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воскресенье, 30 июля 2017 г.

Right guys

Your Godin and the area of timina
The Holy Scriptures
Yasin Gaidar - from the point of view of Mr. Yassin - it turns out, did everything right. But they headed the wrong. And after them too. The results are as follows: the gross Domestic product fell by more than tenfold, from 2.5 trillion dollars in the USSR up to 170 billion dollars a year in Russia by the year 2000. For comparison: the budget of Russia for 1999 - $ 20 billion, and Finland (population about 25 times less, about Saint-Petersburg) - about 18 billion dollars. According to various estimates, during peak periods of the hungry and impoverished Russia monthly "ran" up to 2 billion. dollars., and these channels are still working.

Industrial production in Russia in 2011 in comparison with the RSFSR in 1990:
Fabric wool — 3,0%;
The excavators of 6.5%;
Tractors — 5,7%;
Harvesters — 9,4%;
Machine tools — 3,4%;
Vacuum cleaners — 4,8%;
In 1988. it was exported abroad the 500,000 color television sets, 200,000 of washing machines. Exported refrigerators, air conditioners, cameras, hydrofoils. And how much is exported sophisticated appliances today?

 When PhD comes to worse, he refers to Milutin, who had said, "Then remake it!" "That is in tune with our time", says Yasin. Because a fool likes to work. And smart he loves a job where too much strain is not required, and a piece of sausage to grab is always possible.

How would say in Majdanek, conscience is not gas – vyest eyes. Our accomplishments are a fan of "doctor's" sausage Eugene G. refuses to consider from the point of view of morality, believing that "at some level of morality and decency lose all meaning". (Sometimes it really is better to chew "Doctor" than to say). The word "conscience" is never mentioned; it is, however, not too in the course of our thieving Democrats. Even in the sense of resolution of blood in good conscience. Because of all of the virtues at present in most of them in the course of the circumcision of conscience. You see, not for nothing Hitler said, "conscience is a Jewish invention". And, freeing the population from the "Chimera of conscience" that sent him to the extermination of the subhumans. Gaidar is the grandson do it even easier: "For the stupid questions I do not intend to respond".

Eugene G. represents us the bright image of Yeltsin, who, as it seems, gave himself to reform. The restless old man is not a trifle and compare Boris Yeltsin with Judas, and with Franklin Delano Roosevelt. For
He could always dapper
To dress dishonesty and meanness in what is Holy.

The same Yeltsin, who wakes up in the Russians one dream:
Oh God, it's to give me would b sweet
One hundred best gold from my balance
So on this freezing from digging
So to move with his fist as soon as possible.

Now Dr. Yasin tells people about price fluctuations in the market. Hesitated for its price fluctuations. The American worker, according to somewhat dated data Yassin, receives $ 9 per hour ("maybe a day"). In India 38 cents, in Russia – 28% of the United States. Well, for nine dollars a day in the United States in our days do not work even the blacks. And the Russians, as unobtrusively tells the scientific leader should.
"They agree!" - leads like a sheep to the slaughter, irrefutable argument gene. And recalls how twenty years ago in the United States – "California" – if there is a law on minimum wage laborers from Mexico have agreed to work for half thereof.
Darling, it wasn't in California. And not even in the United States. It was here, in Russia, when the Lord patrastel brought her to such a state that the city of Kamenka of the Penza region the position of the wiper were replaced solely by the personal order of the mayor.
And then people have ceased to agree. And now the rulers of the Earth Rusty is preparing a "law on social parasites". You will be surprised, but they don't mean themselves.
We add for completeness that in 1988 in Russia on the average salary could buy, for example, 76 kg of cheese. And in 2016 on an average salary can buy 57 kg. of cheese. With the capabilities of the American worker and compare not. So for what you, Lord, destroyed the economy?

Master .Yasin and his comrades managed "Open economy". ("Let her gut" sounds less nice). Exactly how much stolen and taken is not known, but estimates of knowledgeable people today, exported from the Russian Federation whether a trillion, or two, or three. Illegal withdrawal of capital only through a fictitious export-import transactions and only in 2013-2015, according to the accounting chamber amounted to $ 1.2 trillion. rubles. The criminal code of the Russian Federation for the export of capital via fictitious transactions threatens the criminals stealing millions and billions, a fine of 200-500 thousand rubles.
The export continues. In no time the currency flow into the country, as it was immediately taken out of private owners who own businesses. After all, it should be private. But while most of the population not confident in the future, Yasin confident in the future. Yes and friends-accomplices something throw G. Yasin on the little things. To my daughter with a bare ass left, and didn't have one to trade. In particular, for merit and diligence Yasin recently received a place in Board of Directors "Gazprom" money podzashibit. It is also possible that the old man hoped in the future to increase its share at the expense of the extinct population, having a spell that hammered people people of liberal nationality, "you die today and I tomorrow". The bomber will die tomorrow. From poisoning sausage. After all, your favorite sausage g,Yassin is produced mainly from sarnsara purchased in the spirit of the time mystically in the middle of nowhere. These raw materials can be called meat only conditionally, as established by G. Yasin, democracy by democracy.

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