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пятница, 21 августа 2015 г.

Action in defense of constitutional rights

 Chelyabinsk MPs blossomed in protest
The Board of Deputies Rodnikovskoye rural settlement Trinity area of ​​the Chelyabinsk region decided to disband in response to the abolition of the direct election of the head of the settlement. Rural MPs explained the reason for his desperate step: after the region adopted a law on the approval of the new order of municipalities in the settlement conducted a survey of residents and the majority were in favor of direct elections. Therefore, the village council has not made changes to the charter and scheduled elections of the head and members of the settlement. However, according to the text of the statement of deputies to the people's representatives to develop a strong pressure from the leadership of the district administration and the governor. The head of the settlement through the court demanded to cancel the new order, but the claim was rejected.

A few days ago Trinity district court also invalidated the decision of the village council of a set of five members of the local electoral committee to replace retired. Deputies said that the dissolution of the Electoral Commission makes it impossible for the elections of deputies of the head and then voted to dissolve itself.
The statement contains an appeal to the deputies of the prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk region with a request to restore "violated the electoral rights of residents of the settlement and the right to local self-government." In addition, the head of the springs and six more villages are preparing an open letter to the district governor with the expression of disagreement with the actions of regional authorities.
Political scientist, head of the nonprofit organization "Council for National Strategy" Valery Khomyakov notes that the village head and the deputies are unlikely to achieve the desired. "The elimination of the system of local government - this is a covert government program. This happens in many regions, - said "NO" Mr. Khomyakov. - The governors want to become full owners of supervised areas, and that destroys the democratic system of government, which is acting, by the way, even in communist China. Solution rural deputies of the Chelyabinsk region - a desperate attempt to defend the advanced device. "Artem KazantsevSource: newizv.ru  

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