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вторник, 4 августа 2015 г.

Strangles rates

Utility tariffs in Russia since the beginning of the year rose by 8.8%Tariffs for housing and communal services in Russia in July 2015 jumped 7.1% after rising 0.1% in June and May, 0.3% in April, 0.1% in March, 0.4 % in February and 0.6% in January, the Federal State Statistics Service said Tuesday.In January-July 2015 housing prices rose 8.8%. In January-July 2014 housing prices have increased two times less - 4.4%, and in general over the past year, they increased by 9.4%.

Until 2012, the main increase in tariffs for housing and communal services has traditionally accounted for the first month of the year. But in 2012 in connection with the transfer of the federal increase in regulated tariffs for gas and electricity from January 1, July 1 regions was also recommended to raise utility tariffs from 1 July - so jump in rates occurs from mid-year.Compared with July 2014 housing prices rose in July 2015 by 14%.
Source: interfax.ru
Annual inflation in Russia accelerated in July to 15.6%Inflation in Russia in July 2015 was 0.8% compared with the previous month, when it was fixed at 0.2%. This information was provided today by the Federal State Statistics Service.In annual terms, inflation in the country reached 15.6% in July, after 15.3% in June, 15.8% in May and 16.4% in April.For 7 months of this year, consumer prices rose by 9.4% (to December 2014).According to the agency, in July in 19 regions of Russia, consumer prices for goods and services increased by 1% or more of them in the Republic of Crimea and the Magadan region - by 2.1% and 2% respectively.However, in the Republic of Ingushetia, consumer goods and services dropped by 0.8%, in Karachay-Cherkessia - by 0.1%, mainly due to a decrease in food prices by 1.9% and 1.4%, respectively .In Moscow, the inflation rate for the month was 1.3% (YTD - 11.2%), St. Petersburg - 0.7% (YTD - 10.1%).According to Rosstat, the value of the conditional (minimum) set of food products per month on average in Russia at the end of July 2015 amounted to 3 thousand. 765.8 rubles and in comparison with the previous month decreased by 0.7% (YTD increased - by 13.5%).The cost of in Moscow in the end of July amounted to 4 thousand. Rubles and 509.8 for the month decreased by 0.9% (since the beginning of the year grew by 14.4%), St. Petersburg - 4 thousand. 518.8 rubles (growth 0.3% and 16.1% respectively).The ministry clarified that the cost of the minimum food basket reflects the interregional differentiation level of consumer prices is not a constituent element of the minimum subsistence level. With its calculation, unlike the subsistence minimum, use common established in Russia as a whole, consumption of food for the men of working age and average consumer prices are on the subjects of the Russian Federation.  

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