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пятница, 17 апреля 2015 г.

What kind of government, and a budget

 Wrecking budget: economic treason
 Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Budget Oksana Dmitrieva why not taken the main financial document of the country and the error of the government. The updated budget law to enter into force in just a week and a half - April 1st. This is a requirement of the government. But he has not even considered by the relevant committee, meeting postponed again and again. At this time - from Friday, March 20, on Monday, March 23.
This means that the State Duma will have to take the main financial document of the year in a hurry, not having it properly analyze and discuss. Why is this happening? How viable revised budget? This is the "MK" asked First Deputy Chairman- Why is not going to budget committee? - (After a pause) ...

I do not know. Document made recently, we needed time to study it. On Monday the committee meeting to begin. If the law comes into force after 1 April - do not worry. If we were talking about additional appropriations - it would essentially: time to add money to people in time. And when talking about what and who will take away - it can be done with a delay. Reduce costs is never too late.- What are the controversies surrounding the budget will be the most acute?- Reducing spending on social sector, non-indexation of salaries of state employees, payments to veterans and the disabled. Personally, I am sure that without this it was possible to do.There will be arguments and sufficiently serious reduction in defense spending. We'll have to figure out which specific part of the defense will be underfunded.- You try to defend its position on social payments to the government?What should bring arguments?- I do not understand assessment ruble revenues. Yes, the price of oil dropped, but the weight is compensated by a change in the ruble exchange rate. I believe that the ruble earnings in the coming year will be more than budgeted. And if so, what social benefits could never reduce.- You will be able to prevent sequestration in the process of passing through the State Duma of the document?- I'm going to prove that sequestration was originally not needed. The main problem lies in the fact trillion, which is allocated to banks. This - in fact, the entire budget surplus last year, it can and should be used in the 2015th. We gave trillion to banks, and now faced with the need to cut 298 milliardov.To have a question would not have arisen, and now we have to cut disproportionately smaller amount, but - on live, for the most painful areas: education, health care, national defense ...- Excuse me, that for the third time asking the same question: whether the deputies argue with the government and minimize budget sequestration?- (After a pause) ... I believe that such attempts have all the bases. But in fact the budget will be adopted in the form in which it is presented the government. Although I disagree with that.- Maybe the budget for so long and did not make the State Duma only in order to argue there was no time, and had to take it immediately, without discussion?- I doubt that the government has fears that the deputies did not take its proposed law.- At the beginning of the year, speaking in the Duma, Igor Shuvalov called committees, commissions and factions of the State Duma sent to the White House their changes to the budget and the government's anti-crisis plan. How active were the deputies?- Alternative turnaround plan prepared only our parliamentary group. He sent to the president of the Russian Federation. This plan avoids recession that occurred in February. Indeed, in December last year and the beginning of the current recession was not yet.Growth remained positive in spite of the fall in oil prices. A collapse of the industry and the real sector in February and March did not happen as a result of changes in oil prices and the ruble exchange rate, as a result of erroneous actions of the government and the Central Bank: the tax maneuver, increase the key rate, etc.Sequestration budget, which the government wants to continue to worsen the economic situation. He will cause a decrease in effective demand, which will reduce their output. All this is done, although it is - not a necessity, it is - no harmful ...- All this will be done at the insistence of the government. Following your logic, it turns out that they are all there in the White House - pests, or what?- Would give a trillion to banks to raise its key interest rate, stop the industry, social security away from the most vulnerable without the need - it is not sabotage?I call it economic treason. Because the main cause of the crisis - the financial bloc of the government, rather than the effect of reducing the price of hydrocarbons. Devaluation shock at a cheap loan could easily overcome, but the government and the Central Bank have done all that we could not do it. Government failure is so rude that I'm not ashamed to call them wrecking.Mikhail Zubov  

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