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понедельник, 27 апреля 2015 г.

Sawyers-diggers in action

 The fifth part of the money from the procurement went into offshore
Accounting Chamber and Rosfinmonitoring establish a roster of beneficial owners of offshore companies, in various forms of receiving funds from the budget, said the head of the Accounting Chamber Tatyana Golikova at the opening of the IV Eurasian Anti-Corruption Forum."We keep track of contracts that are concluded with organizations registered in foreign jurisdictions. Of the 280 analyzed recent contracts totaling about 1.3 trillion rubles identified 50 such transactions totaling about 272.4 billion rubles (21%)" - Golikova said.

280 contracts registered in foreign jurisdictions, were analyzed during the 2014 inspection was conducted on purchases made in 2013 as government agencies and state-owned companies, she specified.The purpose of the auditors - to identify the ultimate beneficiaries of companies receiving government contracts, explained RBC source of the Accounts Chamber. Ownership Chains companies studied, including with the use of SPARK, and officials Rosfinmonitoring with this information check whether there is a connection between the decision makers in government departments and state-owned companies with the beneficiaries recipients of public funds.President Vladimir Putin earlier in the search for tools that can motivate officials to savings offered with the Accounts Chamber of the ONF monitor public procurement"We can not afford to waste, - Putin said before the Chamber of Accounts. - Every year, the joint venture brings obvious violations of budgetary discipline, sent the relevant regulations, and major changes yet."

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