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среда, 26 июля 2017 г.

Taxes on bureaucratic rent

In Tambov, a wild scandal broke out over draconian apartment taxes

'Opened yesterday an envelope and anigee - 21 000 rubles' All the week long, my small homeland provincial Tambov feverishly laughed and sobbed. And he did it all over the country at the same time.

The motive was two. Laughed at the eerie monument, set in the very center of the city in commemoration of the birthday of Lermontov.

Thank God, not Ivan the Terrible, but just a bag of indefinite age with a fairly battered and open chest to all the winds - the Tambov treasurer. Which, as you know, a drunken husband lost to a sober lancer.

A sobbed because in the role given for the debts of the treasurer's wife will soon be almost all residents of Tambov. And in the long term - by 2020 - and the rest of Russia.

Tambovchanam for the first time brought an experimental tax on their apartments.

Calculated at the same brutally elevated rates, as if they own not a house in the village or 'kopeck piece' on the ground floor, but at least a castle in France.

'Tambov on the map is not always a general circle' (Lermontov M.Yu.) - but after such a provincial city was noted at once in all federal news.

The new tax rate was established by local deputies, people, as you might guess, are very happy for the budget and the country. And, apparently, that's why they do not understand why: in the area where the average salary is almost the lowest in Russia and is just over 20 thousand rubles, and an ordinary family of four often lives only 30-40 thousand a month, in addition to other expenses every month 5-6 thousand for housing and communal services, people can not lay out also tax for the real estate of 35 thousand rubles. Or 37. Or 45. Or at 60.

No money? And you look. Press out. Tighten the belts tightly. Take a diet, finally.

Climbed in the pocket to the townspeople by a majority vote of the Tambov City Duma in the distant 2014. But our citizens, as always, came to their senses only by the end of this year, when they actually received quints with draconian figures. Moreover, in calculating this tax to the inventory value of real estate, another 14.7% added - the size of the so-called deflator coefficient, recommended for use by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and actually transferring any apartment to the elite category.

If the living space of a Tambov resident costs more than 2.5 million rubles, that is, it is an ordinary 'trash', annually it will be 1.5% of its value. And in less than 70 years the family will pay for its square meters twice.

Those who are fortunate enough to settle in a lower-grade hut will begin to unfasten the state a little less - 1% of the cost. And they will double the price for their apartment exactly in 100 years. And you say 'interest on mortgage'!

By the way, about the mortgage, those who got into this bondage, will pay twice - the tax for the apartment itself, new and big, therefore, very expensive at this rate, well, monthly payments that no one has also canceled.

In addition, the tax rate was calculated based on the so-called total price of all property. From now on, to take the second apartment, left as a legacy from the deceased aunt, will not only be unprofitable, but also very expensive. Since the price of all properties will be combined and reduced to a common denominator. According to the townspeople, some of these total amounts have already gone over a few million.

Grasping for the heart of retired people (they were the first and sounded the alarm) receipts came too. Moreover, according to Tambov's regional laws, elderly people, having proved their financial inconsistency, should not pay tax for the single apartment they live in, but still have to pay for the land where their house is, even if that apartment is multi-apartment.

However, the tax rasstaralas, and many old people received 'letters of happiness' and for their apartments too - whether by mistake, or just in case - and suddenly they will even pay. Officially, the tax authorities explain this embarrassment by a malfunction in the computer system, but for some reason it is not in favor of grandparents.

'My father is a pensioner. There are no several real estate objects. Yesterday came greetings from the tax - to pay 16 thousand rubles for a house near Tambov, in which he lives and is registered. Tomorrow he goes to the hospital for examination, because he is sick. Worried, does not understand how to deal with the tax now. And yes, if he decides to sell his 'elite real estate,' he will hardly get more than 100 thousand rubles, and even for a hedgehog who lives free of charge under the threshold. '

'What should we do? The family has two children. The tax came in the amount of almost 45 thousand. Before that, they paid two and a half. I sit in the decree, one husband works, we do not have any benefits. '

'Opened yesterday envelope and ofigel - 21 000 ...'

Municipal deputies dismissed the fact that not all of them got such extortionate sums, the owners of absolutely 'killed' barracks, which cost less than 300 thousand rubles, did not raise the tax - but they, like all Russians, still pay for capital repairs, which Promise to begin years through ... forty.

'We are gradually getting used to paying taxes,'

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