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вторник, 18 августа 2015 г.

Inflation as a litmus test activity "effective" managers

  Rosstat released the final estimate for inflation in 2014 goduV 2014 inflation in Russia was 11.4%. It is stated in the materials Rosstat. Thus, the agency confirmed the preliminary estimate of inflation, widespread at the end of December 2014.Last year's price rise was the highest since the crisis of 2008, when inflation reached 13.3%. In addition, inflation in 2014 is more than two times higher than the target of the Central Bank, calculated that the price increase is kept in the range of 5%.
In the December 2014 prices in the country rose by 2.6%. This is the highest figure since January 2005, almost ten years. For comparison, in December 2013 inflation stood at around 0.5%, while for the entire 2013 prices in Russia rose by 6.5%.Irina Ryabova

Source: slon.ru
History is silent about the cognitive abilities Nabiullina and worth to know!
Nabiullina forecasts inflation in Russia more than 2%21.01.11Moscow, January 21 (New Region, Oltga Radko) - Ministry of Economic Development forecasts in January 2011, inflation at 2.1-2.3%. This was reported in the department yesterday. Earlier it was reported that, according to IEG, inflation could reach 1.8-1.9%.Commenting on the expected high inflation in January, Economic Development Minister Elvira Nabiullina told reporters that inflation "is quite high due to the level of prices for vegetables.""This is a seasonal increase, but it is slightly more than last year," - she said. According to Elvira Nabiullina, the effect of heat waves observed in the summer of 2010, will gradually fade out and exhausted by mid-2011."During the first half of the year we will see a slowdown of inflation, and there is no reason to revise our forecast for 2011. In general, the rate of 7%, "- concluded the head of the Ministry of Economic Development, whose words are quoted by RBC.Earlier it was reported that since the beginning of the year, inflation in Russia has amounted to 1.4%. This exceeds the growth rate of consumer prices in January last year, when the inflation rate for the period was 1.2%, and in general for the first month - 1.6%.© 2011, NR2.Ru, «New Region", 2.0  

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