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понедельник, 31 июля 2017 г.

Unconstitutional law creates the crime

Contributions for the repair often spent inefficiently
April 14. FINMARKET.RU - the Russians are forced to pay for the repair, but not all the money is spent as intended. Part is subject to a financial reserve - a "safety cushion". As reported by "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", the Ministry of construction in 2016 on the accounts of the regional operator were collected 123 billion rubles., the cost of work on the acts - 107 billion rubles Obtained, the remaining 16 billion rubles, or 13% of the amount - this is the "safety cushion".
A new line in the receipt for the rent not only causes great dissatisfaction of the population, but also exacerbates existing in the national economy problems.
Citizens are forced to pay monthly contributions for capital repair, thus further reducing in a crisis your consumer demand. After all, the rent is the main expenditure item in families. However, not all contributions of citizens spent on major repairs. Every year a certain portion of the funds raised goes to the special "safety cushion" of the regional operator.

Last year, Russia had harvested 142 billion roubles in contributions for the overhaul. As reported by "NG" in the press service of the Ministry of construction, "that the funds collected not only the accounts of the regional operator, but in special accounts, owners who dispose of their funds."
In the Ministry reminded that the owners, by law, have the right to choose the method of forming contributions. The first method is the "common pot": an account of the regional operator. The collected funds are spent in accordance with the regional program, the repairs are carried out in a certain order. The second method - opening a special account for each particular apartment building.
In the accounts of the regional operator, that is, in the "common pot", in 2016 were collected approximately 123 billion rubles, specify in a press-service. Thus, according to the Ministry of construction in 2016, the cost of work on the acts amounted to 107 billion rubles. What is the fate of the remaining 16 billion rubles, or 13% of the amount collected?
The office of Michael I explain: "it Should be borne in mind that not all collected funds are allocated for repairs because of the inflows provides the financial stability of the regional operator ("airbag") and will be directed on capital repairs in the next year."
 In a press-service of the Ministry of construction also indicate the responsibility of the regions: "the formation of the short-term plans of implementation of regional programs of capital repairs is the responsibility of regions of Russia". The regions are obliged to adjust the scope of work based on the actual level of collected funds: "So, if, for example, the collection rate was 50%, and in the future has increased, the region must adjust your plan and increase the ongoing overhaul".
However, the "safety cushion" when it is not empty. In fact, from the contributions of citizens is constantly osipyants well, if 13%, and in fact these funds for the repair not coming: they are involved in an endless circulation of money. After all, when in the following year settled in "airbag" last year's contributions are used for repairs, it will have new contributions, which ensured the financial sustainability of the operator.
And on the ground, apparently, different ideas about what should be a "safety cushion". In some regions, settles on accounts from 30 to even 80% of the contributions for the repair.

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