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вторник, 18 августа 2015 г.

Raise tariffs for the people to enrich the crooks in power

 Why is housing prices rose again?Experts call those whose want to take on the debts of ordinary citizensSubject utility tariffs are always up to the Russians, particularly acute faced this summer.Which is why they are constantly growing and is it always true justified?Before trying to uncover the truth, the roundtable participants' policy in the sphere of housing and communal services payments: how to reduce the burden on the population and increase the efficiency of the industry ", held at the end of June under the auspices of the liberal platform of the party" United Russia ".Two years ago the Bulgarian government was forced to resign because of the popular unrest associated with an increase in tariffs for electricity and heating. In June this year in Yerevan, the rising cost of a kilowatt-hour (translated into Russian rubles - about 78 cents) provoked outrage similar population.

Since July 1, 2015 in Russia once again increased tariffs for energy resources. Now, when the income of our citizens tend to a real reduction in this sfere, already a delicate act should be extremely cautious.Only 5% of subscribers can not or do not want to pay for a fundamentally communal services. But while the first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee for Housing Policy and Housing and Communal Services, the deputy chairman of the Russian public organization "Business Russia" Elena Nikolaeva leads depressing statistics:- Debts of consumers of retail markets for electricity, for example, to guaranteeing suppliers - 191 billion rubles. It is the citizens and management companies. Debt guaranteeing suppliers of electricity in the wholesale market to guarantee companies - 50.3 billion.Debt guaranteed suppliers of consumer services for the transmission of electric energy distribution companies - 100 billion rubles. Debt grid companies to guaranteeing suppliers of electric power purchased to compensate for transmission losses - 53 billion. Consumer debt for gas - 163 billion and for heat - in fact 190 billion.However, the problem of non-payments between legal entities - is one thing, but when this question rests on the shoulders of citizens - is completely different. And just that debt, which is at the front of the citizens resursosnabzhayuschimi organizations or management companies, the expert emphasizes, is not so dramatic, on the order of 10-12%. "Of course, the payment discipline among citizens should be strengthened, - says Elena Nikolaeva. - But the root of the evil is not there. The root of evil is just inside the chain of non-payments. "Deputy Head of the Expert section of "Improving payment discipline in the energy sector and public utilities," the Advisory Council under the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Alexei Energy Sitdikov elaborates:
- In particular, the power industry there is a problem of underpayment in contracts with management companies. They began to understand why, and it turned out that most of this is due even to the fact that management companies act intentionally in bad faith, and for the most part to the fact that the legislation is not balanced.Thus, the expert drew attention to the fact that housing services in receipt of much smaller part than resursosnabzheniya services. In this regard, the risks of underpayments utilities theoretically Housing Code must be invested in the cost of housing services. But she is so small that if these risks are to invest, it is expected to grow once somewhere in the half."It is clear that the management company or HOA luxury homes can afford it - continues Sitdikov - but most of the operating companies can not today bring housing fee to such an extent that to include all of the risks and the costs of billing for fees receivable and to cover uncollected receivables. "In fact, the managers still have only two options: either to take the debts of housing resources and services, respectively, to reduce the quality of the population (which, of course, is not entirely correct) or underpay resursnikam (which is also, strictly speaking, wrong).And what remains when such a scenario resursnikam? Limit Condo for underpayment they can not by law. Penalties lead only to an increase in debt, and the courts are drawn on average in the year.And who as a result of this bad? In the first place, the Criminal Code, who are forced to go bankrupt. Secondly, the citizens themselves, who do not receive quality zhiluslugu. And above all, the most poorly disciplined payers - pensioners, who are actually carried out in the area of ​​cross-financing of its unscrupulous neighbors, said Sitdikov. Third, poor self suppliers of resources that just put before the fact to save and deduct these dead debt.And who at the same time to live well? That the Criminal Code, which sit on the flow of resources. Citizens of non-paying, because if you change the management company of their debts written off. And resursosnabzhayuschim organizations that supply low-quality resource on home and abroad are constantly blackmailed by the presence of the CC debt.This, incidentally, adds Sitdikov, was one of the reasons for the introduction of a licensing management of apartment buildings.But with the advent of licensing, the director of NP "National Housing Congress" Tatiana Vepretskaya, difficulties getting bigger and bigger and bigger:- We received a total collapse when management companies are bankrupt an even greater extent, to leave the market. And it will be a problem not only for the owners, this is a problem and resursnikov, this is the problem, and local governments and other authorities. We have, incidentally, a very unique situation. The Housing Code, among other things, there is no artist utilities. It appeared a lower level in the normative act. And that is not balanced relationship between all resursosnabzhayuschimi organizations managing organizations and owners, there is no rigid division of responsibility.The opinion of the chairman of the Duma Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Development and President of the Institute for Public Planning Victor Pleskachevsky on licensing more stringent:- We were promised a minister promised that the licensing, we make eye of the needle through which stretched only bona fide and only technically trained. What's on today? Everyone knows, right? We have only two (!) Licensing requirements. And one of them - to disclose information - you can not fulfill. And the second - the director should know the regulations. None of the technical requirements of today to the management company does not. It's thoroughly corrupt scheme.Today, however, said Elena Nikolaeva, dispense with the management company or the HOA, which are responsible for the state of internal networks at home, at the moment it is not possible because resursosnabzhayuschie organizations, when they are invited to bring the resource to tap and be responsible for it categorically refused.Another problem of a critical situation with non-payments, according to Nikolaev, lies in uniform processing centers and consumption of common house needs:- These are the famous "odeeny", in fact, are not spending, say, general building maintenance of the property, but actually hidden imbalance. As for the ICC, in some areas, I saw private information centers, which are added to 6, 8 and even 10% for payment. Excuse me, but that is the orgy.Pavriz Abdushukurov, deputy director general for operations of "Fortum", refers to studies that show that Russia lost all resources within the home is 20%. To correct this defect, we need investors. And in order to attract them, we must make the rules clear and does not change. "And we have with you in the year to six or seven times change rules, laments an expert. - We have endlessly changing laws, we can not be something to arrange. "Director of Business Development of "Universal Electronic Card" Maria Shilin clearly knows what hinders transparency now- Firstly, it is the complexity of the legal regulation. This, unfortunately, frequent changes in work rules in the market. The subjects often do not manage to integrate into the new algorithms. This multi-layered regulatory framework and often conflicting demands acts of different levels, when at the municipal level or the level of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Kazan - remarkable examples in this regard) established the procedure for calculation of the algorithm, different from the federal.Plus all this is superimposed the lack of specialized professionals in the market, because the old guard gradually moving into retirement, and new specialists we are, unfortunately, still do not educate. There are no people who really guided in the housing, in the industry, and not in its individual aspects.Natalia Nevmerzhitskaya, chairman of the non-profit partnership "Guaranteeing Suppliers and Energy Retail Company", as well as Managing Director of JSC "Federal Center for Project Finance" Sergei Sivaev voiced a couple pretty entertaining clash. Perhaps they clearly describe the following main reasons of growth of payments for housing and communal services."Who is a defaulter? - Asks Nevmerzhitskaya. And the very same answer. - For example, in the northern region are leaders in local committees of the regional Duma, that local businessmen, a former mayor of the city and so on. Here are the top defaulters of electricity. That is, those who can afford it is to let it. ""Here, we talk a lot about what the end user does not pay, - says Sivaev. - And, meanwhile, the main debt - a non-payment of public utilities and Teplovik - gas companies and electric power. Why is that? Because they have the money just is not in the tariff revenue. Our rates are considered to be like? Based on the standard losses. Losses deviant, actual losses - we deceive ourselves. Public utilities in the operating activities of its revenue from that spend the money that they have to pay energy. Why spend? Because they are on, if they do not spend it, they just do not provide their normal activities. "The ideas expressed Sivaeva in some way develops Director of Energy Development Fund Sergey Pikin:- Network of the company - it is a company, close to the municipality or municipalities themselves formed. In my opinion, the problem is in handling at the municipal level. Because after all payments are not citizens, payments, mainly on the A municipality companies from heat network companies can not be disabled by users in the form of industrial consumers. Therefore, the proportion of citizens of non-paying 2-3% - a drop in the bucket in relation to the fact that you can do it in the part of the municipal government and establish discipline in the field of heat at the level of municipalities.Yes, and with ourselves rates in the country have also not as smooth and serene, confident Yelena Panina, president of "Research and Analytical Center of Housing and Communal Services." And pay attention to the following fact:- Since 1996, the procedure for entering into contractual relations with resursosnabzhayuschimi organizations described in the 540 th article of the Civil Code. And we have violated the Civil Code of 1996, they created their own situation when instead of the owner of a house or a citizen, acquiring domestic utility resources, such contracts concluded over existing contracts management companies, HOA, HBC. Deprived of an apartment building owner the ability to pay for the quality of the delivered public resource.The Civil Code prohibits the use of tariff and prohibits till today to apply it to financial settlements with the owners of the house. It only allows to apply price calculated using the tariff. This means the following: when we accrue to the owner of the payment, we need to recalculate the rate, that is the maximum quality score lead to the actual terms of quality. That's when we the owner of an apartment building, our customer, will give the opportunity, only then we can say he has not paid for the goods delivered. Because our Russian law prohibited to demand payment for low-quality resource.But in general, according to Victor Pleskachevsky, virtually all of the problems on which it is necessary to wrestle with today, there is not even yesterday and the day before yesterday. And this is the fifth important reason.- Utilities - a patchwork of nenachavshihsya and unfinished reforms. That's five years ago, ten years ago, fifteen, twenty - and nothing new. Birth injury to the modern utilities was applied in the early 90's door-privatization. There have been so good, kind, caring, thoughtful, but stupid to infinity, because created a monster.It appeared we object so strange property called "space." The distance between the walls and the ceiling is called the property. A rare case, I tell you, in the world right. Ten years later, in 2000, with the adoption of the Land Code, had another object called "earth". And since 2005, the gentlemen of the Foundation gave all the city's economy is not under a contract of donation, as community property law. The total property was private, and before that it was municipal.So the first freak (as he called him an expert), thereby preventing the normalization of the system utilities, law - these are the three objects in one. A second legal freak - an apartment building, a concept which is more than almost anywhere else in the civilized world no."In the world 99% of all houses are owned by one person, - gives an example Pleskachevsky. - For example, Donald Trump owns the building, and all the rest - the tenants. Because there is no one in the head does not come to break it into cubicles and now think, "but as the owners of the corporation is able to come together to take a decision?".Besides, adds Leonid Roketskiy, president of the "National Alliance to Save Energy," with all applicable laws written more energy, which, if we talk in plain language, to light bulbs, which save what prices. They just need time to pay."You want to do - their laws, - says the expert. - And who protects us from the tariff increases? Why he rose to 8%? Then why not take more consumers to the rate was less to sell more at a price that is? Why are all the countries of the war, have quarreled because of this gas, shale and so on, and we like sheep, and sat waiting for something. If you need the president said, let them say that it is impossible to raise tariffs for gas right now. "Indeed, he said the chief editor of the magazine "Expert" Valery Fadeev, the problem is that the cost structure is impossible to understand.
- Right now rates in July by 8.7%, whether that be greater. And why? Because inflation has shown Rosstat, 16%. However, in the structure of consumer inflation is mainly imported, rose, Moroccan tangerine. Do you have a cost structure in the Moroccan mandarins? No. Then show what is? No answer. This is a complex problem. But not difficult to draw a circle where each other all the link and say, father, and so they are also raising prices. And then we all ahaem and say which inflation turns out to be with us. Yes, the gas price increased, coal has risen in price, electricity became more expensive. All become more expensive. But it is necessary to break this circle.But our country is not rich, and so, concludes Fadeev. Therefore work has to be tough, but competent. About how it is proposed to build it, it will be in one of the closest materials "SP".Andrey ZakharchenkoSource: km.ru  

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