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среда, 12 августа 2015 г.

Bankers are fine, but not citizens

Elvira: with Russian banks will be all rightThe head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Elvira Nabiullina about the future of the banking system in Russia is optimistic. Profit sector in 2015 will amount to 100 billion rubles, RIA Novosti quoted Nabiullina.On Monday, August 10, the head of the Central Bank met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The banking sector is a kind of mirror of the state of the economy - and today it is stable and is in a "safe zone", said Nabiullina.Problems of the end of 2014, when there was massive outflow of deposits from banks, now fully compensated in the first half of the volume of deposits actually increased (by 7.2%). Most of the funds - a ruble deposits, the tendency to "dollarization", which was observed at the beginning of the year, declined.

"Now advantageous to keep the ruble because attractive rates for deposits", - said chairman of the Central Bank.Profit of banks in the first half of 2015 amounted to 51 billion rubles. "It's not 600 billion and a trillion last year before last, but it's a positive thing. We believe that for the year the profit of the banking sector will be at the level of 100 billion rubles, "- said Nabiullina.The head of the Central Bank spoke about the prospects Card "Peace" (National System of payment cards). In 2016 will be issued 30 million cards, "Mir", to participate in the pilot project are ready 20 banks, she said.Source: rueconomics.ruActual ArchiveCared about Minister Nabiullina?
The media disinformation material came telling the citizens of newly elected President Vladimir Putin and Minister of Economic Development Elvira think about the development of the country and seek ways of successful development. The cause of this material is likely to become a critical article in the Chinese newspaper "People's Daily" belonging to the CCP, which identified the problem areas of Russian reality and named six major problems. Not responding to the criticisms of the Chinese comrades, it is usually in modern rulers of the country, the newly elected President Vladimir Putin and Minister Nabiullina, we decided to show the country that they are not worse than the Chinese Communists understand the situation and work to overcome the existing problems. That is not nothing to eat bread. And that's what they did:Nabiullina Putin argued about the problems of the Russian economy
Minister of Economic Development diagnosed seven pain points of the economic policy, three of which - tax rates and pension funds - have caused the Prime Minister wish to debate.If the Chinese comrades have identified six problem areas, the Minister Nabiullina see them anymore -Family. This is already something! True challenges are indicated at all those who urgently need to be addressed and that can allow Russia to develop. Nabiullina immediately showed that she cares primarily about the representatives of capital, rather than Russia as a whole and its citizens.
Russia is at an important turn, opened the Economic Development Board Putin: to adopt decisions that determine prospects for development in the years ahead. The main factor of growth and the economy, and the quality of its growth the Prime Minister called the business environment: "Today is certainly a nerve of economic policy."Vladimir Putin, was not the original, and told the audience that we are at an important turn, he complained about the poor business climate, ie also attended the activities of the representatives of capital. But, specifically, about the causes of poor business climate, Putin chose not to speak, afraid to point out the true causes and culprits. Our people are all good, but the system is bad. Nabiullina has supported the president and offered to change the situation by changing the view on it.Elvira, briefly recalling where the Russian in the world rankings of business climate, and finding the positive in everything (for example, ranking 120th out of 183 places in the ranking of Doing Business, Russia nevertheless entered the top-25 on progress in implementing reforms) , offered to use new state investment climate indicators: business security, strengthening of the judicial and legal system, the level of corruption. The Minister outlined the seven forks economic policy: the right choice will help you find sources of growth and quality.Twenty years stand at the fork and all the way to the place we can not go, because you will not go far with these rulers is lost. Here we stand at the stone in a daze, in the expectation that someone will come up to us and ensure development.The most important component of the business climate - the tax burden, the level of which - 35.6% of GDP - is cumbersome, the minister said. The load must be fair: for corporations greater windfall, and is modernizing the business - less. The effective tax rate should be no higher than that of countries with which Russia is competing for capital and nominal - no change at least five years. In addition, it is necessary to reduce administrative barriers - in some sectors, they increase the load by 50-60%, said the Minister.The second fork in the road - the price of electricity, gas and rail transport: the minister has proposed an annual index by 10%, 15%, and the rate of inflation. From the rise in prices depends launch programs of energy efficiency, the minister admitted, but on the other hand, "we can not afford the prices are higher than in neighboring countries." We need to continue to decline in state involvement in the economy, he said about the third fork Nabiullina, while privatization should take and regions they receive subsidies from the budget, while they themselves are sitting on huge assets. The state should set an example and privatize on Russian exchanges, the minister went on about the fourth fork - the strengthening of the national financial system. In 2011, two-thirds of companies have chosen to place foreign exchange, Russian securities have provided 21% of the turnover of the London Stock Exchange than contributed to strengthen London as a financial center, Nabiullina lamented: "It is impossible to solve this problem restrictions - you need a systemic change in the law."Fifth sore point - the pension system. Without reform it will not be able to enter the non-deficit budget nor in 2015 or later, and the deficit of the pension system will be 3-4% of GDP, the minister warned. Raising interest rates has led to the growth of hidden wages in relation to the salary fund from 54.7% in 2010 to 56.1% in 2011 (almost the most - 56.2% was in 2006) and to slower growth legal salaries, the minister said. She emphasized that if every additional $ 1 in oil prices gives the budget 50-60 bln., An additional 1 percentage point of economic growth - 120-150 billion rubles. The main decisions for the pension system reform minister offered early retirement, increasing the requirements for minimum length of service and the development of voluntary savings. Sixth fork - openness of the economy, especially with the actual entry into the WTO and the Customs Union.Seventh - fiscal rule. Nabiullina has once again reminded the essence of disagreements with the Ministry of Finance - to take the budget for an average price of oil for 10 years, insists the Ministry of Finance, or three years, as required by the Ministry of Economic Development, - and added the necessity of "the rules of the second key" - limit the growth of budget expenditures GDP growth .Here is Nabiullina and opened all of whom and what she and her ministry really care. And it is, above all, on the state of the financial oligarchy, monopolies and host incomes raw magnates. For whom is a boon annual increase in prices for electricity, gas and rail transport? All excuses about energy efficiency is no excuse for the poor. Like we raise prices to save !!!!The tax burden on businesses today is not higher than in any European country, but the diversification of the Russian tax does have a specific character, where the parasite pay less taxes than the national producer. But Elvira is an important fact and lowers immediately shows who she really care. As a minister, which in its status should take care of the welfare state, on the budget, it is to take care of income monopolies to it they raised rates annually. In the same vein, and offer Nabiullina on further privatization and reduction of state involvement in the economy. Talking about the need to conduct to prevent the abuse of civil servants in the use of state-owned enterprises for personal purposes, that the proceeds of SOEs fell into the state budget, and not on the privatization and sale of "chicken" lays the golden eggs in private hands. The minister needs to think about replenishment, not about how to enrich a handful of oligarchs. And capital outflows from the country is carried out not due to high taxes as trying to present Nabiullina, and because of their criminal nature.With regard to the pension system and its reform can not speak, because all of the reforms only led to worse off the main part of Russian pensioners. In fact, we do not have the inherent problems of the pension system, and the problems of a general nature, imposed plutocratic state: the theft of pension money, low wages in manufacturing, for the profit of the capitalists and the two laws on pensions. Here are three destructive phenomenon for the entire pension system that neither the minister nor the president is not even given a hint.Again, Elvira offers a simple pensioner deterioration by reducing early retirement, increasing the required work and voluntary savings. Perhaps Nabiullina, wipe the chair in the ministry, and does not understand that early retirement is not just given, that in the hot shop or leave the mine health, work there wasting of strength, not subservient. But someone has to this lady and explain the real situation.Speaking of voluntary savings officials nullify all the time themselves and do not even understand that if people have to voluntarily save for their own retirement, what makes this whole army of parasites sitting on the neck of retirees or the current pension system is there for the sake of the enrichment of a handful of plutocrats?And finally on the fiscal rule. Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Differences on the cut-off dates for determining the price of oil is the degree of arrogance on the plunder of the state. The Finance Ministry wants to establish a virtual price for hydrocarbons for 10 years, the state has received as little as possible, and Ministry of Economic Development believes that three years is enough.
If the ministers, to obtain security from the state, taking care of the state, the filling of the budget, the issue would be standing on what percentage of private enterprises should receive for their participation in the production and transportation of oil, and everything else should also go to the state budget, as For example, it made in Norway. But our extraordinary ministers sit on the neck the state, and act against the state. Here in this lies the main problem of the country.The tax burden actually less if you subtract the oil and gas sector, Putin said. "Subtract wrong," - protested Nabiullina, the more so in manufacturing capacity reaches 50%. Yet less than 30% non-oil and gas sector, did not give up the prime minister.With regard to the indexation of tariffs, the financial situation at the Russian Railways modest than that of the gas sector, but in the gas sector and 15%, as they say, is not an incentive for energy efficiency policy, Putin shared his "thinking out loud." And raising the severance tax on gas at curbing prices may lead to the fact that the investment programs of state-owned companies will be modest and competitive advantages of Russia in the energy sector will be reset. We have attracted investors in the energy sector, many have invested billions of dollars and euros, and then we went and slowed growth rates, Putin continued: "And what about the promises?" He did not support the three-year oil price for the budget, proposing even to think and debate. After all, if the price falls, the "cut" of the investment and the price will have such an error - it is nowhere invested state funds and an increase in unfinished projects, Putin said. On the economy could work and retirement savings - they have 4 trillion rubles. And the current rules do not allow them to use, including for infrastructure projects, he said, and ordered the Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Finance and VEB have prepared proposals on how the rules change.By forks until the dispute, recognized as the first vice-premier Igor Shuvalov: "You stubborn, Elvira. But it's OK". The government has a creative atmosphere, he added, not to be misunderstood: it in such disputes are born and solutions that contribute to economic development. When was Alexei Kudrin, it was easier - a deputy prime minister supported the Ministry of Finance, the other - the Economic Development Ministry, and it alone to achieve a balance between the two agencies within the economic bloc - not an easy task, complained Shuvalov. A time to lose no more - are growing expectations of society, all decisions must be taken in 2012, he said: "In 2018, we must present a completely different country."The issue of investing pension money monopolies and tariffs - a strategic dilemma, from which the government will not escape, says the chief economist of FK "Opening" Vladimir Tikhomirov, will have to choose: either the macroeconomic stability and sluggish growth or structural reforms and macroeconomic risks in anticipation of high growth.
SourceThe whole discussion, if you can call it, has shown that our leaders do not see the real problems of modern Russia or do not wish to see them and articulate, and therefore decide.

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