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пятница, 17 апреля 2015 г.

For the benefit of the parasite

  Course consumption
No collusion, but the products are getting more expensive.
During the live broadcast of the "open government" Ramadan Abdullatipov made a lot of statements. For example, the head has denied the 30-percent increase in the price of meat. It harmoniously look at the background of his report on manufactured in the country over the past year food. Though not quite in harmony with the official statistics on inflation ...Such data at the end of March shared Dagstat: food products compared to February rose by 0.6%, with December - by 8.9%, and in March of last year and did 22.9%. For reference: inflation last March compared to December 2013 was at 1.2%.

Broken regulatorMeanwhile, pricing and price regulation were addressed during the extended board meeting of the Prosecutor General. "Obviously speculative conspiracy, economically unjustified price hikes, sometimes several times - this is unacceptable. Illegal actions of dealers, wholesalers, retailers, arbitrarily raise prices, should receive appropriate legal assessment ", - said Vladimir Putin.And the law provided a deterrent price spikes are very limited. So, on the proposal of Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, state regulation of prices is possible only in the case when socially important food staples for the month rose by more than 30%. Freezing prices can not last more than 90 days.According to the Prosecutor's Office of the February test RD for the period from December to February, the average consumer prices increased by: beef - 7.9%; sugar - 12.4%; chicken eggs - 15.5%; Chicken - 8.7%; buckwheat - 18.7%; potato - 15.0%; cabbage - 21.5%; Onions - 16.4%; cucumbers - 42.5%; tomatoes - 26.1%. "It is established that in the period from 24.12.2014 till 20.01.2015 for fresh tomatoes and cucumbers prices grew by more than 30%. But they are in the list of socially important food products are not included. No one group of essential commodities price growth over the designated limit of 30 days is not registered, "- said the agency.Collusion or any violations of the legislation on commodity markets prosecutors also did not reveal.Eternal Russian questionWhen looking for the guilty, sellers refer to suppliers and manufacturers - to dealers. And the fact of increasing the cost manufacturers also do not deny. "We are engaged in processing milk. The share of any additives and packing costs in the cost of the final product. From 15 to 18 rubles. Feed rose. Hay bale cost 50 rubles, this year's winter reached to 180. However, to raise the price high, we still can not. Sell ​​below wholesale prices, as the market access we have, we have to give all dealers. So that the entire demand from them, "- said the head of JSC" Darada-Murad "Ramazan Mirzayev.According to the manufacturer, Kizlyar, the head of "Marenovsky" Magomedamira Omarov from last year figure rose by almost ten rubles from 24-25 to 34. "also become more expensive meat. The selling price was 200 rubles, now - 220-230. Increased costs for food, spare parts, equipment and payment for the shipment. Last year, tractor costs about 680,000 rubles, today the price rose to 1.125 million, "- he said."My products are not expensive, the sale price does not rise until I try to hold. The purchase price of milk - 17 rubles - I do like it. Costs are rising mainly because of rising in price of feed. Recent increased by 30%, it has affected 15 per cent increase in production costs. But to raise the price, I do not venture. In sharp jump in food prices primarily to blame speculators because we, manufacturers on the market are not allowed. We would not have become so inflate the price, "- said the head of the farm" Nur "Mohammed Habibullayev. Meat he rents to the market for 200-220 rubles per kilogram at a cost of 180-190 rubles. Dealers sell it for 240-260 rubles. Similarly, with dairy products. "Kefir give the store for 33 rubles, there is wind the price up to 48-50 rubles. Cheese rent for 280 rubles, it is sold on the market for 350 "- given the layout of the farmer.The problem of marketing, however, during the live broadcast has not bypassed and the head of the, noting that receives a lot of complaints from farmers that they find it difficult to sell products, but potatoes, vegetables and meat is not enough for themselves Dagestani: "Therefore, before you qualify for import substitution, we need to intensify agricultural production "- reasoned Abdullatipov.At present, if we compare the data for Makhachkala in February with current prices, there has been a slight decline in some commodity positions.However, continue to go up, among others, paradoxically, cabbage and potatoes (because, according to Abdulatipova, Republic produces 9% of all Russian vegetables versus 7% in 2012). "And the results of this year, I think we can achieve 11%. This means that we can take the vacant Russian market, there are such opportunities, "- the head optimistic. According to the statistics of Dagestan has made 1.3 million tons of vegetables in 2014, of which 359,000 tonnes.
Vazipat SatiyadzhievaSource: kavpolit.com  

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