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State scam

"Regional operators will generate Luzhkov Baturin"06.08.2015Saddam 2132710916Tags: accommodation, fraud, housing, the economy and business, repairNews Newsland:
On why the inhabitants of North Caucasus Federal District are in no hurry to pay fees for the repair, - the deputy chairman of the Duma committee on housing and utilities.
Since then, the Russians will pay 100% of the cost of capital repairs of apartment buildings. The money comes at the expense of the non-profit organization - the Regional Fund overhaul.
For example, in the Krasnodar Territory approved by the local authorities, the payment of 5.32 rubles. per square meter. For sale in 60 "squares" additional amount of receipts will exceed 300 rubles.

If the house is new, the place to repair to it comes only after 20-25 years, during which the owner of a standard "kopeck piece" to pay 350 thousand rubles - and that if the rate during this time will not increase. Multiply this figure by the number of apartments in the entrance door and out a tidy sum.
Commenting on the establishment of a system of regional operators, collecting money from the Russians now, but promised to repair their homes after a couple of decades, many remember the story of the Khoja Nasreddin, promising to teach the Emir ass theology. To do this, a purse of gold, and 20 years after that, she has realized the Eastern sage, dies or donkey, or emir. A gold-behold they are already ringing in your wallet.
Rate - the average, but there is no trust
In the regions of North Caucasus Federal District obligation to pay contributions for the overhaul came into effect one of the last in the country: in five of the seven regions of the North Caucasus it has been operating since January. The cost of major repairs per square meter, which is defined by the regional authorities, was the national average.
Dagestan is 5.2 rub., In Ingushetia - 5.4 rubles., In North Ossetia and the Stavropol region - 5 rubles., In Chechnya - 6.72 rubles. for "square" in Karachay-Cherkessia - 5.8 rubles., in Kabardino-Balkaria - 6.22 rubles. In the neighboring Krasnodar region - 5.32 rubles., Adygeya - 4.32 rubles. for buildings without elevator and 5.62 rubles. for high-rise buildings with an elevator.
By the way, the lowest in view of the local budget subsidies and salaries were in St. Petersburg (2 rubles per square meter), Komi (2.1-2.6 rubles. Depending on the type of house) and the Murmansk region - 3 rubles. Antiliderom was Moscow, which the government established a tariff of 15 rubles - is twice that recommended the relevant committee of the State Duma.
The site "Housing Reform" State Corporation - Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services - can be seen operational reports about how the regions overhaul and is fundraising. According to the final rate of implementation of the regional program entities of the country on a monthly basis assesses the dyed indicator: if the total score of less than 25%, color - red, 25% to half - yellow, more than 50% - green. At the beginning of July red marked two regions - Novgorod region and Kabardino-Balkaria.
The explanation for the Caucasian republic says that works (services) overhaul behind schedule by more than three months.
All other regions of the South of Russia marked in green. But this, by the way, does not mean their unproblematic. According to the reports of the same Ministry of Construction, in six regions of Russia collection of contributions for the overhaul of less than 20%: these included the Kabardino-Balkaria, Dagestan, Ingushetia and Chechnya. In the Krasnodar region, Adygeya, Stavropol Territory and North Ossetia collection from 20 to 50%. Only in Karachayevo-Cherkessia residents pay more than half of the contributions for the overhaul.
The state has forgotten the audit
How to understand this non-transparent scheme and do not stay out in the cold, KAVPOLITu said deputy chairman of the Housing Policy, Housing and Utilities of the State Duma, candidate of Krasnodar City Duma Andrey Rudenko.
- Briefly recall the history of the issue: in 1991, when privatization began, the government has committed itself to transfer the apartment owners have renovated the house. But a quarter of a century, and the obligation has not been fulfilled, and 95% existed at the beginning of the 1990s, housing in need of repair.
In the 2000s came Utilities Reform Fund, which allocates funds for the overhaul of the federal and regional budgets, the first tenants pay extra 5% and then 15%. Sign in to overhaul the program because of its financial constraints, many do not have time. And the state passed on to the Russians hundred percent payment of capital repairs of apartment buildings, without preparing them properly.
- Someone is calculating how much money is needed to repair homes in each city, the region?
- Unfortunately, really such audit was not carried out. Regional authorities for counting was allocated a very short time, so the numbers are very approximate, the program overhaul we come, we can say to the touch.
For example, it was argued that if the house is old, it must be included in the program, and if the newly built, repair required 20 years. But I have a specific treatment of the inhabitants of Krasnodar territory: a new house, but the roof leaks. According to the schedule it repaired only in 2030, until then the whole house will flood. So I am sure that the program should be reviewed, to conduct a detailed audit of all apartment houses and created a hurry to change the schedules.
- In your opinion, why the authorities took the time with the launch of the system?
- Comment on this I can not, but I believe that this is due to the end of the Fund's program of reforming housing and communal services. Probably from the regions have reported to Moscow: we are fine with the task handled. I think the federal government made a mistake that needs to be urgently corrected.
I'll be back to the previous question, you need to re-conduct an audit of homes, each to determine what scope of work is needed and how much it will cost at current prices. Gathering consolidated figure, divide it by the square meters in the whole area of ​​the country or region. Then the Federal Ministry allocates the budget, assume 15% of the cost, another 25% - the regional budget, tenants pay 60%.
It continued acting until 2015 overhaul of the program with greater financial responsibility of tenants, allowing gradually upgrade to one hundred percent payment overhaul. So we have done on many parameters, such as utility bills: subsidies gradually go, people are gradually moving to full payment.
- But as yet we have to pay immediately 100% ...
- Discuss this issue with our colleagues on the committee from the ruling party, they have one answer: let the program "run" is being tested in practice, and in a few years can make a difference. But these few years people will pay money to become hostage to an inefficient system.
Ordinary people, as I understand it, there is absolutely no trust in the system of regional operators. Local authorities did not conduct adequate outreach, apartment owners do not know who pays for what. So many people do not rush to make money for the repair of that, of course, is already a serious violation.
The program should work as follows: the owner of the apartments comes to the site, drives the address and see the full picture - how much money is required to repair when it starts, how much has been collected, what portion of the amount left on the content of the regional operator. When the system is transparent, people will be willing to make money in it.
- As far as I know, to the regional operators, there are financial issues.
- Of course. For example, they keep the money on deposit in the bank, deposits should act in the same conventional "common pot" from which funds are allocated for the repair. But now they are taxed on profits, clashed departments: the Ministry of Finance said that should not be taxed, and the tax office - it should. This once again confirms the lack of thought created by the system in a hurry.
Questions remain, and transparency of the regional operators. In fact, the system we are creating regional opportunities for enrichment conditional Luzhkov and Baturina. For example, the roof repair cost 3 million rubles, while the regional fund for hiring a contractor agreement for 5 million.
Money is sort of like a draw, a "common pot" to check them hard. Therefore, the expenditure of funds from the Fund to eliminate the corruption factor, should be the closer public scrutiny.
- Residents of apartment buildings there is an alternative regional operator?
- Initially, the bill so there was no alternative. We chairman of the Committee on Housing Policy and Housing Galina Khovanskaya prepared a proposal for a system of special accounts, through which the head of the faction "Fair Russia" in the State Duma Sergei Mironov told to President Vladimir Putin, ordered to make these changes. So alternative spelled out in the law. But regional authorities do not rush to bring this information to citizens.
Under this system, funds are accumulated in a special account. For example, in the house of 90 apartments, each of which contributes to the repair of 300 rubles a month. In the year is 324,000, which residents agreed at the general meeting can spend on their own immediate needs - to patch the roof, reinforce the foundation, repaired elevators or replace sewer system.
Suppose requires urgent repairs, while representatives of the House to agree with the contractor on installment and within a year to pay the cost of the works.
Sometimes tenants are faced with this problem: the owners of apartments on the top floor suffer from a leaky roof, have to repair it at their own expense. If such repairs are made, there is an agreement on hand and checks, the owner can recover the money from the special account.
The main advantage of this system - the ghostly residents are not waiting for 30 years, and here and now determine what repairs need their home.
Regional administration is almost not an argument about special accounts to the owners of apartments, officials easier to collect a large sum for a single account operator and gradually spend.
- How can I go on this system?
- Authorities in the region have the right to set a date for the transition. The total for the country - two years from the moment when the house in the regional operator. For example, the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin has reduced it to three months, in Astrakhan, he is four months. The authorities of Krasnodar region took the path of least resistance, and left two years, when the owners have to pay in the "common pot".
Now because of the economic problems and difficult foreign policy situation forced the Russians to save additional costs for major repairs seem to them the next scam. Our committee is already preparing an appeal to the Russian president, the government, the ONF asking to postpone fundraising system overhaul, as it is very imperfect, and there is no guarantee that in a few years, regional operator will not disappear with the money Russians.Andrew KaushikSource: kavpolit.com  

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