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воскресенье, 30 июля 2017 г.

The fathers of Russian democracy

Who, in your opinion, is this powerful man? Don't tell
you can't know that. This giant of thought,
the father of Russian democracy and a person
close to the Emperor.
Ilf and Petrov. "12 chairs".
One such obosnovali use great Rastaschilovki was the father of those who dwell in booths and cooperately Yevgeny Yasin, former Minister of economy during the period of the spoil, and hands, people with the appearance of the Genie of the Arabian tale, who "as don Quixote protects Gaydar" because he took it to the government, and "Echo of Moscow", as don Quixote defends Yasin. "I want to understand: in our country, 20 years ago there was a revolution, which seriously changed the trajectory of our development. She has been saved from disaster, but gives no guarantees. However, if you work and achieve freedom, democracy, competition, to protect their rights, to demand anti-corruption and respect the rights of others, the public mood will change and we will see that the real economy allows to meet the challenges facing Russia" - the Yeltsin Minister.

Ah, honest man! The President will mourn your untimely grave by awarding you the order of Courage. The people got NOTHING except the opportunity to work for a penny. And in his spare time, and more "to achieve freedom, democracy, competition," which was once used cunning crooks. Licked his lips, began to be a democracy...
You can also try when created by Yeltsin, Chubais and Gaidar government to try "to protect their rights, to demand anti-corruption". If you're lucky, not planted. And where, forgive, come from corruption? So our thieving Democrats to it, and entered. None other than Gavriil Kharitonovich Popov declared, becoming the First democratically elected head of Moscow: "a Bribe is not a bribe, but reward officials for good work". And determined its size to 10% of the cost approved by the official of the transaction. And now already at 50% of the fight! Bespredelschik...
So to require those officials to fight corruption means to require them to deal with them. By the way, for the right views on the running of the country Gavriil Kharitonovich got a University in the middle of the white stone, to be able to pass on their experience to young. Some take bribes fleet puppies, and some universities. Please note that a smart man Yevgeny Yasin offers to deal with theft and bribery to those who watch. He mopped brewed their porridge not in a hurry. For bribes, maybe not planted, but for suppressing them...
When Yasin was sitting in the government, "Moscow was the most democratic city". Ie Luzhkov, who gave place to the priests, stole myself and did not prevent others to steal, the higher Authorities looked at his mischief, aptly, Biwako Minister "slipshod". (You know how scientists are people apt word to find!) The result of seat G. Yassin with Luzhkov in the government become "the recent elections in Moscow – the sheer rudeness".
Note that "rudeness" is still called "dictatorship". In this case, the dictatorship stealing stratum of society, which wants to keep the money stolen. If it is enough to steal the votes in the election, they'll steal it – the usual thing...

 Fight fire with fire, and disaster – disaster. But in this case "freedom from accident" was so catastrophic that the country is on the verge of further disintegration and extinction. Labour productivity fell ten times, and with it wages. How to gracefully put our Ph. D., "the Development would have continued". Although in the opposite direction. "We are experiencing a campaign ago," frankly admits eminent scientist. And again, right! The country was thrown 40 to 50 years ago. For the production of locomotives – 1913, and for the production of shoes – and all for 1900.

However, this is not the end of Revelations Yevgeny Grigoryevich! It turns out, the Bolsheviks, he with like-minded stole, because "the salary was impossible to live". Those who have higher needs. Yeltsin stole, "because the laws were not". In addition, the doctor of economic Sciences, scientific supervisor of the Higher school ecnomic and bivy the Minister clearly says: "don't you also stealing from the state".(Oh my God! "A person close to the Emperor! And such petty criminal tendencies!") And now steal, therefore, because the laws are! For example, the loss of the mail of the Russian Federation from the sale of counterfeit brands make up about 2 billion a year. Because in 1997, Yeltsin sent the fake brands of criminality in the category of administrative violations with a penalty of a fine for citizens to 2 thousand rubles. Steal – do not want! While the losses did not prevent the management address to award themselves bonuses in the hundreds of millions of rubles.
Note that the air of liberty self adhesive seal plastic bags EM pushes those who breathed to Frank confessions. Even the employees themselves are recognized as the spirit that fartseval, and speculated skimming product.
So when another cute girl from otryvnoi location and asked how to get to work on this Veselka, the answer can be only one: pack something from my classmates, my child will have something to tell like-minded people.

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