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воскресенье, 30 июля 2017 г.

Time scoundrels and its defenders


Slaves with degrees
"A pitiful nation, a nation of slaves,
from top to bottom - all slaves"
N. G.Chernyshevsky

"There were times worse — meaner gone!"
Hope Wosinska 1874

In 1992, at the meeting of the Gaidar-grandson reported that Zelenograd has 36 deaths from hunger. The Savior of the Fatherland from the excess of respondents answered that reforms were in place, money is not enough. More precisely, to ensure the sustenance of the people at least by the standards of German prisoners of war the money was. But they vigorously plundered more adapted, surviving Natural Selection Robbery 90s, senseless and merciless. Yes, and the great Chubais suggested that, if the rest is still thirty million not being able to adapt to the market, it is nothing deadly. Because "the whole history of capital is the history of violence and plunder, blood and dirt." (Lenin). Rob the country, according to Yu. Latynina, "insignificant little people, ruined the country's economy; dirty insignificant little people is ridiculous." But this Julia is not about their employers: it is not about Yeltsin, not about Chubais, Gaidar is not about and not about Yassin.

The worst crooks were the representatives of the Supreme power, imbued with the ideas of liberalism. People close to the Main Tillage, a huge gang of toadies, lackeys and hangers-on is really all that arm will fall. These hangers are still convinced that a good boss steals from himself and gives others to steal.

Large seen from a distance. Especially large theft. The country was plundered, so that even Chernomyrdin spoke: "my mother passed". Really failed to answer the question, what was the name of the mother, why not become head of government. Gone are whole sectors of the economy such as electronics and machine tools. Headcount engineering has dropped from 9.7 million in 1990 to 2.6 million in 2013, i.e. 3.7 times. Of course, that three-quarters of what is left of the national economy, depend entirely on the supply of equipment from abroad. If the Soviet Union was the second largest country in the world after USA, now Russia's share in world GDP does not exceed 3,27% to 40% of the United States. It's hard to believe, but the USSR produced even toothbrushes, which are now imported from Malaysia.
But 4 billion rubles, Chubais earned by lecturing while teacher fainted directly during a lesson together with the students, and the waste bins lined up. According to Credit Suisse, now Russia 62% of the wealth is in the hands of millionaires, 26% of billionaires. "...for the middle class places are left," - said in the report. Simply put, the population was divided into princes and paupers.

Of course, as before, it is true that "all oppressing classes need to protect its dominance in the two social functions: the function of the hangman and the function of the priest. The executioner needs to suppress the protest and indignation of the oppressed. Paul should console the oppressed, to draw them perspectives (this is especially convenient to do without surety for the "feasibility" of such prospects...) mitigation of disasters and victims, while preserving class rule, and thereby to reconcile them to this domination, to discourage them from revolutionary action, undermine their revolutionary spirit, to destroy their revolutionary determination."
But in order to proceed to the Great after Plundering imposed by the Bolsheviks to the people of universal secondary education, the priest and the executioner was not enough; it took people with a well-hung languages which will be hung on the ears of the population pseudoscientific noodles, proving that the Bolsheviks live badly. As well as broadcasting, which will give these studies people. "How to justify the deception of the people, obracanie it, against the will of the gigantic majority of the population?" - asked Lenin. For this it is necessary to slander – "old but ever new reception of the bourgeoisie".
And opened up the abyss of the ether. And there was verbal diarrhea forty months. "Get out, American worker, your pay per hour can buy as much as our for the week!!!" - screamed the mercenaries all "Voices". Went further in depicting the "horrors of the Judeo-Bolshevism" only the propaganda of Goebbels, issued in 1941, the letter of a German soldier: "Poverty is terrible. Even the peasants have nothing to eat. They are asking us. Everywhere dirt and lice. You need to be careful not to catch them from the locals. These people are nothing but did not see it. They sit in their shacks and Rob lice with each other." No books, no Newspapers, no radio, no movies, no schools, no hospitals. "Even in the absence of war, the people here were impoverished and exhausted. Only "big shots" to live well in their palaces."
Funny! Lying to the German propaganda to the population of Germany in 1941, was the sheer truth under Yeltsin. Although the truth can be found in the writings of the Nazis: "We will be glad to get out of here," concludes the letter a German soldier. That they realized on June 22.
And Tvertsa cunning little people, the eyes of the people, and Soviet citizens resumes, like Nazi besha. And he was hungry Soviet people, capitalism, and the revolutionary mood decreased so that the number of the population, evaluating the revolution of 1917 as the greatest event in the history of mankind was reduced to 10.5%. Another 31% did not know how to appreciate the aforesaid, 33% believed that it led to negative consequences, and 25.5% of them were repeated vdolblennye savvy people opinion: 1917 – cause of all evils. Including the eight-hour working day, free health care, paid vacation, etc. Would like to participate in the revolution – the same 10.5 percent, did not want to 73.5 percent. ("Arguments and facts", No. 44, 1993). Notably bother, gentlemen detractors! Now, by the way, they're howling that the Russians can't pull out into the street to Express dissatisfaction with another mischief of the Government, and the most advanced even surprised: "Why are the Russians so easily turn into pigs?".

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