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Family business is thriving civil servants

 How to earn wives and other relatives of civil servantsSheets
Roman Shleinov
"Your questions are beyond the scope of the law!" - Cram told "Vedomosti" a high official in response to a request to comment on the height of the declaration campaign is rapidly growing business of their relatives in an area where the officer reached the heights of the state career.Indeed, the law does not require a lot of civil servants. The declarations of income and assets they do not show the nuances of family businesses, revealing only the most general information about themselves: if they have wives and minor children, how much money they receive, whether owned cars and real estate. As before, if you believe the declarations of his wife officials often earn many times more men. "Vedomosti" learned their business, and along with the business activity of those whom the declarations do not necessarily write - adult children, brothers and sisters of civil servants.

"Earner-it"Judging by the declarations, a third high-ranking officials of the Russian government in 2014 earned less than their wives. This is a long-standing tradition since the early 1990s, some wives current top officials their jobs feed their families while their husbands received a modest salary. For example, in the family of Igor Sechin, who at the time was an assistant to Vladimir Putin in the St. Petersburg mayor's office, a business takes a wife Marina (now former). As previously recalled classmate Nicholas Sechin Konyushkov: "I understand that the miner-it [was] in the family, but he is not.""I do that, and we now take leave from work? I would love to not work, but unfortunately, I can not afford it ", - explained a couple of years ago," Vedomosti "wife of the Minister of Labour Maxim Topilin - Maria. For 2014, it declared the 16.5 million rubles., While he Topilin - 5.1 million rubles. (For details see. Incision)."Vedomosti" inquired whether his wife engaged in a business that is relevant to the work of their husbands. And find out what happens.The wife of the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina - declared the Marina for the 2014 income 82,390,000 rubles. This is one of the highest rates among the spouses of officials. Sam Medina declare 15.8 million rubles. The property of the family - a plot of land, two houses and apartments, in the Ministerial Declaration.Sergei Prikhodko, Deputy Prime Minister, Head of Government StaffSergei Prikhodko, Deputy Prime Minister, Head of Government StaffWas the fourth in the cabinet size of family income. Personal income in 2014 - 10.1 million rubles. Income wife of Deputy Prime Minister - Natalia more than 10 times higher than the earnings of her husband: she declared the 119.5 million rubles. In 2013, its income was only 6 million rubles. In the 2000s. Prikhodko Natalia receives income from two companies - JSC "Interpromtorg" and ZAO "Optimatehnostimul." The first is now owned 5.68% INTERPROMBANK that serves businesses of the state corporation "Rostec", the second - the business center "Cherry Tower." Natalia Prikhodko was not and is not a beneficiary of these companies, the press service of the government. She has worked in the "Interpromtorge" from March 2002 to May 2003, and in the "Optimatehnostimule" - from May 2003 to September 2004The main income of Marina Medina receives from rental property, do not fall into the declaration: it owns about 3000 square meters. m of commercial real estate in the city center. For example, her company "Alto" belongs to the three-storey building in 1377 square meters. m Dubininskaya street near the Paveletsky station (hereinafter - the data and Rosreestra SPARC), which leases the clinic "Medsi." The firm wife Medina - "Encore Development" and his sister Tatiana jointly owned 1,178 sq. m in the business center in the class "Butlerova 17" near the metro station "Kaluga". And the company "NA immobilare", which belongs to his wife, sister and father Minister of Culture - 414 square meters. m in the tower at the Vernadsky Prospekt, 37. The premises leased by the PSB and beauty "Golden Mandarin." In fairness it should be noted that Marina Medina and should not be specified in the declaration all of these objects.All proceeds from property rental officially declared, the property is purchased for 15 years using both its own and borrowed funds, told "Vedomosti" representative of the Minister.But it now Medina - rentier, and in the past, their business was connected with the culture. Medina in the early 1990s. became one of the founders of the communication agency "Corporation I" and other entities engaged in projects in the field of advertising and public relations. Share in the corporation he sold in 1996, other companies - before he became a deputy of the State Duma, but his sister, until recently, was listed in some of them: a co-owner or manager.For example, according to SPARK, Tatiana Medina led advertising agency "Art Bureau", which, according to its own information, since 1997, worked in the market for Political Technologies, providing services "Yabloko" and SPS candidates in the gubernatorial race, and led anti propaganda campaign. "Art Bureau" owns half of the company "Kinovek" receiving small orders the Ministry of Culture, for example, a few years ago she won the right to organize the XIX International Film Festival of spiritual and moral content "Radonezh".In 2013, Medina owned stake in the company "Global Home" working for the organization of the photo exhibition "People. Events. Objects - 2013 "for" Rosizo. " Earlier, Tatiana along with former assistant Medina in the State Duma Vadim Senkin owned by "Stars Interact", which developed the website "100 main documents of Russian history" for the Russian military-historical society, led by Medina. Then Senkin Medina and owned by "CB dot.ru" receiving state contracts from the Ministry of Culture, the Federal Tourism Agency, Agency for Management and Use of Historical and Cultural Monuments (AUIPIK) to produce magazines, information support of exhibitions and congresses. Companions came from companies even before Medina became minister of culture, but "CB dot.ru" continues to receive government contracts. For example, in 2014, the company commissioned the creation Rosturizm image materials, development of business and corporate identity programs for Congress "Rest in Crimea" 1.38 million rubles. AUIPIK pay 4 million rubles. for the e-zine "protected by the state", and the Ministry of Culture - 30 million rubles. for the Music Festival and Fair of crafts and trades. "Introduction to the minister soon became minuses than pluses, because he immediately said that extreme caution would react to a situation, if someone from his old friends try to get an order from the ministry," - explains Senkin.All of these structures, except the "Global Home", received orders related to cultural events, while Tatiana Medina attitude toward them had explained "Vedomosti" representative of the Ministry of Culture. A "Global Home" for 400 000 rubles. should mark up, print 100 posters to purchase for their mobile framework to organize assembly / disassembly and transportation of the exhibition on several occasions. "As far as we can judge, the commercial profit from this order could be invested in a cup of coffee at the nearest" Shokoladnitsa "- said the representative of Medina.Concern about the healthMoney invested in real estate not only relatives Minister of Culture. The wife of the head of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) Andrei Bel'yaninov - Lyudmila s2009 was known as the co-owner of 60% of the medical center "Neboli." Prior to that part of the medical center belonging to the company, "ICG Infintrast", established by the Association of Veterans of Foreign Intelligence and structures "Oboronprom". The site of the medical center said that among its partners - the Central Clinical Hospital of the FCS, although the site of the hospital "Neboli" a partner is not checked. Employees' Nebolita "could not explain what is expressed in partnership with the hospital FCS. In the FCS did not answer the questions of "Vedomosti", if there is such a partnership in a conflict of interest.Igor Shuvalov, First Deputy Prime Minister.Igor Shuvalov, First Deputy Prime Minister.Personal income in 2014 - 9.2 million rubles. The wife Olga - 42.9 million rubles. The couple invested in real estate and securities, including those abroad. In 2014, these assets were transferred to Russia under the control of the companies' assets Open "and" Owl property "- the first kind of investment fund, and the second property managers, told" Vedomosti "representative Shuvalov.Belianinov - a former intelligence officer, with the end of 2000 headed "Rosoboronexport", and from 2004 to 2006 - the Federal Service for Defense Contracts. This year, the head of the Federal Customs Service has not reported on the income. In 2013, he earned 3.5 million rubles., While Ludmila - 15.7 million rubles. The property was Bel'yaninov three plots of land with total area of ​​4768 square meters. m, house (109 sq. m), garden house (58 sq. m) and a car Lexus. At spouses - four plots of land with total area of ​​4950 square meters. m, three residential buildings with a total area of ​​428 square meters. m, five non-residential premises and car Mercedes S500."Neboli" engaged not only in medicine. The Company owns 20% of "Ekointeh." In 2010, "Ekointeh" received 14% of the construction company "Company" Rostech Story ", which was to create a structure owned by FSUE" Rostech "FCS. FSUE tasks - implementation of "a number of public tasks in the field of customs policy", including the construction and operation of the customs facilities. But the project did not go, says former CEO "Ekointeha."Lyudmila Bel'yaninov was the owner of 40% of the company "Garantstroynedvizhimost" - customer cottage settlement "Ruza garden", located on 144 hectares near the village on the banks of Rouses Brazhnikova 100 km from Moscow. Cost weave land in the village - up to 45 000 rubles., Stated on the website of the agency "Volokolamskaya property." Contact listed companies listed in the registration phones failed. Guide "Nebolita" questions "Vedomosti" did not respond.More than her husband in 2014 and earned a wife of the Minister of Communications Nikolay Nikiforov - Svetlana. It reported revenue of 7.4 million rubles., While the Minister - nearly 5 million. Svetlana, according to the registration data, went into business just after her husband took a high position. Previously, she led the state autonomous institution "Technopark in the sphere of high technologies", created with the participation of the Ministry of Communication of the Republic of Tatarstan. Now owned by the Kazan 'Startobaza. " The firm, as stated on its website, a business angel, to support projects in the field of information technology. Started with "Startobaza" small companies get government contracts, including from the Ministry of Communication of the Republic of Tatarstan and its structures. So, that was hers, 23.5% of "discipline" received in 2014 from the Ministry of Communication of the RT contract for 1.4 million rubles. for the non-exclusive right to use the software "Discipline." The company has developed a system to monitor the working time tracking of compliance staff work schedules and evaluate the effectiveness of the organization, as it says on the website "Discipline." Kazan company "Sky" in which the "Startobaza" 38.46%, was awarded a contract from the Technopark for the provision of accounting and database access cloud accounts.The representative Nikiforov said that the structures created with the participation of business angel "Startobaza" received state contracts on a competitive basis and do them fully.Other relativesIn general, published a declaration leads to the conclusion that most wives of officials left the business in the past. Now things are other relatives, the income of which the law is not necessary to report."All the colored revolutions in all countries began under the banner of the fight against corruption," - said in February, Deputy Interior Minister Igor Zubov at the meeting of the expert working group in the government, where they discussed the initiative of Alexei Navalny to impose liability for officials for illicit enrichment.Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime MinisterArkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime MinisterPersonal income in 2014 - 5.7 million rubles. Wife of the Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich Zumrud Rustamov earned in 2014, 49.8 million rubles. "My husband was appointed deputy prime minister, and I do not see anything in my life must change," - said Rustamov "Vedomosti" in 2012. She did not see the problems associated with conflict of interest for any of the companies in tips Directors comprises. Rustamov serves on the Board of Directors "Sheremetyevo", "Polyus Gold" PIK Group.Meanwhile, the family business official raised questions in different instances, including the Office of the President on issues of combating corruption: Zubov gave "Vedomosti" that gave these instances are explained. The deputy minister stressed that neither directly nor indirectly involved in the operation of any commercial structures and the activities of companies set up by his brother (who was 45 years old) and son (who 37 years), it is not known, said in his response to questions "Vedomosti".Zubov's brother, Paul, has eight private security organizations, equipment center and several companies that specialize in technical protection. Proceeds six of these organizations - all financial data which were found in the SPARC - in 2013 amounted to 111.4 million rubles., Net profit - 6.32 million rubles. Some of the organization is small contracts with the structures of the Interior Ministry. So, in 2014, "Proekttehnoservis" Paul Zubov has mounted fire alarm and public address system in the detention center of the Ministry of Interior of Russia Chekhov region of 116 694 rubles., And his PSA "Agency comprehensive security" in 2011 was a contract for services on centralized protection and maintenance of technical equipment with FSUE "Security" MIA. Another company Zubov won in a competition to ensure the protection of land JSC "UES" (5 million and 3 million rubles.), On the support of cargoes for the needs of the Federal Migration Service of the Moscow region (less than 1 million rubles.) And the security of the head of the Moscow branch of the Savings Bank Region (19,365,000 rubles.).Pavel Zubov, a former officer of the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime, is engaged in the private security business for 14 years and all contracts with organizations to some extent controlled by the state, its structures is on a competitive basis, gave "Vedomosti" Igor Zubov.Son Igor Zubov, Denis, in 2014 became the owner of "Country Chicken", which receives fees from the Australian franchise fast food restaurants Country Chicken in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe. Denis Zubov said that the project is still under development, while beneath it operates 36 restaurants. And in the plans until 2017 - the opening of 100 new restaurants, the financing of this project, the partners are in talks with Sberbank. According to a friend Zubov brand got Denis Zubov actually for debt. "For a small investment," - says it himself teeth.Another Denis Zubov is half oil trader LLC "metals", the proceeds of which in 2013 amounted to 17 billion rubles. Co-owner "Metalita" - its CEO Dmitry Umnov. In 2011, "metals" has acquired another trader - "Octane Trading", a reference to the small consumers. To "Metalita" among the owners of "Octane trading" was Damir Hazhaev, brother of the former head of the Moscow representative office of the Kazakh "BTA Bank" Ildar Hazhaeva. Since 2009 Hazhaeva interrogated in the criminal case of the former head of "BTA Bank" Mukhtar Ablyazov, accused of embezzling money bank. The case was investigated Investigation Committee of the Ministry of Interior. "BTA Bank" filed lawsuits to Ablyazov and Hazhaevu, demanding a refund.Denis Zubov said that the purchase of "Octane trading" with the case of "BTA Bank" is not related - transaction was at the suggestion of the acquiring company managers who felt that it would help to reach a segment of independent tankers.Salty businessDeputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev declare over the past year income 179 600 000 rubles. - The third largest in the cabinet after the Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin and Minister Michael Abyzova open government, to make a fortune to go to the civil service.Maxim Topilin, Minister of Labour and Social ProtectionMaxim Topilin, Minister of Labour and Social ProtectionPersonal income in 2014 - 5.1 million. The wife Maria declared the 16.5 million rubles. She was the mid-2000s owns 20% of the company "Mineral Trading", trading ore and chemicals. Another 60% of the company - a businessman Andrey Esin, sits on the board of directors of Russia's largest producer of asbestos - "Uralasbest". "I graduated from the Institute as 20 years ago, and work in this area - told Topilin" Vedomosti "in 2012 - Search here any connection is useless."In 2012, when still Trutnev held the post of Minister of Natural Resources, his son Dmitri became the owner of the Perm company "Aysikel." It owns 35% of St. Petersburg OOO "Russian hydrochloric company" (DGC). RAC calls itself "the largest supplier of technical salt - halite mineral concentrate production of JSC" Uralkali ". There are also indicated the main consumers of technical salts - "organizations involved direct exploitation of roads, oil and gas industry, as well as the housing sector enterprises that operate boilers and heating systems."Capital officials back in 2011 told that the structure Trutneva Jr. is the largest supplier of anti reagents for capital. However, the familiar businessman denies it.Indeed, according to the registration data, the reagent for Moscow roads supplies not Trutnev, and its business partners. So, partner Dmitry on RAC - Rustam Gilfanov and other partner Perm company - TD NGT Andrew Babikov own Ural Plant icing materials (33.3 and 66.7%, respectively). The plant, in turn, owns companies "Mineralopt", "Bashhimprom" and NGO "Travel Technology", which in 2013-2014. CCU put "ring main" responsible for Moscow's largest road deicing chemicals for a total of 15 billion rubles. In Trutneva Jr. there is interest in the Perm company TD NGT. The main volume of procurement falls on formulations containing halite.Babikov said "Vedomosti" that Mr Trutnev has no relation to the supply of anti reagents Moscow structures. Dmitry Trutnev questions "Vedomosti" did not answer.
"I was never interested in, who does business with my son, and did not participate with him in any public, and especially commercial projects, - told" Vedomosti "drones. - I think that for the normal relations of father and son is the best position. At the same time, I am proud that my - the son of a smart, decent guy. That he was not asking for money from his father, and he's looking for his way of life, participating in the development of the Russian economy. " "When he started out, we agreed that he would not do anything in my competence and not to contact me with questions lobbying business. We carry out this agreement. So the question is, which companies owned or not owned by my son, should be addressed to him. I, in turn, know only one thing that no one can say that I turned to him with questions of business support my son. It is also obvious that I do not have the power to appoint the mayor's office in Moscow or other organizations that are not relevant to my competence "- indicates Deputy Prime Minister."Declaration of officials in such a difficult option to consider them an indication of their real incomes and opportunities. The idea is that civil servants should strive to disclose their income, so they believed, and we have this opportunity to become a more closed, finished with a formality, "- says the vice-president of Transparency International Elena Panfilova.In the preparation of this article PARTICIPATED Pauline Temerin, JULIA Sayapin 

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