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среда, 26 июля 2017 г.

In the interests of the profits of plutocracy

Mass-media: Russian vital drugs will increase in price
New pricing rules must come into force before January 1, 2017
The government decided to abandon the regulation of prices for Russian vital and essential medicines (VED) and allow the farm companies to independently set their prices. As RBC writes, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich informed in a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin about this.
The letter refers to the draft resolution, which is being worked out by the government. It will allow pharmaceutical companies not to coordinate with the FAS and the Ministry of Health the price of inexpensive drugs on the vital list.

We are talking about medications worth up to 50 rubles, for example, aspirin, ascorbic acid, glycine, pancreatin, ibuprofen, water for injection and so on. All of them in the event of the abolition of state regulation of prices will inevitably rise in price. The cost, for example, glycine can grow from 23.5 to 49.9 rubles.
At the same time, the authorities intend to support the producers of low-cost drugs with government subsidies, the rules for granting which are yet to be developed, RBC writes. The new order of pricing should come into force before January 1, 2017, the letter of Dvorkovich says.
In February 2016, the Federal Antimonopoly Service offered to raise prices for cheap essential medicines by 5 rubles. The department noted that Russian companies have already withdrawn from production 197 types of drugs from the list of vital, another 160 drugs may stop producing in the near future.

In March, Kommersant reported that the Ministry of Industry and Trade sent a proposal to the government not to regulate the prices of inexpensive drugs from the list of vital drugs. The agency indicated that, because of the unprofitable nature of such drugs, pharmaceutical companies are massively refusing to produce them.
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This is how journalists write about the problem that they do not see beyond their nose, and members of the government, hiding the essence of the current situation.
In reality, the government has not abandoned price regulation. It refused to regulate in the interests of ordinary citizens and continues to regulate the prices of medicines and other consumer goods through the devaluation of the ruble and tariffs for energy.
Promoting inflation and raising energy tariffs, the government ensures the growth of profits of the financial oligarchy and the commodity magnates, to the detriment of citizens and direct producers. In the conditions of constant growth of costs and depreciation, the ruble becomes not profitable to produce at fixed prices and producers turn off the production of cheap medicines.
Lackey FAS, instead of clearly identifying the problem and oppose the growth of tariffs and the depreciation of the ruble, asks to increase prices for medicines, wishing to please both monopolists, oligarchs, and drug manufacturers, completely ignoring ordinary consumers, believing that the people have enough money for everything .

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