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пятница, 17 апреля 2015 г.

Kudrin ruined, and must pay pensioners

 Silvanus and Kudrin approved raising the retirement age to 65Finance Minister blurted out that the government's plans
Retirement age, against the wishes of the population will increase by 5 years for men and 10 - for women. Insists on Finance Minister Anton Siluanov (it later supported by former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin). Blame for the crisis, Western sanctions and demographics. Working in Russia is getting smaller, and the budget deficit is growing steadily. In addition, the benefits will be provided only to special hardship. Another cut military spending. This will be done to the budget commitments are aligned with its income.

Proposals to raise the retirement age in Russia for a long time came. Today, in most countries the retirement age is 65 years. In Europe and the US in the long term retirement age going to raise up to 70 years for both men and women by 2060, and in Germany are going to do in the near future.Now Russian men go on a holiday in 60 years, and women - in 55. However, this does not reflect the true state of affairs: according to the Pension Fund in 2013, the average yield on pension men was 53 years. This figure is a reflection of the many hazardous occupations - in metallurgy, transportation, coal and so on. However, in recent years, the government forces employers to improve working conditions, so as not to produce early retirees.No accident today at the enlarged meeting of the board head of department, Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov said that early retirement should be eliminated at all. And none of those present, including Dmitry Medvedev, against did not say a single word.Prime Minister objected to the proposal Siluanova more acute - increase the general retirement age. However, speaking to the Prime Minister, Finance Minister did not talk about specific dates.However, on the sidelines of the board meeting Siluanov was more outspoken. According to him, there are several options. Some propose to postpone the solution of this problem for 2018. At this period a number of experts appointed ending the crisis. In addition, this year will be the Russian presidential election.Nevertheless, according Siluanova, it is too late for such solutions. "In this case, we will lose time and we will need to consider the possibility to phase out other expenses," - he said. According to the minister, there are other options - to raise the retirement age during the 2017-2018 period. Finally, there is the most radical option - to increase the pension age to 65 years for men and women, starting with January 1, 2016.It is obvious that Siluanov avoided direct estimates of the department. He stressed: the solution of this problem is the responsibility of the top political leadership of the country. "At what pace to go and at what age we need to improve - these issues should be discussed," - said the Minister.However, apparently, Siluanov leaning towards the most radical solution. "We are from an economic point of view, we see that, the sooner to resolve this issue, the better for the economy and the budget," - said the head of the Ministry of Finance.What did he mean by that? Firstly, resume economic growth in our country can only be at the expense of veterans who did not retire in 60 years. Secondly, the Pension Fund deficit will be covered as they are because of money from the federal budget for these purposes will not, at least since 2017.Opponents of increasing the retirement age is the Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, and the head of the Ministry of Labor Maxim Topilin stresses that such decisions should be taken very carefully, taking into account all factors, including the average life expectancy of Russians, who in 2014 was 71 years.Despite the controversy, both wings of the government offer virtually the same thing. Ministry of Labor offers to retire on a pension later to increase its size. The Ministry of Finance directly states that will have to work longer to simply not starve to death. But in any case, have to work longer.However, as compensation Siluanov proposes to maintain the funded part of the pension.

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