where they were interrupted by Brezhnev. Putin in 2014 brought us back to a dispute over the borders established in Europe in 1991. To conclude, in fact, the restructuring, it makes us think of a hidden agenda in 1985.Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev to the end to keep secret their intentions and keeps to this day.

But dreams - no agenda for policy. April plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU in 1985, if it think out, had to choose a vector of national modernization. Myth "strategic parity" with the United States was pushing the stop on the high-tech, that is, the military sector, and millions of Soviet people were eager to quench a simple consumer hunger. Already there is visible gap. Rearrangements were several, and each goes back to one of the classes - the heirs of Stalin's Soviet Union.Most calls from them, of course, the publicity - the Soviet agenda meritocracy, simply put, the intelligentsia. The same artificial class as the Soviet workers, collective farmers and the KGB, the Soviet intelligentsia was originally designed for power. This does not mean that an intellectual could count on the power.But partfunktsioner esteemed intellectual and party cadres included in the educated classes.The term "restructuring" the device is aimed at a return to the early slogan of Stalinism on the "restructuring of personnel." But when Gorbachev after unsuccessful attempts to use the party apparatus has turned towards the press and intellectuals decided that she has a leader.Meanwhile, the leader himself sought and sister Stalinist intellectuals - "simple Soviet man." He demanded preferential goods and repression of justice. He wished not scientific and technological progress and deal with consumer privileges. Inside meritocratic publicity began conservative revolution Gdlyana- Yeltsin - Chubais arbitration under the shadow of the economic system. But is there such - cloven - revolution?Kiev liberal "revolution dignity" by going to war in the Donbas etnoplemennuyu showed that the hybrid revolution is. Launched April plenum restructuring - this is a hybrid "Stalinist, anti-Stalinist revolution" in a number of other conservative revolution of the twentieth century - from Mussolini to General Peron.Stalin did in Russia perfect artificial, t. E. Unsustainable society. Then he tried to nationalize the revolutionary utopia, but did not know how to do it. Hurry up, old generalissimo used unsuitable tools.Feeling the role of the Russian factor even before the war, after the war, Stalin imposed racism winners losers. In the cauldron of "communist Nazi" leader threw the strangest ingredients from Victorian grand style with separate sexes in teaching grammar school to Pan-Slavism, it is absolutely inappropriate in view of communist China. All it did not work.Perestroika was another attempt to go to the Soviet strategy of national interests superpower, desperate project grounding on the globe countries landfill world utopia.Beggar Land of the Soviets in 1985 and still retains immense resources - social and global no less raw. Gorbachev and the European game between Paris and London Mitterrand Thatcher (who feared as a united Germany and a united Europe too) was initially a bold game. While maintaining a balance with Berlin and Washington was planned financing scheme for the German brand created in the USSR semi-domestic market with a view to its modernization. Hence it was close to a situation where the Union urged to join NATO and the European community hand in hand with the unification of Germany. Of course, for a truly big game player then needed a bigger and bolder Bush Gorbachev. But Reagan was gone.Stalinist version of the national interests of two-faced: "We are focused in the past and in the present focus on the Soviet Union, and only the Soviet Union." The phrase sounds hard. But it implies that the foreign policy of the USSR can be carried out from within the Soviet Union itself, without leaving the framework of domestic policy. Here Stalin and Gorbachev think alike - both with external failures embarked on an internal reorganization.April plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party was an attempt to completion of national statehood - Russian nation building project in huge complex, but to solve the problems of the USSR. Whenever this is not possible, the Stalinist armored train just to drown me. Universal brotherhood changed to consumer utopia of happiness at the expense of the majority of world trade.Naturally, such a utopia embezzled more faster than the previous.A single Russian Federation did not have a chance to start a national agenda. It was an illusion to think that the Soviet gene If you dissect him to pieces, we extract special "Russian part of Russia." And vzbryk Vladimir Putin on his third term - a hopeless dash to the agenda of the April 1985. But now, in the name of national interests has launched the controversy with all Russian culture - a pro-European, Christian and liberal.However, Russia invent new past is impossible.We are used to reform over and over again destroy the state, for which they started. If we visit the ancient traveler, someone like Strabo, he certainly writes: "Here believe that the introduction of novelty leads the country to rebellion and destruction." Our state is based on the rashness of our actions. You can argue anything because, alive? But in Russia, 2015 people less than in Russia 1915. Noting the great 30th birthday, we went to the demographic turn of the year 1905 and terribly proud of it.
Gleb Pavlovsky  

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