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пятница, 17 апреля 2015 г.

They govern well, but getting worse

 Cry from the heart Transbaikalians: "We are all folded over!"
In anticipation of a straight line with Vladimir Putin Chita residents recorded an appeal to the president, who complained that the Trans-Baikal region, no one pays attention, and life becomes increasingly difficult. Videotape appeared on the portal YouTube. Participants who recorded the appeal, said that in the region - unemployment, rising prices, wages are small, benefits are not paid, but still have problems with stray dogs.

Activist Anastasia Putintceva complained that residents of the region delayed salaries and social benefits. "The most vulnerable segments of suffering: pensioners, veterans," - said the girl. According to her, a particular problem among residents of stray dogs. In March Chita animals bitten the boy, but the regional authorities can not fight the problem, she complained. She pointed out that concerned residents organized several events to attract attention, but it did not help.
A man who identified himself as Vladimir Borisovich Bolshevalov, pointed out that in the region increased unemployment. "There is a reduction in wages, job losses," - he said. A man complained that many people in the region have the opportunity to work and want to be useful to their country, but there is no work, because the region produces nothing. He pointed out that the average salary in the region of 10-13 thousand, while prices are rising: the goods are in Moscow, and even more expensive than gasoline.
"What is going on? Why nobody does anything? Why no one is paying attention? Please have a look at our land! We are all folded over already! How many can you?" - Said in an emotional speech Yulia Sergeeva. She complained of high housing prices.
Meanwhile, in the comments on a petition on YouTube Internet users left a few snide comments, noting that "but our Crimea," and stating: on TV telling the Russians as "Russia rising from its knees by leaps and bounds."
Note that the inhabitants of the Trans-Baikal region will be a chance to appeal directly to the President on April 16 at noon Moscow time. This day will be aired annual special program "Direct Line with Vladimir Putin," the site says the Kremlin.
Recall that about four months ago, in December 2014, was held in Moscow a big press conference Putin. Moscow activists, who on this day tried to write an appeal to the president, arrested, the human rights portal "ATS-Info".
In November last year, Putin was asked "to send troops" in health care. In Chuvashia, about a year ago called Putin, following the example of the Crimea, "attach" to the region of Russia, said on its website
During the last straight line, Vladimir Putin admitted that attach the Crimea to Russia helped the Russian military.Source: 3rm.info  

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