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четверг, 27 июля 2017 г.

Bankers - rippers

How much money is paid to depositors of failed banks

The General Director of Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV), Yury Isaev, speaking at the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF), for the first time disclosed data on payments to depositors of the liquidated banks, according to RBC. During the entire period of its existence the Corporation had paid depositors of 1 trillion rubles.
Payments received 2.5 million people. Since the beginning of the year, the Agency has paid compensation to depositors of closed banks by 250 billion roubles. This year the debt of the DIA to the Bank of Russia could double, said the head of the Agency.

 The situation with the return of funds to legal persons who have suffered from failed banks, Yury Isayev called "tragic": companies manage to recover only 17% of funds, while private investors generally get back about 70%.
 DIA managed the Deposit insurance Fund is subsidized and depends on Bank of Russia loans, he recalled. "So talking about the introduction of insurance funds of legal entities in the banks now would be wrong," - said the head of the DIA. The Agency for Deposit insurance was designed to conduct 2-3 rehabilitation procedures and about procedures for the elimination of 20 at a time, but today, "32 of the draft rehabilitation and 260 banks are in the process of elimination". It is not a crisis of the moment, and the consequences of the 1998 crisis, said Isayev.
According to him, many years banks "retouched reporting", and now the Central Bank is "doing the work that should have been doing for the past 15-16 years." Newsru.com recalls that recently, the Deputy Director of ACB Andrei Melnikov said that to replenish the Deposit insurance Fund (DIF) has already been spent to 358 billion rubles from the Central Bank credit.
 The Agency has twice applied for loans in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, approved loans for a total amount of 420 billion rubles. Earlier Yury Isaev told that ASV will return to the Central Bank for a new loan in June. Then he, however, did not specify how much money from the current credit limit has already been selected and how the Agency will ask the Central Bank, but Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev was soon informed that ABC will ask for a loan of 100 billion rubles.
 The state Corporation "Agency on insurance of contributions", created in December 2003, among other things, manages the Fund of compulsory insurance of deposits, which make contributions the participating banks and which paid out compensation to depositors if their Bank stopped working.
Banks, selectable insurance Agency contest for the reimbursement of depositors deprived of licenses of banks, insurance the victims from their funds and the DIA then compensate them for the amount spent.
ASV has the right to resort to financing the payment of insurance compensation at the expense of credits of the Central Bank, if the size of Fund of obligatory insurance of contributions will fall below 40 billion. The insurance Fund has steadily decreased since 2013, when the Central Bank began a sweep of the banking sector.


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