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среда, 26 июля 2017 г.

More than 40% of Russians said about the lack of money for clothes and food

The percentage of families who do not have enough money for basic expenses has increased to record levels. This is stated in the study of social well-being of the population published by Higher school of Economics.
According to experts, 22% of families in September, assessed their financial situation as bad or very bad. 46% of respondents said that over the last twelve months it has worsened. The share of Russians who said that they do not have enough money for clothes and food, increased from 39% to 41%. 73% questioned said that refused those or other costs due to lack of money.

40% of families complain of problems in the labour market (layoffs, loss of job or inability to find it).
Among single households, the proportion of those who complains of extreme poverty increased from 47% to 60%; among households with two or more children — from 39% to 45%. According to experts, these figures are the highest for the entire observation period.
"According to the September survey, 43% of households reported a deterioration in its financial position for the last year and a third of the families experienced financial difficulties in the last three months, I guess he couldn't cope with the current financial difficulties without government assistance. As in previous months, in September the need for public assistance were higher for poor and extremely poor respondents," the report reads.
This drop in the standard of living in Russia has continued for 23 consecutive months, noted in the HSE. October 2014 real disposable income fell by 14% in the third quarter by 6.1%, and YTD — 5.3%. Real wages have fallen by 7.4%. Pensions in real terms (i.e. adjusted for inflation) were less than 6.9%.
Source: www.rosbalt.ru

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