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суббота, 29 июля 2017 г.

Poor citizens of a rich Russia

Russia overtook the level of the minimum wage, the poorest countries of the European Union
In Bulgaria and Romania get more
 Russians outraged the minimum wage in the EU, or rather how many times they differ from ours. Social media users actively commented on the latest data of European statistical Agency Eurostat. In Luxembourg, the "minimal" amounts to almost 2 thousand euros, and the most humble minimum - Bulgaria:235 euros. Meanwhile, in Russia the minimum wage is 7.5 thousand rubles, or 120 euros in terms of: this is almost two times less than the poorest in Bulgaria and in 16 times less than prosperous in Luxembourg.
photo: Gennady Cherkasov

"I don't want to read, and it will be a heart attack from frustration!", - wrote one of the wearer, reportnow news data to Eurostat. "That's because they have a market economy, but we — the gang!", - wrote another user. "But we have maximum salaries above" - has ironically noticed in one of the comments.

By the way, these statistics do not hit countries where the minimum wage is not set at all: Austria, Denmark, Italy, Finland, Sweden and Cyprus — government, not distressed. However, in a report, Eurostat noted that even in the poorest countries of the EU the minimum wage has increased each year, and the growth rate of all ahead of Bulgaria, where since 2008, she has doubled. The only EU country in which the minimum income during this period fell, it became forever the crisis Greece.
In Russia the minimum wage is also increasing: 8 years ago, he was less than 4 thousand roubles. But the paradox is that in our country the minimum wage by almost 2 thousand lower than the subsistence minimum. In the same Bulgaria and Romania the situation is different: there the minimum wage to the poor enough to live on, at least judging by the cost at least 200 euros. However 2017-2018 should be a turning point: the Russian authorities during this period promise to increase the minimum wage to the subsistence minimum. However, such promises are not the first year.
Some economists rush to appease the disappointed Russians. They say, Yes, incomes in EU countries anymore, but if you compare the standard of living, purchasing power, the amount of taxes, then the Russians are the envy of many Europeans. In almost all European countries higher income tax rate, sometimes several times, a lot of utilities, especially electricity, expensive fuel and public transport.
Many experts are sure that in Europe life is more expensive and on a notional of 100 Euro in Russia, you can buy more goods than in the West. The purchasing power in different countries easily compare with the "index big Mac", which annually counts the magazine The Economist. So, in the richest European countries - Switzerland and Norway's big Macs are were the most expensive at $6,81 $5,65. And in Russia it is bun in a fast food joint will cost you only $1,88. According to this index, our country life more than 3 times cheaper than in Switzerland. However, the salary is lower by 6 times... By the way, not only Europe ahead of Russia in the amount of average wages: in front were even such emerging economies as China, Botswana, Macau.
Senior researcher at the economic policy Institute named Gaidar, Sergei Zhavoronkov in no hurry to justify Russia for the fact that it can buy more big Macs. "Despite all the amendments, we have to admit that even the European periphery is considerably richer than Russia, - said the expert - and the prices in Europe are always higher. The cost of food is comparable with the Moscow prices, clothing and sometimes even cheaper due to large trading areas and for 10 euros, the same as Estonia can have dinner with three dishes in the restaurant. The main indicator of standard of living is per capita GDP. The European average it is $31 thousand, not the richest of Estonia — $17 thousand For comparison: in USA - $57 thousand, and in Russia — $8 thousand, This difference speaks for itself".
The minimum wage in the EU and Russia the Euro:
Monaco 1999
Ireland 1563
Netherlands 1552
Belgium 1532
Germany 1498
Bulgaria 235
Romania 275
Latvia and Lithuania 380
Czech Republic 407
Hungary 412
Russia 120
Source: Eurostat

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