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среда, 26 июля 2017 г.

The financial policy of Russia on the verge of insanity

The US announced its intention to discourage Russia from receiving loans in 2017
The United States in the International Monetary Fund and other financial institutions in 2017 will vote against loans to Russia, said a representative of the US administration.
He gave an explanation in connection with the publication of the memorandum, signed September 27 by President Barack Obama. This document provides for the introduction of measures against countries that, according to Washington, do not make sufficient efforts to combat human trafficking. This is done on the basis of the relevant law passed by the US Congress in 2000.

According to the administration, 'the president can decide that the United States will not provide assistance to non-humanitarian states to other states,' and also oblige 'executive directors from the United States in international financial institutions to vote against or in every way prevent the granting of a loan or the allocation of funds' to Needs of these countries.
This year, according to the memorandum, the list includes Zimbabwe, Iran, North Korea, Russia and Eritrea. This provision concerns, inter alia, the IMF and will operate throughout the entire fiscal year 2017.
The representative of the US administration added that, in addition, the head of state has the right 'not to allocate funds for the participation of government representatives or employees in educational and cultural exchange programs.'
In the new year, these restrictions will be fully applied to the DPRK and Iran. However, they have been partially removed from a number of states, including Russia, Syria and Venezuela. The representative of the administration explained that this step would allow 'some state employees, for example teachers of state universities, to participate in cultural exchange.'
From the list this time, 17 countries were completely excluded, including Belarus, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
As the newspaper pointed out, commenting on the additional placement of the so-called 10-year Eurobonds by the Ministry of Finance, Russia can afford to borrow, as the ratio of external debt to GDP is one of the lowest in the world.
Our money is working to develop the economy of a completely different country
Fresh data on Russia's participation in the US economy were published. At the end of the first quarter, our country owned Treasury bonds (Treasuries, Treasuries) of the US for $ 86 billion. Many domestic media immediately rushed to write about a record decline in overseas investments by the Russian Federation, hinting at the possibility of continuing The sale of US securities by Russia - in fact, in January of this year, Russian investments in US Treasury bonds exceeded 96.9 billion dollars. That is, for 2 months (counting is carried out at the end of the month a) we have reduced possession of US securities by 11.2%, having gained US $ 10.9 billion.

Russia's investment in low-income US securities has always caused a lot of criticism and harsh criticism from Russian economists. But our financial authorities since the time of Alexei Kudrin, who was trying to 'save money from plunder,' inexorably continued to invest money from the sale of oil and gas to a foreign economy, without getting, in fact, no financial gain. The current 'sale' of Treasuries bore, if I may say so, a seasonal character, and certainly does not indicate a breakdown in the trend or a change in Russia's loyalty to the world financial system, in which the roles have long been painted and learned.
In the first place, the largest debt holders of the US government as of the end of March 2016 were China from 1,244.6 billion dollars, then - from 1137.1 billion from Japan. The top three leaders of the Cayman Islands (hello offshores!) From 265 billion Russia with 86 billion.

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