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четверг, 27 июля 2017 г.

Billions to support the oligarchy and plutocracy

Medvedev spoke about the state support of the enterprises of the Russian light industry

GORKI, January 17 — RIA Novosti. More than 500 million rubles will be allocated in 2017 for the provision of the enterprises of light industry of the Russian Federation of subsidies for compensation of expenses on service of loans, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

State support of key industries will be 107.5 billion rubles
"I signed a decree which allows us to provide in subsidies this year light industry on compensation of part of expenses on service of credits. For these purposes, the planned substantial funds — up to half a billion rubles," — said Medvedev at a meeting on the list of measures aimed at ensuring sustainable socio-economic development of the Russian Federation in 2017.

Billions to support the oligarchy and plutocracy
"The money will reduce the loan burden, thus increasing the profitability of production in industry to reduce the cost of production, so that the loan payments were not constrained by the possible expansion of production or equipment", — he added.
The Prime Minister also expressed hope that support for light industry will allow Russian products to enter the market and compete with imported analogues in quality and price.

To revive industrial production requires two activities:
1. The nationalization of the financial and banking activities and the provision of credit resources for all types of business activities for the paltry interest;
2. The increase in income of the working population as a necessary condition for consumption growth of industrial production.
And no budgetary resources to support is not required!!!!!!!!
The government does the opposite - enriching the financial oligarchy (high interest on loans, inflation and the appearance of industry support), and drives people into poverty to provide a high return on capital, which is detrimental to the production in General.

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