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четверг, 27 июля 2017 г.

Dizzy with success or the success of the dizziness?

First, the heads of the universities of the country, feeling a burst of liberalism, lifted salaries to himself and his confidants the most shameless way, like a whore imperialism hem dress. Then from The Top was instructed to increase the salaries of professors to be pretty good, but the money is not received. Therefore, it is necessary to mild measures to reduce the population to increase the salaries of the remaining. Just wonder what sneaky tricks used to this, people with advanced degrees, learned the Main Liberal Rule – "you die today and I tomorrow". In Moscow in some universities gain special protection or security to watch over the morals of the teachers and to consider, who how many were late for work. These parasites can, for example, ask the student to bribe the teacher, etc., etc. In the end, reprimands receive one hundred teachers immediately!

Already, there are universities where reduced ¾ prep! More severely cut the number of scientists only the founder of the Chinese Empire, ordered to bury the excess scholars alive and their books burned. (However, some was still stored "for the big surprise"). It was in the Department, for example, twenty souls of the teachers, and left two. More precisely, 2,6 teacher. And the others are comforted by the words of Pushkin
There were many of us on the boat...
Too much. The boat did not survive and natural selection has begun. In the famous story "the Country of Unlearned Lessons". Victor Peretokin solved the problem so that he got the answer half an excavator. It turns out that what happens to losers and lazy, and sometimes with the Big Bosses.
But what about those 2.6 teacher-digger will be able to conduct all the training for twenty? Does, of course. Therefore, trainees will now seek Knowledge for YOURSELF!! "Seek and ye shall find, calcite and otvertetsya". So teaches us the Holy Scripture and the Higher School of Economics, to justify another turmoil in the Russian state. It is sad to say this, but created to fight Bolshevism HSE brings us to bolszewicka rule "to strive, to seek, to find and not to surrender."
Not all parents are willing to accept the innovation. A murmur: "Not for what we paid to have our children at home." And some University presidents have no protection on the people do not appear.
But the end is not yet: according to persistent rumors, at the Higher School of Economics developed Something completely abolishing all departments in universities at all. Instead, they will have Centers where it will fall even shorter prep. Evil tongues even rumored – falsely, of course - what HSE wants so drown ALL higher education in the country to take back spent on government it resources.
And why at the sight of our liberal shocks all the time remember the famous plan "OST" for the destruction of the Soviet Union and its population? "It is important that on the Russian territory with the population in its majority consisted of people proevropeyskih primitive type". Preferably, not knowing how to read and write.

Eugene Pyrkov

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