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вторник, 18 августа 2015 г.

The ruble is falling, the stronger and speculators profited

Monday, August 17, 2009, 11.14The dollar gained strength and went on the attack on the ruble
You should not be alarmed or distressed on the occasion of today's collapse of the ruble, according to financial analysts. It's all just in the mood of investors, and if nothing more. Under the current behavior of the world's currencies should not be how to build a long-term plans. Whatever it was, as compared to Friday's US dollar exchange rate against the ruble soared immediately by 63 kopecks and reached 32.3 rubles strips. Kursk euro rose to 52.5 cent and stood at 45.6 rubles. Dual currency basket value has also increased by 62 kopecks and amounted to little more than 38,3 rubles.

However, experts say about the current tendency of stabilization of the Russian economy. According to analysts, the end of the year the value of the currency basket will not exceed 40.5 rubles, and the dollar fixed at around 33. Calm same investors will depend on the world prices for "black gold", said «Slon.ru».Monday, August 24, 2009, 16.54The ruble has again gone to the growth
The dollar is back to that of last week.
The central bank again lowered official rates of major currencies against the Russian ruble. Thus, the dollar exchange rate set by the Central Bank since August 25 fell by 38.99 kopecks, euro - by 31.51 kopecks, said the Bank of Russia. Thus, from August 25 the official exchange rate of 31.5544 rubles, euro - 45.1512 rubles.
All last week, however, the course of world currencies against the Russian continuous growth. In fact, the central bank lowered the exchange rate as long as they own up for Friday.
Similar processes are observed in Ukraine. But what is remarkable in Ukraine understand who benefits from it.
On the race course, speculators make millions of dollars05-09-2009 (8:36) Bankers
Bankers "play" with the currency
Currency fluctuations beneficial to bankers who have extra income from this. And in the last collapse of hryvnia economists see political interest. At the weekly fluctuations of the Ukrainian currency speculators to earn tens of millions of dollars. Game currency, when you buy cheaper and sell more expensive, extremely profitable. Bankers earned on such transactions this year is three billion hryvnia. Because only the last two months the dollar has risen in price by twenty percent. The depreciation of the hryvnia on hand and domestic exporters. They marketed their own products for the currency. Therefore, along with the exchange rate jumps are growing and their profits. But in the last collapse of hryvnia economists see yet still significant political interest oligarchs give money to politicians on campaign financing. In the lobby say that not until the party coffers are full, active steps to strengthen the national currency will not be. And it is rumored to happen no earlier than October. Deputies say that for banks and industrial giants is a big business. However, as they say BYT earn oligarchs not only for themselves - the main sponsors of the presidential candidates tend to powerful businessmen. At the same time, other political forces of a direct link between the election and the dollar jumps do not see. Like, in this way cover up BYuT failed economic policies."TSN" online editionUA- Reporter.com  

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