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четверг, 27 июля 2017 г.

Cheap money in Russia and never will be

Cheap money in Russia, and it is unlikely they will, as a developing financial system is not able to do. This opinion was expressed by the senior analyst "Alpari" Anna Bodrov.
She notes that on Friday afternoon the Russian ruble is "significantly weakened in a basket of currencies". "The price of oil at the end of the week remains without fundamental changes. A barrel of North sea Brent raw materials were traded in the morning with a slight increase, now worth about $55,53 (minus 0.3%). All the important news from raw platforms to date have received: the IEA and OPEC in their releases confirmed the execution of the agreement on the reduction and freezing of production of "black gold".
In theory, the urgent pumping of oil is now close to the levels of April-may last year, that is, in fact, the market only removed the excess supply", the review says the expert.

She points out that "the Central Bank still do not see any problems due to the recent growth of the ruble". "According to first Deputy Chairman of the regulator Ksenia yudayeva, the inflow of money from investors trying to obtain the maximum yield due to the level of the key rate is the main factor for the Russian currency. Further Yudaeva explained once again that it was interested in Central Bank — inflation, also describing almost utopian picture with a long-term goal at a rate of 2.5-3% per annum," — emphasizes Bodrov.
"The possibility of translating tales into reality will not disassemble, and it is also obvious that cheap money in Russia, and are unlikely to be. Developing the financial system is not able to do. And here is a comment regarding the lack of impact of carry trade is very interesting. From a fundamental point of view the ruble supports as there was no and no. The gap correlation with oil is also able to specify on the local gaming in ruble pairs. Leave the Finance Ministry, who either buys or does not buy the currency, but to advertise it does not want in any case. Don't be a carry trade, the dollar would be kept in the range of 62-65 rubles, as it was in 2015 similar today's oil prices," the analyst believes.


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