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суббота, 29 июля 2017 г.

The explosion according to plan

(Especially the planning of sabotage in terms of market forces).
In order to steal successfully, you need to have
only the agility and greed. Greed in particular
necessary because of the small theft can get justice.
In many publications of the Soviet period was at one time honored the section "what the papers say 100 (50, 30, 10) years ago." In some he remained still.
Here, for example, what he wrote in Penza in 2004. The then head of the regional energy Commission Dmitry Semyonov didn't want citizens indignant about another price increase for services of life-support.
Here is an excerpt from the interrogation of the Chairman of REK for the Penza region Dmitry Semenov.
- Dmitry Vasilyevich, who raises the price of electricity? Is one to blame Chubais?
- It seems that another increase in the cost of electricity occurs at the whim of themselves engineers. But in fact it is not. In Russia there are three levels of regulation of tariffs.

In common parlance it's called "you tell him about Thomas, and he told you about Eremu". More precisely, about the three levels of supervision over the rates. That's not counting the prosecutors and other guys on hard, as their honesty, the salary. Well, seven nurses, as it is known, the child without an eye.
- All energy costs are included in the tariff?

- From specialists REK has full control over the economic justification for each item costs. And there are more than one hundred articles.
Being a prudent man, looking for prices Semenov is kind of nonsense. Because if it will be after this conversation look like a complete fool in the eyes of the public is more tolerant, and for promotion, as soon became clear, even useful; but for saying the truth and from a position to fly.
In the end, the Chief announced to the art world that people just think wrong; they say that not even we have higher payments than their neighbors in the Volga region. (Well, stupid!!!)
Dmitry V. also gave the details of the struggle Nanai boys sitting on gosdolzhnosti, against the excessive increase in costs other Nanai boys owning monopolies. After this Titanic struggle prices and sometimes even lower. For a penny! Such is the price of victory in our days.
Economic development Minister Basargin was in this matter more Frank and admitted: "Yes, the direct loss of heat to reach 40 percent." And then there are the losses on the CHP and the loss of incorrect operation of buildings. In the last ten years it would be possible to reduce them.
Well, since I was talking about the neighbors, let's see how things are with them. According to the excavations carried out by the Deputy of the Voronezh municipal Duma Feodor Kovalevym from 2008 to 2013 only for cheat regulations for heat from the population of the capital of Chernozem region was stolen 3 billion, and the total withdrawn during this time in Voronezh with various scams in the housing 15 billion rubles!
It is clear that to ask these boys why the heating prices are wild or why was not made promises United Russia on a two-fold reduction in costs for utility services, it makes no sense. On the question of the size of losses – in particular, heat during heat transfer was bellowing incoherently, as any reduction in losses will lead to falling of incomes of Tacillan. And not only them.
Over the years, thanks to the heroic struggle of Dmitry Vasilyevich and his comrades for the happiness of the workers of the prices for services of life-support have increased many times over, and the Dmitry Semenov rose to the position of Chairman of the regional government, "for he is the fire of the castle by his prayers many miracles torade quench".
In the interval between the position of looking for power chair and a Deputy, he managed to sit on personally created for him the post of assistant company "Penzaenergo". Dmitry Vasilyevich is so well-argued pricing, energy undertook to reward him for his many services. It's about the same as if fired from Moore's Zheglov with Sharapov took the time of enforced idleness in a gang "Black cat", which they did.
As noted in the help of the regional government, now Dmitry Vasilyevich "directly coordinate and control activity: Management of housing and communal services of the Penza region; state budgetary institution of the Penza region "Modernization of housing and utilities", etc.. about these appointees and nominees of M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin put it this way: "do Not be afraid ranks onymi not be awarded. Afraid all will be given: and even swords, though he never was in a battle to resist the enemy." Well, what can you do! Not one of those man, of whom it is said: "in his days trembled before the Prince, and none have overcome him" (Sir. 48, 13). And therefore "not so much fought, as was srijem". (Saltykov-Shchedrin).
Our official – all of the supporters of small business. Better yet, if you do not do anything will be guided by the precept of Saltykov-Shchedrin: "even if, say, even a small pimple initially jump, and then, slowly and determined, and a large blister wait". And wait - explosion at TPP-1 and numerous breakthroughs heat conductors. What was not since the Foundation of this station in 1943. German saboteurs could not bring it down during the war and the owners succeeded! Our ancestors in such cases, said: "the Lord visited". To point to some shortcomings.
After this explosion, made for broadcasting "Echo of Penza" zamglavy city Illin and on the question of the presenter, not too big loss of heating from CHP, responded with characteristic candor to his Superiors: "I am a supporter of air pipes!" After that, the conversation ended. Draw.
Vainly trying to obtain from officials the answer to a simple question: what is the amount of heat loss on the way from the power plant to your home? All the numerous supervising agencies are moving away from a direct answer. Why would it?
In addition, the hot water obtained by cooling turbines in CHP plants is waste, the cost of which is included in the cost of electricity. How can our government manage to fight with people for the waste (heating) more than the lighting of the apartment (main products)?
The fact that, for example, in the above-mentioned Voronezh the annual city budget is $ 15 billion. And the budget bills — about 27-28 billion rubles, which is almost two times more! And since after the Great Turmoil of 90-ies in the country very little work, the taxes the city and state to get utilities. The more wind these crooks, the better nalogoplatel. For this reason, the herd supervisors, from the city Duma, the audit chamber, audit office and ending with the FSB, grazing near the budget bills, but to control it to no one.
Modernization of energy was named by President Dmitry Medvedev in 2009, one of the five strategic directions of development of Russia. In December 2010, Vladimir Putin adopted the energy saving program until 2020, which was supposed to spend 70 billion rubles from the Federal budget and 625 billion from local budgets and 8.8 trillion from extrabudgetary sources to reduce the GDP energy intensity by 13.5 percent. And what is the result? The blessed in Penza held a training session for heads of public institutions in the areas of "model of energy service activities", "pre-investment preparation and market research, development of project feasibility studies and project financing organization in the field of energy saving". And contests in these areas.

The explosion according to plan
"Our feelings are always excited
living objects, not in General terms"
After the explosion from something. First of all, proved that supplying a large part of the city with light and warmth provider "T plus" has a very curious owners.. "T Plus" is included into group "Renova" billionaire Viktor Vekselberg. Not forgotten yet heart-rending shrieks "give to appear rich – they will do everything at its best!!!"? Here's what they do...
The main shareholders of "T Plus" are CJSC "IES holding" (of 32.34% of the shares), three of a Cypriot company (jointly owned 44,38% of the shares) and LLC "T Plus invest" (7.15% stake).
This way of embezzlement of funds through foreign ("offshore") division is one of the most trusted and reliable. However, there is something to be outraged about this personally Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin: it is not good they say, but then apparently forgot about their outrage.
Chairman of the upper house, Mironov said those who have ears: "40% of what you pay for utilities, settles in Cyprus." And Deputy Prime Minister Kudrin blurted out in a burst of revelation, "our budget loses from optimization through offshore companies, but it is not illegal."
By the way, Cyprus has pumped billions in stolen Russian funds. This, of course, heard heart-rending cries of the owners of the heating facilities are to blame for all those who do not pay for heating. And not those who the funds stolen.
As a consequence, is repaired the equipment and heating – of no. Which increases the accident rate, and the population reported: "when carrying out repair works for elimination of defects on the high pressure heater turbine generator No. 5 in the discharge of his hydraulic test, after crimping tore the cover on the heater high pressure, resulting in the engine room boiler-turbine plant partially collapsed the roof." And in the summer the heater to bring in the divine form it would be better? Effortlessly.
Money in the housing sector has long been stolen, it for anybody not news. According to the report of the presidential control Directorate, only in the Central Federal district was looted and taken abroad 25 billion rubles. Capital investment in our energy make up 6% of GDP at 1.5% for the world as a whole – i.e., investments in it five times higher than the level of developed countries. And the return on a penny.
"It's just our money, are removed from the repair communal and sent to the accounts of those organizations then the money appropriated, it is the theft of money belonging to the taxpayer," vzgrustnut Dmitry Medvedev.
According to NP "Community of energy consumers", the total investment in the network during 10 years has exceeded 2 trillion roubles in value of fixed assets 760 billion. In other words, the heat pipes could be completely replaced three times! In a sort of cost them the wear decreased by only ... 1%! Miracles, however...
Teplovik swear that if secepat all heating systems in the country – people will be happy and the best service, but can not really serve and what has sacoltrie. So you have to rejoice in the message on the page of the Penza branch of the company that "before the regulatory time, complete scheduled repair work on the main pipeline "T Plus TEPLOSET" Penza 800 mm, where it was previously detected leak of coolant". Strange, the Nanai boys: what others called trouble, accident or breakthrough, they proudly refer to as "planned renovations". And people have reached this level of work, what crashes they did not happen at all! So they "have to establish whether there are gusts with the accident at the Penza CHPP-1".
"The company requests that consumers of heating services, including management companies, to comply strictly with the requirements for maintaining coolant circulation in-house networks to avoid airing". Too trusting citizens, which are still preserved as a relic of the Soviet era, listen to good advice of a knowledgeable uncle, escaped airing, and now they have thawed pipes and suffered drenched with boiling water the property.
Even funnier is the assertion that "the output of heat energy to consumers is carried out in strict accordance with the approved thermal and hydraulic graphs, despite the collapse in the Penza CHPP-1 of the roof at boiler and turbine shop reports the owner of this asset, the company "T Plus". In other words, the heat sent through pipes the same as usual. It does not matter that it will not reach the freezing of the consumer through the torn heat line to pay for it anyway. Those to whom comes in a double size. By the way, when the tenant chattering teeth like a Morse code beats – this heating is called "heat supply of consumers is carried out by a damping scheme."
However, because it was before: "the parameters of the heating system "T Plus" are kept strictly at the specified mode – 92 degrees," but in one house the residents chattering teeth, and the other man leaned in a drunken state to the heating – so his doctor asked, not in the tank if he was on fire.
The payments for heat in the comparable area of the hat TO the insulation of houses in Poland are 29 Euro, Estonia 23 EUR Germany EUR 43. In Russia payments for heat in the 30-35 Euro become a daily occurrence. And this is at the cost of gas in 2 times lower than its price in the European countries.
Before the explosion of the "Power of Penza asked the Department of Rostechnadzor to verify compliance with the local branch of the "T Plus" quality of heat supply in 86 apartment buildings, tenants who complain of low temperature heating". And even tried to scare the translation of city heating in boiler plants. Alas! While the thunder will not burst – the capitalist will not cross. She won't steal. And the state in his way to steal would not, because "What you do not want the individual capitalists ... do not wish to and their state."
Eugene Pyrkov

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