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вторник, 4 августа 2015 г.

No service, not a commodity, and for rogues broth

Pyramid on repairsThe trap, which pleased the majority of owners of apartments in high-rise buildings in Russia, could be called a classic. Indeed, in the period of free privatization of housing the state assumed the obligation to transfer them into the ownership of non-residential buildings just after lead them into the proper form. Now, however, amendments to the Housing Code, it shifted the funding for repairs themselves tenants, while reserving the right to dispose of the collected money from them. And in such a funding scheme overhaul, experts say, is nothing but a pyramid scheme.Utilities as inspiration

The Russians have reacted negatively to a new payment. The range of emotions is striking diversity of the population: it is possible to see everything - from peaceful protests to perturbations. July 23, for example, Kirov (here payment amount is 7.1 rubles per square meter) rally against overhaul. He held the flags of the Communist Party, as it should be - at the monument to Lenin. On one of the banners was written ominous phrase, perhaps even a threat: "Expensive food, gasoline, utilities - do not lead people to sin." The protest mood, instigated from the problems in the utility sector, to encourage people to work."So it will be ripped off if we be silent" - a banner with the text of the shares held retired in Tyumen (7.5 rubles per square meter), held on July 10. "Tomorrow we are waiting for the tax on the air," - echoes the other participant of the protest. There were also examples of folk poetry pessimistic "to pay for the overhaul - now is not enough for a coffin."Earlier, on May 3 held a protest called "All-Russia". All cities in the country have risen to fight utilities failed, but people came in Lipetsk and Chita. "Korolev - a foreign agent?" - Asks the protesters (Oleg Korolev - Governor of the Lipetsk region in 1998 - approx. "Heathcliff!"), Collected during the protest actions of 12 thousand signatures against payment overhaul.Sociological studies give conflicting results. On the one hand, the population is worried about rising prices, inflation and general economic problems (the most popular answers to the latest opinion poll on the subject). On the other - reduces the number of people who are confident that the state should pay for the overhaul.According to a poll by VTsIOM the same proportion of such people is 37 per cent, it fell by 5 percentage points in six months. 46 percent of respondents believe that the owners have to pay the participation of the state, another 10 percent lay this responsibility solely on the tenants.At the same time, most of the participants in the survey of the National Agency for Financial Studies (NAFI) admitted that their homes are in need of urgent overhaul - 34 percent of Russians. 42 percent of respondents complained about the problems in the hallways; 39 percent said roof; 37 percent are dissatisfied with the state of the facades of their homes. It is noteworthy that 46 per cent of tenants the situation so bad that they are willing to carry out the repair of a loan - as long as the house was repaired quickly.Money up frontFinancial pyramid, recall - a way to provide income to shareholders through continuous organization to raise funds. At the same time the first participants of the income pyramid scheme is paid for by contributions from the following. In this case, if we talk about the created at the initiative of the Ministry of Construction in the regions of the Major Repair Fund, will be just that. According to entered into force on 1 July amendments to the Housing Code, the payment of a citizen of the overhaul is its savings. Through them he ever house and repaired.That last fact and gives this financial scheme of pyramid shape. For major repairs of their home you will pay now and you will repair it after 15 years if you're lucky, of course, and means at the respective regional fund still remain. And the money that you already have listed, are not invested and spent on bringing order to the housing stock, to which you yourself have nothing to do. That is the first depositors will receive income from the following. The only difference is that here the order determined in advance by the regional officials."" Boiler "method makes it home that urgently need to be repaired. It's like a mutual benefit fund: first, people help repair the most problematic housing, then saved the house pays the total "pot", returning the debt to tenants who previously they "lend", "- he said" Lente.ru "Foundation CEO overhaul of the Moscow Region Andrei Chernyshino ."In reality, the landlord has to keep track of their own regional program overhaul, to find out when the repair of his house. Control the spending of the accumulated funds is difficult, "- I do not agree with the official Elena Makasheva - Vice-President of the Association of companies serving the property (Akon).The cost of major repairs is not constant. It varies not only from house to house, but also tends to increase over time. Inflation, and with it an increase in prices for construction materials has not been canceled. This means that the pyramid collapsed, the state will have to index the contributions annually. In this sense, the capital rate of 15 rubles per square meter of living space looks more reasonable. In any case, it gives more guarantees that such a financial pyramid will last longer. Incidentally, in the capital payment for the overhaul of the highest.With ceilingQuestion to the filling: how much the cost of capital repairs of apartment buildings in Moscow is different from the cost of putting in order the same house in St. Petersburg? According to the tariffs set by the authorities in each of the capitals - no less than six times. The ancient capital per square meter of housing is now taking the fund overhaul of 15 rubles, and in the northern capital - 2.5 rubles. Four times more expensive than in St. Petersburg, it appears, is to renovate a house in Yekaterinburg. There's tariff per square meter set at 8.2 rubles. Perm residents now pay 7 rubles per square meter of their own living space. Even in Sakhalin, where the proportion of slum dwellings in total housing stock is one of the highest tariff is set at 9.8 rubles. Therefore, it can be argued that the amount of the payment in the first place in the regions authorities took from the ceiling. So, sooner or later, they will have to pull her to Moscow. And not only under the influence of inflation.Meanwhile, the head of the Duma committee on housing and communal services Galina Khovanskaya already appealed to the metropolitan mayor's office with the demand to justify the method of calculation of tariffs and the Ministry of Construction in - check the calculations. "Such a high fee metropolitan officials explain the need to quickly carry out the overhaul. But at the rate of 30-50 rubles and higher repairs would go much faster! "- Outraged Galina.However, so far only in Moscow are thinking about the need to introduce incentives for payment of payment for overhaul of not only the disabled, but also for large families, donors, persons with disabilities. "In this case, incentives and subsidies will benefit some four million Muscovites. This significant number of citizens who need state support, "- said Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. Information is every third resident of the capital. In other regions, it can not be heard. It is understandable - the rate low.But the vice-president of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), Victor Pleskachevsky pointed to another serious circumstance which does not allow to consider the State Duma adopted the law on the overhaul perfect. "It expands the scope for corruption in the most sensitive for the Russian sphere - utilities. The base of the pyramid is that it pay homeowners, and manage their money officials. And they are not interested in saving. In the USSR, it was possible to steal 10 percent of the construction site, and now rates have risen at times, "- says Victor Semenovich.At the same time add that started in the regions of Funds concept of "major repairs" is interpreted broadly. In their view, it is not only the replacement of communications, repair load-bearing structures of buildings, but also, for example, painting facades and entrances, and patching roofs. That is the work that is still considered current repairs. Ensure that everyone can the sites of the funds that we talked about above.Finally. Mandatory payments for capital repairs in the form in which the Russian authorities have imposed them on July 1, a direct impact on inflation. After all utility services account for a significant share in the consumer basket. According to estimates by Galina Khovanskaya, taking into account what happened on July 1 increase in utility tariffs by 10 per cent of the payments for the same Muscovites own housing increased by 30 percent. And if the results of the outgoing month Rosstat shows an explosive jump in the consumer price index, this is not surprising.Source: lenta.ru   

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