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среда, 26 июля 2017 г.

How to equate 10 bars of Twix to 1.88 billion rubles?

 Three years in prison and 500 thousand rubles in fine for 1.88 billion rubles abducted!
In St. Petersburg bankrupt banker Gitelson, convicted of embezzling 1.88 billion rubles
The Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region began to consider the bankruptcy case of banker Alexander Gittelson, convicted of fraud, his lawyer Yevgeny Kotov told Rosbalt.
The claim was filed on December 28, 2015 by Gittelson himself. The founder of the East-European Financial Corporation is currently serving a sentence for fraud in the colony of the village of Metallostroy. As explained by the lawyer Kotov, the presence of Gitelson himself at meetings on bankruptcy is not required.

'I have a power of attorney from Alexander Vladimirovich, so there are no contradictions here,' the source said. The next meeting will be held on April 27.
In March 2015, the Vasileostrovsky District Court found the economist guilty of fraud in a particularly large amount and ordered him to be sentenced to three years in a penal colony and a fine of 500,000 rubles.
As the court established, the ex-chairman of the board of directors of the banking group VEFK kidnapped 1.88 billion budget rubles, withdrawing money from Inkasbank, where the financial committee of the Leningrad region kept the account. According to the investigation, from May 2006 to May 2007 Gitelson established control over a number of credit institutions, and then transferred electronic money to his accounts.
The Investigative Committee stated that the criminal scheme also included the chairman of the board of Inkasbank Tatyana Lebedeva, who entered into agreements with the committee on deposit accounts, and then transferred the received budget funds under the guise of a bank loan to EEFC. Lebedeva concluded a pre-trial cooperation agreement, the court ordered her to be sentenced to 4 years of probation, and a fine of 300,000 rubles.
Case of the second
22-year-old resident of the river. Etc. Bashmakovo appeared before the district court on charges of robbery.
The crime was committed on April 1. Pulling on his face a black hat, the attacker went into the grocery store and demanded money from the seller, threatening the use of violence. The woman hid behind the counter and started screaming.
'Then the robber, assuming that the money is in a cardboard box under the counter, took it and disappeared,' said Svetlana Artamonova, senior assistant to the regional prosecutor, to the 'PenzaInform' news agency.
However, the box contained not money, but 10 chocolate bars Twix worth 255 rubles. The attacker shared it with his younger brother and sister.
His guilt in committing a crime was recognized by the young man completely. At the time of the trial, he was already serving a three-year sentence in prison for deliberately inflicting serious harm to his health with a knife. On the totality of crimes he was sentenced to 3 years 4 months in a general regime colony.

Case Three
How to equate 10 bars of Twix to 1.88 billion rubles?
The hen under trial
A simple, seemingly question, how much does a chicken cost in a live, unplucked weight? 'Rub 150', - say knowledgeable people. Well, maybe who will pay two hundred if you really want noodles. And wrong. Because it will not be a real price. In fact, this poultry costs ten million. As evidenced by numerous court decisions.
See for yourself: the man in the working village Z. stole from the neighbor four chickens - he really wanted to drink - and got four years of bug. Not conditionally. By the year for each bird.
Approximately the same time the mayor in the regional city of P. rested 85 million rubles from the city treasury. (This is only what we managed to prove). And shlopotat eight and a half years. By the year for every ten million.

Since according to the Law, citizens are equal with us, and the court acts on the basis of Justice, the year of the bugger is given for ten million or for a hen equated with them. Justice is justice!
For three years, the leader of the NGO Mostovik, Shishov, received a billions of dollars spent on the construction of an oceanarium in Vladivostok so that our president could boast of a new toy for other heads of state: they say, no worse than others live! He brought the president's muzhik! True, when they took it, he returned three hundred thousand. Where the remaining 999 million with kopecks - it is not known. And I only got three years. By the year for every three hundred thirty-three million = for every chicken. You can build a dozen of poultry farms for such a dairy.
But that we are all about money. In another settlement, a neighbor killed a guy. As usual, for nothing about anything. They gave him eight years, i.е. The court estimated the human life in eight chickens. He was sixteen years old when his life ended. If we consider that he was orphaned, then we can say, and did not start. In Soviet times - the laws were Gulag! - for this put to the wall. But the invisible hand of the market has set the right price for human life in a market society.
And if you are rolled out on the road

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