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Gorbachev- Yakovlev- Chubais that common?

The New York Times stood up for Chubais
"Anatoly Chubais, one of the most famous architects of the post-Soviet Russia's economic modernization, was attacked by anti-Western hardliners in the Russian government. The campaign against him seems another attempt influential supporters of President Putin to oust the Liberals from the public life of Russia," - says Sabrina Tavernayz in The New York Times "The attack on Chubais carried out by the persecution of his current and former partners" Rosnano ", especially Leonid Melamed, former manager of the company. In July, Melamed was accused of embezzling state funds through a private consulting company, and placed under house arrest in Moscow" - the article says.

"Other current and former managers were also mentioned in this regard, but not arrested because they were outside of Russia", - says the journalist.Moscow businessman Dmitry Lerner sent to the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor's Office a letter accusing them of top managers "Rosnano", including Chubais, of involvement in the embezzlement of public funds, the author writes with reference to the "News".Andrei Kolesnikov, a program manager at the Moscow Carnegie Center, said that the attack on Chubais and his associates are the security forces, but he suggests that the motive may equally be relevant to the economy and politics. Hardliners in the Kremlin take public companies under its control and may be trying to supplant Chubais of "Rosnano".According to Kolesnikov, the situation looks grim for advocates Chubais, but admit that Putin Chubais fall is unclear. "It is so large figure that only Putin can give such an order, - said Kolesnikov. - His only defense in this situation is Putin."AdvisorSource: newsland.com
From the team Chubais CIAWHY WE NARA when there CanariaThe first test results "Rosnano" Accounts Chamber appeared long before the audience sat down to write a report. And they put it in the fact that the company is surprisingly fast and consistent resigned two managing directors of "Rosnano" - S. Polikarpov and A. Kondrashov. How can we explain their intolerable itch to change places, I personally do not know, but it is interesting that the total amount of funded projects "Rosnano" who went through the first, was more than 47 billion rubles, and in the second - more than 15 billion. This fact is even more interesting when we remember what Polikarpov entrusted to protect their interests the Chinese partners who have decided to withdraw from the joint venture with "Rosnano" project. As a result, according to estimates of auditors, Russia "had been damaged in the amount of 513 million rubles."It is hoped that the activities of these persons will account not only the Chamber of Accounts, and already and law enforcement. But honestly, I hope small. Something I can not recall to the team Chubais anyone changed to suit robe. And the only trial meticulous about deeds environment Chubais did not happen in Russia and in the United States ....Why America? Yes, because the privatization of the 90s was carried out in Russia not just on the proposed templates from the US, but also with the active participation of advisors from overseas. By the way, to this day it is not clear - counselors or shadow leaders? It was about this period in the life of Anatoly Chubais recently spoke Vladimir Putin during a "straight line" with the country. Recall.Spyware or dealers?- Surrounded by Anatoly Chubais as advisers, as it turned out, the CIA personnel worked United States. But the funny thing is that on their return to the United States prosecuted for what they are in violation of the laws of the country were enriched in the course of privatization in Russia and had no right to do so as the current intelligence officers - then said the president.We add, they are not just attracted to the court, but also to prove guilt. Who? Here are these two gentlemen - Andrei Shleifer and Jonathan Hay. Whether they were CIA personnel (president know better) or have worked only on the American agency USAID (long associated with the CIA), important for us both.So, the US District Court, District of Massachusetts, the case number 00-CV-11977-DPW."Shleifer and Hay strongly facilitated mortgage auctions. This program is currently (the court took place in 2005 - Ed.) Is widely recognized as extremely corrupt scheme, when the shares of most Russian companies have moved into the hands of oligarchs. American experts are ready to provide evidence that this program caused particular damage to Russia's transition to a market economy - says the indictment of the American court. - They insisted and strongly supported the rapid privatization of companies. And this is done in the absence of any financial infrastructure that would ensure non-corrupt allocation of resources for the benefit of the population of Russia. "This, of course, well, when the US Court of diagnoses our liberal adherents of the market, but even more interesting is that is directly related to our hero, "Shleifer and Hay insisted to put at the head of the Harvard program (developed at the US Harvard University program privatization and the creation of the securities market in Russia. - Ed.) is carried out on the money USAID, Anatoly Chubais, despite the fact that Chubais was the chief architect of the corruption pledge auctions, including the privatization of oil companies, which had Schleifer shares and that he made included in the privatization program. "Yes, there the Court recognized that application of a couple of consultants "substantial harm to the United States." I admit that they made a profit, and the fruit of corruption by using the Russian privatizers. But more important for our citizens, of course, recognized by the US Court of the fact that the candidacy of "chief privatizer All Russia" pushed through, in fact appointed, the Americans. Here, as in the case of the publication of the revelations of Snowden, all we guessed everything, but one thing to guess, and quite another - to have actual confirmation from a reputable source. And it does not matter in this case, to realize Chubais US interests, or simply did not interfere with corrupt officials to make their small business, although it is unlikely he did not know about their "earnings."Companions Companions discordCrystal people of integrity. Did they give way in this respect, a Swiss citizen Hans Bodmer? That he "Rosnano" Trust in January 2010, his Swiss "daughter" that manage money in the amount of at least $ 1 billion. It is noteworthy that Bodmer was persecuted by police officers is not just the United States for fraud and bribery of officials in one of the former Soviet republics, but also spent some time behind bars in the United States and found guilty in court. Whether in "Rosnano" saw in him a man of integrity crystal, or simply wanted to Switzerland his zits-chairman Pound, like that, which Bender put the lead office "Barnyard." However, after the publication in the international press about the criminal past of this person Bodmer had to dismiss.Here, for example, the current deputy chairman of JSC "RUSNANO" Oleg Kiselyov, a former banker, metallurgy, investor, media mogul. He came back in the predecessor of the current, SC "RUSNANO", an adviser to the director general in December 2008. But in May 2009, he became the director of business strategy, and now in addition to the current position could add more status and a board member. Now few people remember that in October 2005, Oleg Kiselev was forced to flee to London - after he was accused of fraud in order to prevent the acquisition of shares of the Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Plant. The group of persons who were charged with Kiselyov, if convicted on the real punishment, but in defense of Oleg Vladimirovich began to write letters to notable people from the business structures and influential circles. So in 2007, Oleg has already returned to Russia - after prosecutors in secret against him ceased business.A director of humanitarian projects of "Rosnano" Leonid Gozman (the same judge of the SS uniforms) joined the company in the fall of 2008. In fact, his lucky ticket Gozman pulled in 1992 when he met with Yegor Gaidar. A psychologist by training and a bright debater liked the Deputy Prime Minister and became his adviser. However, in December of that year, Yeltsin sent Gaidar resigned, and then promising Democrat, perhaps by coincidence, was offered a job in the United States. From January 1993 to June, he was a college professor in Pennsylvania, and from July to September - research fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center in Washington. On his return from the United States arranged to Chubais Gozman. And since then, they were inseparable.Gozman - Advisor Chubais when he carries out the privatization. Gozman, together with Chubais becomes RAO "UES of Russia" (also an adviser to the first, and then - RAO representative to work with the authorities and public organizations, and even a member of the RAO). And, of course, Gozman was elected a member of the Board of Directors of several regional power, it was part of the waste. A membership is generally well paid.There is a nuance, which can not pass by. For almost 5 years in JSC "RUSNANO" on its website already has 27 (!) Mentions about the activity of Leonid Yakovlevich, as they say, on the main profile, the employer. If we take into account that some of them are repeat other messages, the actual movements in terms of directorship on humanitarian projects somewhere around 4 times a year. But Gozman almost daily acts diskutera role in the socio-political issues. Only in the "Duel" Vladimir Solovyov for the past 3 years Gozman was 10 times, though never defeated (or his people do not like, or his ideals). Is it because it and are all as a politician and not as a director of "Rosnano"? But he does not receive a salary for defending liberal values. And good. RAO "UES", where he, too, was more concerned with politics and vengeance led party building (PCA), and energy devoted seem about the same time as Nanotechnology Now, judging even by his reports, he received not less than one million rubles a month. It is unlikely that "Rosnano" is now his income is thinner.What Gozman - not a poor man, it became known in 2007, when he was a candidate for the State Duma of the ATP (those elections the party was purged, and then collapsed). Then Leonid Y. declare a very considerable income and property: 12,899,023 rubles received by RAO "UES", 16,473,546 rubles investpai in PIF. Deposits in banks "Uralsib" - 7,105,198 rubles., Deutsche Bank - 26,856,960 rubles. 27,604,300 rubles in Sberbank, section 2, a house in the suburbs, 4 apartments in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Not bad for a PhD, you say, and I agree with you. CEC tried to ascribe Gozman from giving more tax 448 million. Rubles, but Leonid Y. explained that the turnover of funds in his account rather than income. Not bad, but oborotets.All-tradesOn the whole, the manual "RUSNANO" among the perennial and loyal companions Anatoly Chubais did not find poor people. Himself head of this public enterprises - a wealthy lord. In 2011, Anatoly Chubais, has earned a little more than 260 million rubles, in the past, alas, a little smaller - 217.7 million.But the deputy chairman of "Rosnano" Andrei Swinarenko in 2012 compared to 2011 their income more than tripled - 109.4 million. Rubles against 32.2 million. A year earlier. Successfully operated securities in 2012 and participated in commercial organizations.He is a little lost to a member of the Board of JSC "RUSNANO" Yakov Moiseevich Urinson (Deputy Prime Minister and the Russian economy in the first days of the government zampredstva Chubais, then together with Chubais, RAO "UES" and then in "RUSNANO"), which in 2012- m could also celebrate almost three-fold increase revenues - 84.2 million. rubles against 31 million. in 2011. Deputy chairman of JSC "RUSNANO" Yuri Udaltsov (joined the company, too, from RAO "UES", where he worked since 2002) in 2012, was less fortunate. He earned only 34.6 million. Rubles. But the previous 2011-was far as yield - 100.2 million.
The fact that these people are not in poverty in the past, particularly when working in RAO "UES", evidenced not only by the declared Gozman same income, but also, in particular, the fact that, for example, Andrei Rappoport in August 2007. The stock option program (a form of management incentive when interest or passed into the ownership free or at a reduced price) was 0.02174% of the shares of RAO "UES". A few months later, the price of the package has increased by 22% - up to 287.8 million. Rubles.Amazingly, many of the leaders of "Rosnano" combine their professional activities with active politics. Gozman, in addition to violent media employment has been in the leadership of the PCA as long as the party is not rested (according to some experts, it is not without effort). And not so long ago, he became a member of the established ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, the Committee of Civil Initiatives.Oleg Kiselyov and Andrei Rappoport - members of the Bureau of the Presidium of the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC). The former head of the corporation "Nanotechnologies", which was replaced by Chubais, now a member of the Supervisory Board "Rosnano" Leonid Melamed - is also there. A deputy head of "RUSNANO" the Finance Yakov Moiseevich Urinson led the Audit Commission of the Russian Jewish Congress itself.Whether or not surprising that the members of this team have very different education - humanitarian, technical, science - goszadachi implemented in various areas of the economy? Well, just do a real "dream team." But that's a dream, it seems, judging by the results achieved *, some one-sided - that everything and anything for it was not.PS And there's still a nice project and "Rusnano Capital": the creation of an international fund nanotechnology. It is in the framework of its overseas sent hundreds of millions of dollars. The project operator is Fonds Rusnano Capital AG (Registered in Zurich, the staff 5 people, including a member of the board of directors Markovna Irina Rapoport, the head of "RUSNANO" Anatoly Chubais and a member of the Board of JSC "RUSNANO" Oleg Kiselyov), Luxembourg company Fonds Rusnano Capital SA (State - 3 people, including a member of the Board of Directors of IM Rapoport), and actually manage the project company "RUSNANOKAPITAL" with the CEO, all of the same IM Rapoport. As diplomatically wrote in the report of the auditors of the Accounting Chamber, "there are signs of affiliation" and "misuse of funds".Or is this just a good indicator of assimilation of the lessons taught in 90 years American teachers at Harvard? The ones that condemned in the United States Court for corruption.
That's just the amount that is still so easy to dispose of "effective management" continue to emerge not from the air and from the state budget, formed including at the expense of our taxes to you. Recall a few years in the "Rosnano" This team (A. Chubais, A. Swinarenko, J. Urinson, A. Rappoport, On. Kiselev, L. Gozman and A. Klemanzon A. Katznelson, I. Rapoport, etc. .) has spent more than 200 billion rubles of government over the past year has clearly recorded losses of more than $ 20 billion. And yet these same people have proven to be very effective managers in dealing with their own financial resources and have earned over the same period (combined) more than one billion for himself. Maybe it's time to answer the question why the government investment under the leadership of these people so poor, * and their personal - so effective?* The effectiveness of the team Chubais said enough in the report of the Accounting Chamber, and in an interview with "KP" the auditor who carried out the test "Rosnano" with the eloquent title "Results can say one thing - alas" and the subsequent article "Billion for limousines and corporate parties - that's Rusnano -size! "Alexander Grishin 

Gorbachev has forgiven Yakovlev treasonAt the KGB had documentary evidence that "the foreman of perestroika" was recruited by the Americans"Yakovlev useful for restructuring a person? If useful, then forgive him. Those who in their youth had no sin! ". Thus, according to the former Soviet ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, the former Secretary of the CPSU Valentin Falin, he responded to the report of Mikhail Gorbachev KGB chief Vladimir Kryuchkov, who presented the Soviet leader recruitment documented American chief "of perestroika" - Alexander Yakovlev.His memories in this regard Falin shared at the seminar, the final meeting of which was held in Moscow at the Institute of dynamic conservatism. Although the performance of Valentin was devoted much more extensive subject - "Russia and the West in the XX century" - a betrayal of the then leadership of the country, it became treason, unfortunately, an integral part of our relations with the West, and because of this theme also could not Falin do not touch."Shortly after the secondment Yakovlev in Canada - he said Falin - Center received information that he was" in the pocket of the Americans. " Respectable British gentleman warned longtime acquaintance, an employee of the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa: "Be careful with the new boss."Similar information came from another source, specifying that Yakovlev was in a net of US intelligence during the internship at Columbia University.Yuri Andropov ordered set of Yakovlev dense observation, recalled Falin, when the opportunity to withdraw from Canada, but the apparatus of the Central Committee, where he previously worked, are not allowed. He identified the position of Director of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations. Even under Gorbachev KGB was documented Yakovleva compromising data. This I know from the VA Kryuchkov, who was tasked to meet with defendant, describe the essence of the reports and see what the reaction. Yakovlev, according to Kryuchkov, do not say a word, and the question of what to report to the General Secretary, passed over in silence.After hearing the report of VA Kryuchkov, Gorbachev asked and answered himself: "Yakovlev useful for restructuring a person? If useful, then forgive him. Those who in their youth had no sin! "."So it allowed a tricky question," - said Valentin. I handed over - in fact, betrayed - motherland and its allies himself Mikhail Gorbachev.Valentin Falin says: "As I told Willy Brandt (Chancellor of Germany in 1969-1974.) During Arkhyz talks Kohl (Chancellor of Germany in 1982-1998 gg.) Raised the issue of the fate of the leaders of the GDR. How to be with them?"You Germans - said Gorbachev - you better get into it." Betrayal in concentrated form. Handing the German Democratic Republic, arrogating to itself the right to speak on behalf of the German Democratic Republic, without the consent of its government, we repeated the worst of precedents, never does honor to the rulers.How to explain these things? Before Arkhyz (the meeting there between Gorbachev and Kohl had agreed to German reunification) Kohl forwarded treatment Gorbachev - provide a loan of 4.5 billion. Brands, I have nothing to feed the people, and you get everything you want.Negotiator Gorbachev did not bother to open any second or third position Kohl. It was not written off even our commercial debts to the GDR.In compensation for the property of our military withdrawal to the united Germany, worth hundreds of billions of marks we unfastened the construction of barracks for the soldiers of the Army Group in Germany 14 billion. ".Another memory of Valentin: "In March 1988, I wrote the General Secretary (Mikhail Gorbachev), that in the next 3 months of the GDR can be completely destabilized. At this time, a number of politicians in Bonn appealed to Americans with the proposal not to force any anti-government sentiment in East Germany. Until the time, they heard a response. Neither this nor other more than reasonable caution I did not receive a response. Feedback was not functioning.The turning point in the estimates of future Gorbachev of the GDR fell on May 1989. Erich Honecker (GDR leader) met to celebrate the anniversary of Magnitogorsk. Among the young German Communists half a century ago, he participated in the construction of the famous Iron and Steel Works. On the way stop for a meeting with Gorbachev in Moscow. I reproduce the atmosphere and essence of the conversation. For the first time, do not stutter, Honecker said the Russian word "perestroika"."We take note of what you take at home - he said, - restructuring of the GDR has long been made." Gorbachev responded in the same way as at the end of 1988, speaking at the UN General Assembly session, he described the meaning of our commitment to the Warsaw Pact.Let me remind you, without prior negotiable with allies and without the decision of the Politburo, he said, the Soviet armed forces to protect friends from external threats; they do not interfere in their internal affairs and determine the order in which the population intends to live friendly states.At the time of Gorbachev's speech at the United Nations we are Henry Kissinger (the then US Secretary of State) were sitting next to. His impression of what he heard, he expressed in the words: "If I had known the content of speech, then would give President Bush the other recommendations to the upcoming conversation with your leader." Kissinger asked to help organize his meeting with Gorbachev, the US is interested in the fact that Soviet withdrawal from Central and Eastern Europe is not like a "flight."The catastrophic earthquake in Spitak led the Soviet delegation to flee to New York. Kissinger asked me to bring to the attention of Gorbachev, he will be ready at any time to fly to Moscow for the said call our leader.The meeting took place a couple of weeks. Gorbachev summed it up this way: "Kissinger was and still is a reactionary." In January 1992, at the Sheremetyevo airport, we suddenly meet with Kissinger."Why are all the same - he asked me - Gorbachev did not take the suggestion that Moscow does not run headlong from Europe?""Obviously, your ideas do not fit into his political solitaire" - I said. "It is an eloquent historical episode: Henry Kissinger, is more concerned Gorbachev at the time that the Soviet Union did not "run away" from Europe. What American politician and was awarded the "compliment" by Gorbachev, "Kissinger was and still is a reactionary.""You said that Washington was not averse to" streamline "Gorbachev flight from Europe - ask Falin at the last workshop. - But if the US government wanted to prevent the flight of the Soviet Union in Europe, and it still took place, who was interested to what happened? Who pushed this Gorbachev? "Valentin Falin: "There are Americans and Americans. Kissinger and Brzezinski - berries of different fields. Do not pull on the political twin HW Bush and George W. Bush. "Neocons" and other extremists, as we warned Gorbachev took for weakness and complaisance Moscow pushed the White House to the dismantling of the bipolar world system.The fight was introduced "fifth column", which were given for the "elite" of Soviet society. Reforms "mladodemokratov" foreign leaven drove Russia into the abyss or, as Chubais, a "point of no return."As for Gorbachev, the last time the board he cared about one thing - how to be president, even nominal. Squandered the trust in the country, he relied on support from the outside and for the sake of "decimation" our defense arsenal more than was expected of him.For example, he put the knife "Pioneers" (SS-20), which is located in the Far East and Central Asia, although the "zero solution" Reagan did not provide for such. Washington has hinted at the possibility of temporarily storing us some strongholds in the Baltic States. Zero interest. Caressing rays of the Nobel Peace Prize was covered horizons.The last meeting of the Politburo. Gorbachev sat down at a separate table. Word takes AN Girenko (Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee on International Relations): "I have instructed Ukrainian Party organization to ask you, Mikhail Sergeyevich, a question whether Novo-Ogarevo counted during the referendum? After three-quarters of the population voted for the preservation of the USSR. " Gorbachev silent. Girenko insists on an answer. He is supported by a member of the Politburo of the YA Prokofiev.Tapping a pencil on notebook, Gorbachev said: "And if I tell you that is discussed in the Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow, you understand anything?". Theatrical pause: "The results of the referendum are taken into account." Indignation is ready to move into an explosion. Gorbachev stands: "Enough, Hex. Come into the next room to the heads of regional and regional organizations. " Instead of understanding, to which he may have hoped he met there an obstruction. "Ivan GladilinSource: scandaly.ru

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