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вторник, 18 августа 2015 г.

He said - Let's go!

Putin's intervention put an end to the question of the trains
The intervention of President Vladimir Putin will complete the first time there is controversy about the need for commuter trains and their funding, the president of "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin."I think that the intervention of the president, finally, put a fat point in the uncertainty and endless discussions about the need or do not need a country suburban train / railway and with what sources of funding it will be able to develop normally," - wrote the head of the Russian Railways in a blog post "LiveJournal".

The head of the Russian Railways also noted that "the financial model underlying the functioning of suburban complex, which once insisted the government officials, was untenable."Yakunin said that the stable operation of commuter rail usually "provided by government subsidies. So arranged in most countries, because passengers in the suburbs unprofitable everywhere. ""There is nothing abnormal. Federal and regional support unprofitable but socially significant passenger transport - a common practice. All this is achievable and we have, the more that the legislative and normative basis for this is "- he added.Recall, on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded that the Ministry of Transport immediately restore the canceled routes commuter trains. The government pledged to "during the day to offer financial solutions that will ensure the restoration of communication."The Railways have also said they are working on a plan to restore commuter rail in the region in the shortest possible time, and promised to return the same number of regional trains in the next week.On Friday, Deputy Transport Minister of Russia Alexei Tsydenov reported that the Russian regions to date have returned 200 previously canceled trains.Source: vz.ru  

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