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среда, 26 июля 2017 г.

Ministry of Internal Affairs: top managers of a bank deprived of a license in 2016 stole 1 billion rubles

The Interior Ministry announced the theft of funds by top managers of one of the banks, which in March 2016 was revoked a license. The theft occurred through the issuance of loans to front men, the press service of the department.
The official representative of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia, Irina Volk, refused to give the name of the bank, whose top managers are involved in embezzlement, saying only that it is a bank that was deprived of a license in March 2016.
Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs initiated a criminal investigation into the theft of 1 billion rubles committed in a Russian commercial bank, the press service said. The former deputy chairman of the bank's board, as well as the head of the financial analysis and business planning department, have already been detained and taken into custody, and the former chairman of the bank's board of directors has been put on international wanted list.

According to the investigation, the bankers informed deceived customers that they had been assigned a VIP status and from time to time paid some amounts in cash as interest. However, in reality, these accounting contracts were not conducted, and the money received from the victims was not received by the bank's cash desk.
Let's note, this week it became known that according to the results of the last year the size of the total 'hole' in the balance of 68 banks amounted to about 560 billion rubles. The representative of the Bank of Russia said that it was a matter of credit institutions that in 2016 lost their licenses and on which the courts had time to take bankruptcy decisions.
Hundreds of billions of rubles from these funds were actually stolen by bankers through the issuance of fictitious loans or the purchase of illiquid securities.
Earlier, the adviser to the chairman of the Central Bank Alexei Simanovsky said that most of the program for improving the banking market in Russia has already been implemented.
The year of 2016 was the record for the overall insurance liability of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) to depositors. This responsibility exceeded 500 billion rubles, taking into account off-balance sheet deposits, which banks did not reflect in their obligations. At the same time, citizens lost more than 45 billion rubles, and the legal entity, for which deposit insurance is not provided, is about 230 billion rubles.
According to the DIA, owners and top managers of more than 20 problem banks are hiding abroad. The agency believes that supervisors, after the appearance of financial problems, which in most cases lead to the revocation of the license from a financial institution, often travel outside of Russia and try to 'legalize illegally appropriated funds in their new country of residence to continue to use them for personal purposes.'
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