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среда, 26 июля 2017 г.

Enrichment of the oligarchy through the robbery of the people

Poverty takes Russians by the throat

Economic disadvantage of the country as a whole, as well as of its citizens, is the leitmotif of the results of the next poll of the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion. At the head of the rating VTsIOM - 'Low salaries' (this negative factor is considered significant by 15% of respondents), in second place - 'General economic difficulties' (14%).
It is noteworthy that if the number of respondents who pointed to low salaries increased consistently in the I-III quarters, reaching August's annual maximum, the share of other factors, on the contrary, became smaller by the beginning of September.

The year 2016 becomes, as the VTsIOM data says, more and more uneasy for the average Russian in terms of maintaining health, his own and his loved ones. For 9 months, this problem does not go down, but only worsens: it is on the third line of the rating for the second month in a row. And if a year ago it was registered by 7% of respondents, then at the moment - 12% (in August, an annual maximum was set at 13%).
Each 10th in a series of problematic subjects pointed to education. Slightly less - the social policy of the government (9%), low pensions (8%), growing corruption and the dominance of bureaucracy in the country (8%).
As noted in VTsIOM, the problematic background of September of the current year is fundamentally indistinguishable from that observed in 2015, with the only difference that the negative dynamics clearly worsened in health care and unemployment.
... The long-standing misfortune of unemployment in the countryside over the past few months has begun to widen 'with the opposite sign' on the well-known Soviet principle of 'blurring the boundaries between city and country', becoming a headache no longer for some villagers, but for residents of regional centers and even cities with population over one million.

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