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понедельник, 10 августа 2015 г.

The Committee insists on reforms in the interests of the people

Autonomous Nonprofit Organization"The Committee to Protect the rights of owners of premisesapartment buildings of Yekaterinburg "620014, Yekaterinburg, Kuibyshev 143 sq 26 Tel: 8929 21616588-929-216-16-58, E-mail: gluhov61@mail.ru

President of the Russian FederationVV Putin.
Chairman of the State Duma
Russian FederationNaryshkin SE

Chairman of the Federation Council
Legislative Assembly of the Russian FederationMatvienko VI

ADDRESSFor tens of millions of Russian citizens in 2014 was the year of the disaster. The government effectively devalued the ruble, in certain periods of time ruble devaluation reached 80%, while not ensuring that vulnerable groups, compensation cost of living.With an official inflation rate of 11.4% actual inflation for consumer goods and public services was 22.5%. As a result of these policies millions of people below the poverty line. Thrown out of life, according to official figures, have appeared 22 million Russian citizens. The life of these people into a miserable half-starved existence, in a constant rise in prices, unemployment and falling real wages.

Almost completely become a paid medicine. Closed hospitals and clinics has increased dramatically mortality, increased the prices of medicines, many of which were simply not available to most patients with meager incomes.At a time when businesses are closed, with the fall of the purchasing power of the population and the growth of tariffs for electricity, heat and transport, cutting jobs, wages are not paid, the multimillion army officials and their business environment carried out various projects on the saw cut the budget.Absolutely incompetent activities of the Prime Minister and the entire economic bloc of the Government of the Russian Federation only worsens the already tragic situation of the working people and pensioners who have to make ends meet. The activity of the Government clearly the implications for business little groups, on whose behalf the government constantly makes decisions about supporting or creating favorable conditions without thinking, and how it will affect the whole country, the people, the country's budget.Inflation in 2015 has already exceeded 16%. The newly devalued the ruble, rising prices on a daily basis, and the Bank of Russia buys the currency maintaining a high rate of dollar and euro. Impoverished people, industrial production fell, and only the financial speculator, a rogue banker, yes plutocrats of government offices are cashing in this ever-stormy financial sea.Arguing on the free market liberals entrenched in all levels of government, skillfully manipulates state powers and pushing up prices, the increase in tariffs for gas, electricity, transportation and depreciation of the ruble. All sorts of regulatory authorities only pretend to fight with all sorts of speculators and swindlers, and built themselves into this state by robbing people of the conveyor. Calls for financial oligarchs and commodity tycoons will not allow the dollar's decline has found full understanding and in the Presidential Administration.The deterioration of the economic situation of the country and the decline in living standards of the people have made their own contribution and the State Duma by imposing "communal dues" inhabitants of Russia, adopted the Law "On the overhaul." Law comes into conflict with the Constitution of the Russian Federation (the citizens to dispose of their property and no one can tell how to use it) with the Federal Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" (nobody has the right to collect money for services not rendered), with the Russian Civil Code (agreement is only five years or more). In reality, this law of the State in the person of the State Duma and the entire executive staff wish to cover up their failed policies in the field of housing at the expense of citizens' wallets, as the previous laws on the reform of housing and communal services have been ignored by corrupt officials, and major repairs were not carried out, and the transfer of the housing stock owners have not fought in accordance with the regulations.The implementation of the law "On the overhaul of" just going full arbitrariness. Tariffs for payment are set depending on the wishes of the local plutocrats (in Leningrad region 2.5 rubles per square meter, and in the Sverdlovsk ruble -8.2), decision-making procedures for overhaul completely hidden, as the selection of contractors, preparation of estimates and the cost of maintaining the apparatus existing regional operators.Russia was the only country in the world where the law did not take the money for the work performed, and on the basis of promises ,, perform any work in 30-35 years.Another blow to the extortion of money from the people was another increase in utility tariffs from 1 July 2015. Regular increases in tariffs looks like a yearly gift for fattening government monopolists and oligarchs, all increasing and increasing their wealth. At the same time the right to set the amount of payment left to the regional government mired in debt, which certainly wished to take the maximum and Sverdlovsk region ahead of the rest.No less unpleasant for citizens and become the new property tax calculation of which will now take place at the market price, and this at a time when the housing market is monopolized in the hands of local officials and the cost of housing include extortion and bribery, for permission to build the connection when the sale of land, entering the market and many extorted sums. Citizens propose to pay tax on the money of corruption!In one of his speeches, the President said that he is responsible for everything that happens in the country. It's time to personally take decisive action to improve the lives of many people, or answer with the Government for a man-made crisis and falling living standards.The current Liberal government absolute bankrupt unable to take any decision in favor of the country and its people, indulging in the interests of raw magnates of the financial oligarchy and various monopolies. Talk about market regulation, the invisible hand of the market, with exclusive rates and a planned increase in the collapse of the ruble further aggravate the disastrous situation of the people.One gets the strong belief that the task of the government is to strangle the Russian economy and not let people live in peace.As a result of this policy of the central organs of the state, regional and municipal growth of dissent is growing number of suicides and crimes, there are spontaneous protests.Time to make the right decisions to become smaller as the opportunity to build on the trust policy. It is urgent to adopt a number of measures to normalize political and economic situation and to bring legislation into conformity with the Constitution.
We remind that according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the only source of power is its people, and no one has the right to usurp power in the country and ignore the demands of the people. Based on the rights enshrined by the Constitution of the Russian Federation serving (Art. 3, 7, 15, 19, 31, 32, 42, 45, 75), we demand and we urge every sensible citizen to join these requirements to:1.Prezident Russian Federation to ensure the full and throughout the country, respect for the rights and freedoms of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Perjurers-klyatvootstupniki have no right to occupy high positions in the state.
2. The heads of all government agencies and municipalities not to issue regulations that contradict the Constitution of the Russian Federation and federal laws and does not make laws that worsen the situation of citizens.3. To consider changes to the Russian Constitution without a referendum, the assignment of powers and the seizure of power with the appropriate consequences.4. The legislation of the Russian Federation to provide citizens realization of their constitutional rights to participate in government through elections and referendums.5. Revise the law on elections to the State Duma and other representative bodies by moving from a proportional system to the majority, since the proportional system violated the rights of citizens in accordance with Art. 19 and 32 of the Constitution.6. To restore direct elections of governors, mayors and heads of regional and municipal entities, to stop any attempt to restrict the right of citizens to elect leaders at all levels. Outlaw so-called city managers.7. To ensure the mandatory inclusion of civil society representatives in election commissions at all levels, than to promote democracy and transparency of their work.
8. The structure of the executive to shape the legislative bodies, continuous monitoring of its activities, go to the unicameral parliament, which should form the government.9. To recognize as valid only those elections, which were attended by not less than 51% of voters.10. Return the ballot count "against all".11. The term of office of the President of leave under the current Constitution, adopted in the national discussion - four years.12. Stop the persecution of citizens for political reasons and beliefs. Release all political prisoners.13. Restore the constitutional rights of citizens to hold meetings, rallies, marches, to review those elected to public office, with the loss of voter confidence in them.14. Send the current government resign as completely right and not in the interests and aspirations of the people. Government members should bear administrative, civil and criminal responsibility for the quality of life of the people, including - environment, food, health care and education on the basis of Art. 19 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.15. Enter the election of judges at all levels of the people for a term of three years. If the judges are not elected by the people, they are opting for the people.16. Return the Prosecutor's right to oversee compliance with the law and the right to cancel the decisions of the courts in order of supervision by the courts and violations of the current legislation.17. Stop the anti-constitutional reform of local self-government and self-government to provide municipalities essentially rigidly to suppress any attempt to usurp power party and administrative organs. Local governments are obliged to act in the interests of citizens, rather than individual business communities.18. Establish a Presidential Decree the state commission to review the results of predatory privatization period of the 90s and return to the state property illegally expropriated property with criminal responsibility of all those involved in the predatory privatization. The crimes against the people and the state has no statute of limitations.19. nationalize the financial and banking system to the provision of affordable credit for all subjects and all kinds of economic and business activities. The financial and banking system to control deputies.20. Immediately stop the sale of residual state ownership and to ensure that the income of state enterprises to the budget of the state. The country needs democratization, rather than liberalization.21. Immediately stop the practice of business support by means of budget funds. Any entrepreneur should be able to obtain a bank loan on the same terms. The state budget must be used for the benefit of the citizens and not for the enrichment of the individual business.22. Enter a progressive scale of taxation, completely freeing the citizens with an income of less than 15 000 rubles. per person from income tax. The flat tax scale contributes to the development of the state is not, and it despoiled by exporting capital abroad.23. Revise tax laws towards the protection of domestic producers and the standard of living of citizens, making unprofitable speculation and intermediation. Tax legislation should be uniform and common to all.24. Discontinue the practice of VAT refund commodity companies, as it does not promote the economic development of the state, and encourages the removal and loss of raw materials.25. Immediately discontinue the practice of the annual increase in gas prices, energy resources and untwist inflation in the interests of the financial oligarchy and raw magnates and bureaucrats. Put the increase in tariffs and inflation outlawed and considered as a crime against the people and the state, as it destroys a single economic environment and lead to the impoverishment of the population.26. To improve migration legislation in the interests of the indigenous population. Russia has enough of their labor for the reconstruction of the country and its further development. Uncontrolled migration increases unemployment, creates the crime situation and cost Russia too much, as it pushes the technological and technical lagging behind developed countries and lead to social explosions. Actions of the head of the FMS KO Romodanovsky dismissed the like can not cope with the responsibilities of the flooding of the country illegal migrants.27 maternal and child welfare in order to improve the demographic situation in the country, providing a number of laws that provide favorable conditions for the birth and upbringing of children (housing, financial security, health care and obstetrics, social protection). To take a series of urgent measures to support single mothers by increasing benefits for the child, the opening-night free nurseries and providing a place in a hostel. Set the size of the child allowance is not less than the minimum subsistence level.28. Cancel the law on transplantation of organs from people who died in the accident, without the consent of their relatives as organ transplantation has been the subject of business and in conditions of anarchy is a threat to the life of every citizen.29. To take a series of measures to strengthen the accountability of civil servants for non-fulfillment of their obligations to protect public health, (quality control of food, water, medicine, security, housing, transport) and the preservation of environmentally friendly living environment. In establishing the intentional violation of the Constitution and federal law officials should be removed from his post. The state should be responsible for the health of their people and to carry out preventive measures to prevent diseases. The state should not be aimed only at making a profit, and the enrichment of a handful of bankers and top bureaucrats. Profit for profit - a dead-end path of development.30. Abolition of Forced charging of upfront cash for capital repairs of apartment buildings without a decision of the general meeting of owners of premises in the building for its holding, concluded contracts and agreed budgets. Create a state bank to finance capital repairs and provide, in accordance with the budget, interest-free loans for the overhaul,31. The legislation to prohibit the deprivation of citizens subsidies for debt without a court order.32. The legislation to ban the creation of all sorts of intermediaries in the provision of public services and the payment of these services and all existing intermediary structures, such as single settlement centers, eliminate (abolish).33. Ensure citizens real freedom under the Constitution by providing airtime, newspaper pages, and other media, financed from the budget.34. Legislate and strictly apply confiscation of all property from individuals convicted in corruption cases.35. Enter the same for all citizens (including officials of all ranks and of deputies of all levels) pension system, developed RA Varnavskaya and bring the level of pension to the level of Soviet pensioners. There is no genocide in the form of two pension systems!36. Return the debts of Russian citizens for impaired investments, since 1991.

Only progress to empower people in their direct participation in the government is able to overcome the vices of the state which emerged from the wreckage of the Soviet Union, and to bring them out of the protracted political and economic crisis. Only this direction and should be recognized as the true democratization.

It adopted unanimously at the enlarged meeting of the Committee for the Protection of the rights of owners of residential premises of houses Ekaterinburg 06.08.2015g.

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