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On the origins and ideological work machines

 How does the ideological machine of the Russian oligarchyThere are still those who naively believes that Russia has no ideology. But she does not just have - she is also quite tricky and difficult to find. Ideological traps and dummy does not end on the concept of Putin's "stability" and "great power."Is there a Russian state ideology? Article 12 of the Constitution says that there could not be. Nevertheless, it is, and overtakes us everywhere - on TV, on the Internet, in newspapers, in idle conversations of passers-by. For the ordinary man in the street it looks like a cloud of meanings and images, between which are often not visible due, but which, nevertheless, firmly envelop his mind. "Stability" and "on the toilet", "sanctions" and "Russia, rising from its knees" - these words are so many different ways, but are tightly linked. What is the very essence of this connection?

In the first place is that they perform the same task - to replace in the minds of the layman the true picture of the situation, which is always more complicated than any ideological cliches. Since most primitive forms, easily controlled political consciousness. This does not mean that all ideological clichés do not contain a single gram of the truth. This can not be, or ideology could work. A faithful friend - ideological clichés contain far from the truth, and the truth, this is dissolved in a lie, the lie is intended to cover.For example, a widespread word "junta" aptly describes the regime established in Ukraine, at least at the level of the layman. But many of those who picked up and disseminated spontaneously perceived this way, prefer not to talk about as the true origin of the word, and that he and the current Russian regime is similar to the junta of General Franco Spanish or Portuguese dictator Salazar. Stamp it out and stamp that its application is limited to rigid frames.Second, beyond the visible chaos ideological cliches hiding quite a clear concept in which you can select the most important ideas of its core. Every idea nucleus plays an important role in justifying and maintaining domination by those who imposes on us this ideology. All other ideas surrounding the nucleus play a supporting role - covering, tinting, complementing the basis of ideology. And every element of ideology, like radishes, has an outer shell, which attracts a layman, and the real, hidden under the cover content. Let us examine the ideas upon which the watchdog official ideology in Russia.Patriotism. Babbitt naive to think that we are talking about genuine love for the native open spaces, its people, its history and culture. In fact, we are talking about love for "his excellency" that our ideologists deliberately confused with the "fatherland."The unity and indivisibility of Russia. As we know from the history of the Civil War, white, fought for "one and indivisible Russia" actively invited into our country of foreign invaders - the Germans, British, Americans, French and Japanese, shamelessly plundering the territory they occupied. "Good," continued the tradition of white and modern conservatives - well, Director of Railways Oleg Yakunin doing everything to ensure that due to the collapse of the railway network, our country is actually divided into separate fiefdoms.Adherence to traditional values. Under the guise of caring for the family and morality, to protect society from the destructive influence of the "rotten West", implemented medieval obscurantism discarded progress and enlightenment. It Enlightenment values ​​- truth, progress, solidarity and humanism, and need more than just protection from the modern, highly aggressive capitalism. And not dropped a hundred years ago, lumps of the Middle Ages, which we slip as core values.Social stability. Stability for the layman - a decent life now and confidence in the future for themselves and their children. But conservative ideologues in this respect a different opinion: they are stable - this is the inviolability of the existing political power and economic system, as well as the people living there - is it the tenth. It also means that any democratic process and, moreover, the manifestation of the class struggle in society are exposed as a sign of decay, rotting society, in fact quite the opposite is true.Everything would be very simple if the dominant ideology in Russia limited only by one - the official. In fact, the system by which the ruling class keeps a tight rein on the political consciousness of the masses, is much more complicated. For clarity, it can be represented as a hateful fur cap: top form two halves - Security and liberal ideology. This - the leading ideology. The other two - the red-conservative and evrolevaya play a supporting role and adjacent respectively to the protective and liberal. Together, these four ideologies form a solid system - to get a cap with ear-flaps firmly seated on the head man in the street. There is also a nationalist component - but say about it separately below.Auxiliary ideology are a kind of drive belt for the main groups. None of the major ideologies in its pure form is not capable of - especially true for the liberal ideology. Red-conservative ideology, good examples of which are Kurginyan and his adherents of "Essence of Time", as well as the Communist Party, because so widely and presented, as its target group - almost all of our working majority. Evrolevoe ideological field looks on this background that exists dwarf. If not Vandal antics Marat Gelman and scandal Pussy Riot, something about them would be really no one knew. But, nevertheless, the "evrolevoy" ideology has its own important task - to spud the so-called "creative class", to prevent the penetration of a truly revolutionary ideas among the intellectual youth, interfere with the formation of the unit class of the proletariat and the proletarian intellectuals.A special role is played by various kinds of nationalist ideas that have representation in enforcement and in the liberal part of hats with earflaps. And yet, for all the community to talk about the roots of nationalism as a coherent ideology in Russia is not necessary - the ultra-right split on the basis of Ukrainian events is once again revealed.The system works like a trap - is only inhabitant of escaping one of the dominant ideology, as he was a good chance falls into the clutches other. Disappointed once in a protective ideology and personally President Putin as its living symbol, a citizen is likely to abruptly jerk towards liberalism and evrolevizny. Exactly the same grew up in a liberal environment teenager, out of a sense of contradiction risk of being held hostage by right-wing conservative, even fascist ideology. It is not uncommon when a person repeatedly tossing from side to side. But why do people make such somersault, what prevents them gently to extricate himself from the trap?We have already said that the ideological clichés form a distorted picture of the situation prevented to perceive reality. Therefore, not being able to understand the situation wisely and their interests in it, philistine relies more on short-term emotions. Ideologues actively use this property politically immature consciousness - they are trying to create images that excite the emotions of the masses and at the same time, almost devoid of useful semantic load. If it is possible to shift, say, the economic crisis on "Jews", why embarrass the near Everyman complex term "international capital"? A man in the street suddenly understand everything correctly and, God forbid, gets to the ideologues themselves and their customers?However, the system works not only as a passive traps. The ruling ideology, these fishers of men, as if the wolf hunt, active and coherent driven mass in a trap. Most often work in tandem ideology. For instance, in family matters layman rigidly imposed choice between two equally unpleasant options - or impersonal, devoid of sex differences "Geyropa" or the Dark Ages by patriarchy "Domostroy". There is no third, say the ideologues. We say the average man, that he asked to choose between two types of you know what. In this sense, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, well worth Pussy Riot, and Madonna - Vitaly Milonova.There are also more complex and important issues that require the cooperation of all four parts of the system. Take the question of whether our society is divided into opposing classes? We Communists clear answer - yes, society is divided into two major classes - the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. No less clear answer to this question modern liberals - in the opinion of the philosophical leader of neoliberalism Karl Popper, everything - and social classes, and society itself - no more than a figure of speech. In fact, there are only a few people. Conservatives also believe that there are no classes, and there can not be - Russian people are united by definition, and class strife - fiction "zhidobolshevikov."Auxiliary ideology can not boast of such clarity views. So, in the lexicon evrolevaka there is a place and class struggle. But, even if you pripret him against the wall wondering what this class, the maximum of what you will achieve - incoherent babble seasoned links to trendy French philosophers. Red conservatives, on the other hand, vigorously minted classic definition, but then go no less helpless babble about "national-oriented" bourgeoisie, which supposedly can not hurt. As you can see, all four of the dominant ideology is one thing to do - hide, obscure, distort one of the most important issues of our time.Until the last moment we were talking about a certain system of ideological control over the masses. Well it is for such a diabolical machine? It's simple - it is a branch of social production, which employs the most ordinary living people. And as any branch of production, it is subject to the laws of the capitalist economy. In a crisis of neoliberalism capitalists strive to get rid of "non-core assets" - that property which does not bring immediate profit. Such "non-core asset" for the Russian government are the remains of our once-welfare state. Becomes a luxury and we described the system of ideological control. After all, in order to maintain not one, but four allegedly competing ideologies must contain an army of workers - ideologists, journalists, teachers, writers, experts and technicians need to feed the party "systemic opposition" and non-governmental organizations, to spend money on conducting PR -kampany and so on. What a difference when the country is the only one dominant ideology - as in the Third Reich, or, say, modern Ukraine.Anyway, the capitalists are forced to phase out the system we have described that already leads to a weakening of ideological control. Cap with ear-flaps was too heavy, not only for people but also for the ruling elite. In this regard, there are only two questions. Are most of the first reset the excessive load, or the first move will be for the government? And what ideology will replace the existing light our neo-liberal regime of the last few years of its existence?I would venture to answer both. I would like to believe that, with the help of the progressive intelligentsia, our working majority would destroy the machine lies, serving the existing regime. And the easier it will be to do the more openly hateful ideology will adopt elite. And since the Russian bourgeoisie is not much different from Ukrainian, then it will show in the ideology - and already shows - such as cannibalism.Nicholas LivniSource: vestnikburi.com

On the "dead zones" in the ideology of official Soviet Marxism - Leninism
In the recent Soviet past, every child in the ways Sophio genesis of self-held pioneer stage of heroism. Here he was always expecting feat Alexander Matrosov. Here for the first time we met with the concept of "dead zone".
... At the bunker and the bunker there are limits to their devastating firepower caused by purely geometric definition - field of fire. Dead zone and captures the Gaza shelling on the battlefield, where lethal force gun - dead. This is a real chance for the winning hero. But with this, the parties of its unbreakable strength and fell completely - most recently the Soviet "communist" bunker ...
The dead zone this recent "Soviet" life is still in strictly protected zone of public attention. Party-Communist attention as well. And even primarily!
What are they?
Dead zone number 1 - is "Marxism without MARX ...". The one on the path to which the Soviet career demanded not pass 50 volumes of Marx and Engels, or 55 volumes of Vladimir Lenin, and required to issue all necessary information about the "decency" to protect or diploma thesis. Therefore, at the top of most Soviet life raised no expert communist world, and one of whom at the end of his life, Marx said, if they - Marxists, I - not "Marxist"!
Dead zone number 2 - a "socialism without ... workers' movement. With all that, as Engels, scientific socialism is nothing else than the "theoretical expression of the labor movement." If he is not working, then / our theory explains how in 1848! / He must be bourgeois, priestly, feudal, bureaucratic or petty - bourgeois. Not present, therefore ... Professor and dropout studiozusov also, if desired, can "invent" their socialism and "protect" it received state certificate of a ... what do - there is no ... The heroic efforts of this kind / witty Remark Immanuel Kant / very similar to the efforts of two scholastics, one of which was milking the goat, and the second at this time substituted a leaky sieve, so as not to spill a drop of the "milk of scientific truth" ...
Workers in the USSR, as a rule, do not read Kant, but well aware that goat milk is impossible. That's why the last Soviet government was overthrown and Ryzhkov ... the hands of the same Soviet workers. For the government it is "socialism without workers' movement - still" built! Nothing that contrary and "Capital" and "Manifesto" ...
So Unread "Critique of Pure Reason" is doing its job inevitable! You can not apply the concept of the subject outside of the object itself, - she says.
Dead zone number 3 - a "cult of personality immediate superiors" under the guise of / and instead! / Marxism - Leninism. "I head - you're a fool. You Head - I'm a fool, "was the overarching principle of the Soviet" decency. " If Lenin taught to handle their own superiors as it deserves, in the shop, or at the Department of the Party Committee, it looked as usual: a fool who thinks the boss ... that infringes on Marxism - Leninism! The - anti-Soviet!
According to Lenin, if there is a contradiction between the essence of your affairs and your boss, then you need to set aside the bosses and select the case. According to the Secretary of the Party Committee also need to honor the bosses, but at the same time make pretend that you blyudesh business interests and love of Marxism - Leninism. It is clear that to solve this puzzling problem can be only when he Leninism from the living, cheerful outlook, self-respecting people, turns into the Talmud all bosses: a set of rules about how bosses love more than life itself, but to pretend that it's - not.
Higher Party School / IPS / and university departments responded to this very problem as follows: instead of Marxism - Leninism students taught "method of" teaching or studying Marxism ... "Dead" instead of "live", to put it simply.
In perverted relationship with his own superiors Soviet Union entered is not accidental. In the language of scientific Marxism, "Head" - derived from the word "beginning" and the science of the principles is "metaphysics." Science on the basis of science is for the bosses, generally speaking.
The history of philosophy teaches that metaphysics is the kernel and root sophiology. That is, the dialectical logic. Which coincides with the logic of metaphysics, that is, the science of things comprehended in thought.
Metaphysical perversion superiors in the Soviet Union, in the end - all his undoing, there is a substitution of one - another. / That is, instead of logic and metaphysics, on the contrary /. Substitution of theoretical sophiology sophiology empirical - is a cult of personality immediate superiors and there! He represses the logic of love and replaces it with the omnipresent logofiliyu. Filling its departments, party committees and even the WAC.
 Heraclitus said, "And one I darkness, if he is the best." That is, one is "a lot", if it corresponds to its essence and its the same concept. Dead zone number 4 - is the substitution of a single "Department of Marxism - Leninism" Many chairs, ostensibly in favor of the latter: dialectical materialism, historical materialism, the history of the CPSU, scientific atheism, political economy, etc. In 1964 there was a final substitution in the USSR "one" - "a lot", namely: instead of Marxism - Leninism was taught "scientific communism." The path to the replacement of scientific socialism as a theoretical expression of the labor movement on the ideology of love for boorish boss was completely open!
In its historical genesis and in its essence is a state of the USSR Sophio - Mills fields. / Say about him that he - ideo-kratichen will be small. After ideo-kratichno any state as such, possess features arche /. Ideo - cracy as Sophio - racy in the USSR looked like this: party committee - the ideology of Marxism-Leninism as the ideology of the party - dialectical logic as its essence - the Hegelian school of philosophy as a private school of Marx, Engels and Lenin. In this form the Soviet sofiokratiya was supposed to play the role of the Soviet arche. That is, the Politburo.
Year around 1995 in the newspaper "Pravda" a former member of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Zimyanin admitted: Hegel did not read ...
This is - all about the party and its leadership! What is paid for the Soviet people, its state and political system?
Dead zone number 5 - "Doxa - Kratom instead ... SOFIOKRATII." Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party committee instead turned into a sage ... chatterbox. And his "golden fund of the party" - Professor of scientific communism - instead restore dialectical logic, "restore" ... social and political sciences /! /
After SOCIO - Kratom is Doxa - cracy is. People, raped and robbed "rating" of sociologists - journalists and so-called social workers - that eloquent example.
Why then party secretary of the Communist Party so easily fall for it doxa and is still fluttering like a minnow on a hook?
Two doksologicheskie "zaglotushki" missed the state, the party and the people. The first of these was: Marxism must be anti-Hegelian. And the second: the ideology of the party in the Secretary should be on the third place .... And this "third secretary" ideology can become the former "uchitelka" or dotsentsha. Neither here whether he was born and the phenomenon as "Women of Russia" 90s?
Anti-Hegelian third-party ideology, performs the role of sofiokraticheskuyu arche legalized comprehensive and ubiquitous tragedy of the Soviet people, namely the lack of courage in Poznan. "Women approach" in the party - state building implanted in the most important things. Doctrinal legalization of such an approach in the Academy of Sciences and HPS was particularly profound "Marxist" imperative: if Marxism can be sociology, the sociology of knowledge in life and this is most certainly /?! / ... Marxism - Leninism.
There is a fallacy.
Sociology generally refers to Marxism - Leninism as the moon is to the sun. Party - academic sophistry assuring us that "sociological" this is the "materialistic", successfully managed to pass off a second-rate for original lunar flickering sunlight ...
So who are these people moonlight?
Casting a single glance the last 20 - 50 years of domestic Soviet philosophy inevitably allocated a minimum of three characters, namely: Member - Academy of Sciences of the USSR Rutkevich MN, Academician TI Oyzerman and Professor Dubrovsky DI
... Recall that sofiokratiya is the highest form of the ideal. Doksakratiya are degenerate and therefore omnipresent form of ideo - racy. A haunting power of sociology - is academically sanctioned as a socio - racy, power doxa. So says the World Academy. But what is distinctive reputation of the above persons?
The latter is known as "proof" that the "ideal" is inherently ... Doxa. (See. Anatomy of an ideal. Science Urals, June 18, 1986).
The second authority insisted on "indigenous" antithesis of Marxism and Hegelianism. And as for that sophistry - is the realm of self-realization, not self-degradation of knowledge. / See .: Problems of the history of philosophy. "Thought", Moscow, 1969 / (It T.I.Oyzerman, like Aristophanes, identifies philo-sofa with a sophist. Oyzerman - in general the anti-mifologizm. And Aristophanes - after allegedly general Socrates and the sophists, anti -Istinu recognized ancestors and desecrated ...)
As to the former, MN Rutkevich known passionate and relentless persecution of the Russian party philosophers - Marxists: AF Losev, EV Il'enkov V.K.Bakshutova ... He is proud of the creation of the so-called "Ural school of philosophy", which recently celebrated thirty years in Ekaterinburg / cm. Ural school of philosophy: the formation and development / 1966 - 1996/30 Philosophy Faculty. Authors: MN Rutkevich, N.V.Bryanik, E.S.Barazgova, S.G.Chaplygina, V.E.Kemerov, B.V.Emelyanov, L.A.Zaks, A.V.Medvedev, A.V.Pertsev. Managing editor - prof. I.Ya.Loyfman. Ekaterinburg 1996 /. It is the "luminaries" of this school last twenty - thirty years "kicked" the door of the Sverdlovsk Regional Party Committee, raised by his secretariat and ideologues. After that, as you know, the Sverdlovsk Regional settled in the Kremlin. And his first secretary was under the supervision of graduate ideological Faculty of Philosophy - Gennady Burbulis ... The result is known!
Home "philosophical" passion M.N.Rutkevicha - the fight against the "identity of being and thinking." Their students, graduate students and professors, he taught that the identity of thought and being - is "idealism," "Hegelianism" Sovietism and all those who followed EVIlyenkov, Parmenides, Spinoza, Hegel, Feuerbach, Marx, Plekhanov and Lenin draws philosophical wisdom of the history of world philosophy instead of ... his textbook "for" dialectical materialism.
... How it was possible at all honest people to give out for the "red sun" - pale "moon"? Very simple! With centuries of sophistical agility "principle of the identity of thinking and being" submenu for partraznosa - "the identity of being and consciousness." And now, "compromising" - ready!
Thank God, the best part of the Soviet Russian philosophy worked not Rutkevich. And, unlike him, we understand that if thinking is at the same time and consciousness, the consciousness that's - that thinking is by no means necessarily and not always. This philosophy is very interested in the first case, but not enough, or in the least interested in the second case. Consciousness, persistently impersonate thinking - is of interest to the psychiatrist, not a philosopher, whether philosopher Hegel or Marx's philosophy.
Act on Rutkevich - is to ignore the millennial philosophical distinction between "submission" and "concepts", "opinion" and "thinking", substituting the wisdom / "Sofia" / sophistry. Forcing their opponents Cathedral - psychiatrically - partkomovskuyu falsification fundamental question of philosophy, a member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR imposed the students of the Philosophy Faculty USU fiction, though thinking - this Hegelian idealism, and all sorts of anti-Hegelian folly - that is the true materialism. At the same were brought thousands of students, hundreds of candidates and doctors of dozens of "philosophy." Babbitt was built by him in rank materialist, and therefore /?! / Philosopher. But the philosopher as a philosopher he absented himself from materialism as such and give up in jail ideological "Marxist" philosophy, or simply anti-Soviet.
So CPSU egg on Russian scientists who right to thinking as such were forced to defend indutsrirovannogo price, ie forced from their anti-communism and dissent. How Zinov'ev, for example ...
Armed with their specific "materialism", M.N.Rutkevich through party agitprop warn the Soviet Communists in that historical materialism of Marx and Lenin - is not so much a philosophy as sociology. And that Lenin's definition of classes should be used not in the light of Friedrich Engels, and without even - against him.
What does it all led? And the fact that, in Rutkevich, class approach should be applied only to the workers and peasants, but in any case not the intelligentsia and its specific "faction" - the glorious superiors. Superiors Soviet socialist ...
Correlate Hegel and Marx, being and consciousness, dialectical materialism and historical materialism, the workers, peasants and intellectuals, etc. "On Rutkevich" - is to fall in the socio - Doxa / and not in sociology, as he says himself! / Why? What would "achieve" unity of opposites ... "beyond" the Truth.
Such achievements in terms of the scientific theory of knowledge should be called trans - finitivnoy sophistry. Or, in the language of "Capital" Karl Marx "objective thought-forms." This is when, for example, "left" ear correlated with the "right" ... heel. Or "right" cheek with the "left" ... buttocks.
"With a face that still fit to be the face and buttocks ..." - this is Mayakovsky! Dialectics, whatever you say ...
Dead zone number 6 - the ratio RUSSIAN COMMUNIST IDEAS and Eidos. Following Rutkevich, the world's ideological machine "solve" this problem by the laws transfinitivnoy sophistry world Doksy.
Soviet people, it always offers one of the two. Namely: if you want to be a Communist? Please! But only on condition that communism should be the anti - Russian. What! Do not like it? You want to be sure to "Russian"? Please, but certainly ... Russian anti - communist. There is no third!
Or Russian anti-communism, anti-Russian or communism - is an objective thought-forms, always lovingly serviced "Ural philosophical school" and her party-academic, administrative and bureaucratic software for over 30 years.
In recent years, it has generated a particularly sophisticated aggressive species. This - "anti-Russian anti-communism" or anti-communist Russophobia.
About Burbulis we have already mentioned. And for 18 years before his drunken Białowieża other "gifted student" MN Rutkevich - Alexander Kasvan - was aimed directly at the disposal of the world's master anti-Soviet Russophobia - Zbigniew Brzezinski.
So what to do? - The question may arise.
First of all you need to remember the classic lesson of authentic Marxism. I mean the famous response of Karl Marx's letter to Vera Zasulich on the decline of his life, March 8, 1881.
If the communist idea empirically rooted in several centuries of Western history, the eidetic it is rooted and growing world of formation history of Russian! - Was his answer.
For such a dialectical - materialist solution to the question of the unity of Russian and Communist ideas modern unbelted logo - Fila obzovut Marx terrible word: Russophile!
That, following Marx, to raise the issue at the height of the materialist dialectic, a brilliant Russian Soviet scientist Academician Kedrov in 1986 produced his latest project: a collection of the series "something to work on, as philosophers argue" for Politizdat under the name " Subject of Marxist philosophy. " But next intriganskie efforts "Ural school of philosophy" hacked efforts academician - Communists prepared book had still not come out into the light. Prominent role in the sabotage of scientific philosophy has played the current leadership of the "Journal of Philosophy" ...
So brilliant scientific answer to the challenge of global Doksy, this time, was frustrated.
The current communist armed with knowledge bases and history of the party of Leninism can say: We need a socialist revolution. And to win it again require political army of the socialist revolution.
So it is true, but ... from the standpoint of the history of the party. That is, only if this is - from the current position of the party?
Let us remember the basics. Socialist revolution is the proletarian revolution. Proletarian - from the word "proles", which in Latin means "having children" offspring. The usual translation dictionaries, where proletarian translated as indigent citizens in Dr.Rime layer is sociological stylized antique and academic sense of the word. Socio - Doxa and logo - philia this translation is harmful in that they hide Sophio - logical sense this critical Marxist - Leninist category, her eidetic sense.
Proletaryatstvo - a childhood! The victory of the proletariat - a social / ie sotsiumno / guarantee victory childhood. A childhood in human society, as we know, all-pervading, all-encompassing and omnipresent. This can not be denied even the most seasoned bureaucrat and the most stupid bourgeois. Even the most shameless capitalist, brought the Soviet Party committee yesterday!
Under the laws of the theory of knowledge, intuition childhood, inherent in all people eidetic, discourse - eydologicheski perpetuate itself in the minds of some, that is, select circle of people. Whose name - the Communists. The notion of communism, so logically built in Marxism - Leninism in this way: from dialectical logic - By sophiology childhood. And is specifically - conceptual expression proletarianism term. From the Greek "Sophian," but without the pseudo - Latin sophistry. The price of which - more than two million homeless parents are alive in the realities of today.
Hence the conclusion.
The task of forming a political army of the socialist revolution, to win the final, today sounds like this:LONG LIVE THE METHODOLOGICALARMY SophiologicalREVOLUTION!

In all correspondence Marx and Engels / Cit., T .. Vol. 27 - 39 / permeates thought the worst enemy of truth, the world labor and communist movement and dialectical materialism is ... old woman!
From the context it is clear that we are talking here about what is commonly referred to as sophistry.
Why, however, experienced in Latin and Greek, Engels and Marx, needed to replace the word of the classics so vulgar, vulgar term? Philological answer is simple: when sophistry / using conventional advantage of your gender! / You impose yourself always and everywhere, then it becomes then the "old old woman." That is, in general infuriated by her connivance doxa, if on - Scientists say ...
... By the way, the last horse Budyonny called Sophist. And there is no doubt that he served Semyon Mikhailovich right.
After all, the real man: non - officer of the Russian Empire, four George Knight, Don Cossack, Russian Communist, a member of the Central Committee of the CPSU / b / d in 1939, a member of the Soviet government, three times Hero of the Soviet Union, Marshal of the Soviet Union was an expert in the truth, but because - you could put "in place" (!) of sophistry, to give life space - Sofia.
And so, after him, to understand it, we will not confuse the "old peasant woman" - with a grandmother. For if there is sophistry exploiter of life, the essence of her grandmother and her ornament same color ...


Plenary presentation at the section "Marxism-Leninism
as dialectical logic of modernity "II-nd Russian Congress of Philosophy. «XXI century:
Russia's future in the philosophical dimension "

June - 1999

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