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Dangers from the use of GMOs

Scotland's first EU wants to ban the cultivation of GMO productsScotland is going to ban the cultivation of genetically modified agricultural products on its territory, reports Reuters. Introducing this limitation and allow the new EU rules, and the regime of autonomy, thanks to which Scotland is an independent from the British government. The country is the first in the EU announced its intention to take advantage of this to save the image of "clean".The intention to seek a ban on the production of GMOs, said Agriculture Minister Richard Lochhead. To do this, Scotland will have to withdraw from the European Agreement on the cultivation of genetically modified crops. Lochhead said that the UK government has already notified its intention.

As noted by Reuters, genetically modified crops are widely used in America and Asia, but in Europe the views of their need to have dispersed. Some environmental groups argue that they are dangerous for consumers and for the environment. Manufacturers insist on the safety of its products.Minister Lochhead said that Scotland has gained international fame thanks to its beautiful nature, so a ban on GMOs will support its "clean, eco-friendly status", the "BBC Russian Service".In addition, said Lochhead, "there are no signs of a particularly high demand for genetically modified foods among Scottish consumers." "I am concerned that GM crops can be grown in Scotland and the harm it clean and eco-friendly brand, calling into question the future of the food and beverage sector", - he stressed.Air Force points out that farmers and scientists critical of the proposal of the Scottish minister. "This is a sad day for science and a sad day for Scotland," - commented Professor of Molecular Genetics, Hugh Jones.Source: newsru.com

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Professor S. NekrasovGMO - NEW FACE OF HUNGER IN THE END FLASHBACK humanity, or why you need expertise on GMOs and biotechnologyThe risk of global famine at the beginning of the third millennium, has bypassed all the editions of the world. Ends of the oil age and begins the era when the leading factor in world politics becomes food. Unlike Western countries, who do not have natural resources, and the countries of the South that do not have food and territory, Russia has everything. In these circumstances, the only historic chance of peoples of Russia - reliable protection of their living space during the global crisis. We do not need any others' resources or someone else's territory. But, having lost their own, we are doomed to failure. World hunger scare resulting from global warming and stop the Gulf Stream.A global alteration of the planet to ensure fairness and development of outer space!Statement by the Director H. LaRouche Schiller Institute (Annex 2) the threat of hunger in the global crisis looks like alarmism. It turns out, however, that the threat of famine is greatly exaggerated - food prices are falling at the same speed with which the reduced prices for non-ferrous metals and oil. However, shortage of food as a key problem of the near future shows that while we are intimidated. And we can be the victim of psychological warfare. However, it's better than becoming a victim of starvation. Therefore, it is necessary either to prepare for the famine. Or develop a whole range of new biotechnologies. In times of crisis and decay of public relations of late capitalism is particularly acute and abruptly begin to deform the productive forces. What a decade ago were lauded research in biofuels and biomass to clean fuels, the tenth year of the new century, these theorists are beginning to call the US "biodurakami" and recalled that the first who began to massively processed food into fuel was Mussolini. That covertly funded - as a fallback for the new economy - research into hydrogen engine, and do not abandon neo-colonial seizure of foreign oil throughout the Arab world. The project is saving the new Internet economy and e-commerce initially burst in 2003 and re-inflated by 2008 in order to begin to burst into a prolonged recession and the crisis 2012-2013.As a panacea for hunger and the future of biotechnology not offer, but GMOs. GM will save you? Universally recognized imaginary dangers of GM foods:Risk number 1 "This is the food of Frankenstein. Foreign genes from GM plants may enter human cells, causing mutations, cancer, etc. have direct Eater or his remote descendants. " This danger only to pop science and media journalism - it is clear that the genes of fish have not changed the Japanese nation, and the genes of lactic acid foods only did the Dutch-resistant diarrhea in contrast to traditional Chinese.Risk number 2 "Transgenic foods may be toxic to humans" - Here is an example of a transgenic potato from which the Colorado beetles die, although the toxin does not apply even to other species of insects, is not that person.Risk number 3 "GM foods cause the development of pathogenic bacteria immunity to antibiotics" - this "fact" is not verified or traced through the generations.Risk number 4, "GM foods increase the risk of allergies" - typical preconceived judgment and demagoguery.But there are two real dangers.The use of GM products leads to a strong decrease in varietal diversity. Another real danger - the dependence on manufacturers, producing countries. The seeds have to be purchased anew each time, and the new price.There are just as mythical ideas about the virtues of GMOs.Dignity number 1 "With transgenic plants can feed the world, as can be repeatedly raise productivity" - is not taken into account that the same will "arms race", as with antibiotics.Dignity number 2 "You can create a completely new plant with miraculous properties" - absolutely not possible to create new, since all cloning as GM technology is only a rough indication of dragging the body of an organism.In 2007, the world came demographic upheaval - the urban population for the first time in the history of the Earth has exceeded the number of rural workers. Agricultural production if growing, the meager pace, and consume more and more. 30 years ago lived on Earth 4 billion. Man now - 6.5 billion., And in 20 years will be 8 billion. We add to these numbers, some predict that by the turn of the millennium the total number was to be 8-10 billion. ! Where is the missing inhabitants of the planet?Report of the United Nations Population Fund, "The State of World Population" (1997) shows that the sharp decline in population growth is not only due to sterilization, contraception and abortion, but also due to increased mortality in developing countries. The first prediction for 2000 have been made by the American Atomic Energy Commission, which was recorded beginning of the next century, the population of 8 billion people. In 1969, the Rockefeller Commission on Population growth, established by President Nixon claimed that the end of the century, there will be 7 billion people.Laurence Rockefeller - the brother of David - are in a number of articles their own arguments in favor of "a more simple way of life." It was assumed natural that the only alternative to a population explosion will be the introduction of authoritarian and dictatorial methods of rule. In the study population to limit the first funds have invested a lot of money of the oligarchs - Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie, Ford. In 1974 he became known to the National Security Memorandum 200, created by the National Security Council under the direction of Henry Kissinger and Scowcroft B. - in the Memorandum was supposed allowed population growth to only 6, 5 billion people.
Memorandum 200 (the name in the Western press - "CNRM 200") identified population growth as a threat to US security. In 1987, the US Bureau clarified forecasting data - 6, 3 billion people. Thus, more than 2 billion souls disappeared from forecasts, in 35 years! Today it is clear that the millennium the world's population will exceed 6 billion. Where are the others? Hitler was a stupid boy who shot, gassed, burying and generally leaving bloody footprints. All could make it easier - not to have legalized abortion and no trace! The legalization of abortion, NS Khrushchev in 1956 had deprived our people of 35 million people - they just were not born! Thus, Hitler's dream was realized on the depopulation of the Slavs immediately after the victory of the Great Germany. However, all over the world is not enough 2 billion people!200 Memorandum predicts the population in 2025 to 10 billion people. Forecast 1987 provides data on 2025 of 8.7 billion people. At the UN conference on global development was given a new medium variant of 8.5 billion people, the report in 1997 the world population was estimated in the first quarter in HH1. 8 billion people. Thus, forecasts for 25 years reduced the population by 1% a year. The forecasts are not just key figures, they act guidelines. Thus, L. Brown of the Institute Vorldvotch argued that humanity is growing annually by 93 million people, and it would be necessary 80 million. As a result of the neo-colonialist globalization it started to decrease world population growth, and all the evidence shows that mankind will not be able to reach the milestone of 7 billion people. To overcome the turn needed major changes in living standards, terms of cultural development. Many authors clearly indicate that the Russian extinct primarily because people feel humiliated and unnecessary, sold and betrayed.Religious procession in Russian HH1 century. With a prayer to the icon ...Overcoming the global economic and financial crisis does away with the destructive policies of the IMF and the "contraceptive Company" of the UN, which means that the transition to a productive economy, the revolutionary development of which is possible only in conditions of realization of the great infrastructure projects.The myth of the mortal danger of population growth easily refuted purely mathematical methods. R. Epperson gives an example: if you take a small Oregon and bring together people in it from all over the world (95,607 square miles), then every family of four would have occupied half of the residential section of the house.The cause of hunger in India is not a large population (India accounted mile 500 people in Japan - 700, in the Netherlands - 800) - cause acts colonial heritage and politics of globalization. As a result, the Government of India on the advice of international financial institutions organized the forced sterilization of more than 10 million people, for which he paid with his life, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.Another great problem - productivity. It grows less than 1% per year, which is 2 times slower annual growth in demand for grains and less global population growth. The problem was not so acute before the start of the XXI century., When the combination of poor harvests in Asia and the growing demand there for 3 years has destroyed surplus accumulated over 10 years. World grain stocks have decreased from 37% to 17% of annual consumption - simply put, is now "safety" of bread and rice in the world pantries stocked by only 62 days in advance.Not only that, the Earth's population grows, it eats more and more diverse. Menu expand most populous developing countries - China, India, Indonesia. Even 25 years ago, the average Chinese person consumed 20 kg of meat per year. Now - 50. And China is increasingly importing and consuming such atypical for Asian products like milk, wheat bread, and even cheese and red wine. The Chinese, of course, sorry to hear that the blame for the global food crisis want to put the blame on them. Invented a new word - "agflation".
However, in the same direction for 200 years before we wondered English economist Thomas Robert Malthus. He came to the conclusion that the Earth's population is growing exponentially, and livelihoods - in arithmetic. Therefore, the food will be missed. Okudzhava, mellifluous supporter of Yeltsin's liberalism and the extermination of the population of their own country in Soviet times in their ambiguous's songs declares that "sweet carrots do not always enough for everyone." As any scientist who seeks confirmation of his theory, Malthus probably be glad to see the April report of the World Bank. It begins with a simple but compelling figures. A ton of wheat exported from the United States in January cost $ 375, and in March - is $ 440. A ton of Thai rice export in the same period rose from $ 365 to $ 562. In just 3 years the price of grain rose by 181% - almost 3 times. And as cereals - base of all agriculture, all other food too expensive. Almost 2 times. Representatives of the World Food Programme said that the rise in prices has created a "new face of hunger." The food on the shelves there, but yesterday you could buy it, but now - no. In general, a situation known to most Russians. Then lay on the table Malthus would have two documents - the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations. The figures are almost the same and no less alarm: the world on the verge of fainting hungry for food and war. But it UNON and other leaders are silent, that their supply, in order to maintain food hype around the planet is destroyed every year from 45 to 53% of the grain harvest. And all this is done in order to maintain the prices of food and all for one purpose, the purpose of the fear of the world's population to the "future hunger" and push the world's population in the wars and conflicts that are already occurring: Egypt, Haiti, Morocco, Indonesia, Senegal Cameroon - list of countries where food riots broke out, sometimes bloody, updated weekly. World Bank President Robert Zoellick called on rich countries urgently to unite their efforts, "otherwise the number of starving and suffering will only increase." But the rich their quirks, and then, despite the fact that food inflation touched all over the world, many countries it is only at hand.

So do not apply to GM food as something terrible, but particularly admire is not necessary. Just next stage of the development of biotechnology. With its pros and cons with their. A loud cries of great danger or great happiness - it's either some inadequacy or partisanship.

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