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среда, 26 июля 2017 г.

Legitimate in the Law

'Listen, you're stupid, like all women.
You act, as you tell the feeling.
You do not know how to apply to circumstances ...
Guy de Maupassant. 'Dear friend'
Another podlyanochku presented our rogue state to the population - began to cut spending on education, reducing the number of students and teachers. The big bosses lower orders to the little bosses about the reduction, and those are shuffling to the best of their mental abilities. In one of the educational institutions of Penza, the teacher was dismissed 'for repeatedly failing to fulfill her duties without valid reasons.' To save on, the needs of the authorities, her severance pay, relying on the employee to reduce. When you leave the article, a person naturally does not rely on anything.
Let us note in passing that in Moscow these receivers have long been in full swing: in some universities, they are gaining special protection to monitor the morality of teachers and to take into account who was late for work.

How much did you save? I was taught an unhappy 15 thousand a month, which, by the way, is twice as much as a teacher of the highest category in a neighboring school. At the same time, the chairman of the board of the Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, for whom the school prepares employees, finally admitted that he received from 4 to 5.5 million rubles a month. In 2015 Yakunin said that his remuneration for 2014 was $ 2.4 Million. But Forbes estimated Yakunin's remuneration for this year at $ 11 million. The total remuneration to 23 members of the board of RZD almost doubled to 1.2 billion rubles. It would not be surprising if such a reward was given out by Abwehr for dozens of destroyed trains, suburban and distant, and a sharp reduction in cargo turnover, which the Abwehr was not able to achieve even by the saber of numerous saboteurs. And also for losses of the Russian railways in 2013-2014. - 198.2 billion and 99.3 billion rubles. respectively.
How can one not remember the immortal rule from the tape 'Operation' Y 'and other adventures of Shurik': 'Study, student: who does not work - that is!'

Hoping to recover at work, the unfortunate person went to court, but the latter found the dismissal justified, since the modern Russian court does not so much help citizens defend their rights as to rob these citizens. That once again shows the independence of our court.
With what did the court agree? The teacher reprimanded the first reprimand for having left the school for an additional 15 minutes during classes. The person was shaken up. Sometimes it happens even with judges and bosses. Explanations that she was in a secluded place and was absent not 15 minutes, but only 5, the authorities - including the judiciary - did not satisfy. The dismissed person could not prove her application, and those who are dismissed in accordance with our legal procedures are not obliged to prove their case, since the Russian courts do not wait until they begin to reduce them, and help to give a 'legitimate look and feel' to the great case of robbing workers, as well as to reduce the population in general and Students, in particular.
It should be noted that this was not even in the days of Stalinism, when the trial was given all the same for 25 minutes of absenteeism without a respectable cause. And under Brezhnev, absenteeism was the absence of more than 4 hours in the workplace. The sweating system of labor organization, in which the worker must ask the ten's manager for permission to visit the latrine, is not currently applied even in the USA where it was invented.
We all remember the lamentations that the teacher (teacher) is the main character of the training. But, it turns out, this main person is completely disenfranchised and dependent. Even more amusing is the morals of the judicial community that are revealed to us: it appears that the judge, before going 'to the wind,' seeks the consent of the authorities. And the worst thing is for the head of the regional court - his boss is the Supreme Court in Moscow, so if he, God forbid, diarrhea, and the authorities themselves were away, the poor fellow will not envy ..
Therefore, in order to prove your case in court, gentlemen teachers and other employees, you will have two applications for visiting a secluded place in advance. You will give one to the authorities, and the second with the stroke of the blue pencil 'I do not mind' in the left upper corner will be left in case you need to visit the schoolroom to get to trial. Whether you manage to reach it yourself is a question. Well, God is merciful, does not send a test, will not allow to do it in the presence of students.
I do not want to draw parallels, but when reading such verdicts one immediately remembers the 'Adventures of Svejk', a book that portrays the state of the Austro-Hungarian Empire on the eve of its collapse:
'Svejk looked up, casually looked toward the exit from the latrine and froze in surprise. There, in the full parade, was yesterday's Major-General with his adjutant, and next to Lieutenant Dub, something diligently reporting to them.
Svejk looked around. Everyone continued to sit quietly over the pit, and only the sergeant was numb and did not move.
Svejk realized the seriousness of the moment.
He jumped up, as was, with his trousers down, with a belt on his

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