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четверг, 27 июля 2017 г.

Housing in Babi

Housing a woman Or
About frisky boys and Mature men
Rejoice, o young man, in thy youth, and Yes eats
your heart of joy in the days of thy youth, and walk
in the ways of thine heart, and in the sight of thine eyes;
but know that for all these things God will bring thee into judgment.
The Bible, The Old Testament, "Ecclesiastes"
Sometimes just amazed how many in the current government frisky boys in leadership positions who don't care what you blurt out, if only the last word for them remained. Well, not directly state that people with higher education and advanced degrees, and women Bazaar.
Why do you think the costs within your living space three times higher than the cost of a block of flats? So some thieves live! Stealing-C. using magnetic linings which even the shaft drives the electricity is forced to spin in the opposite direction. (The opening, however). Frisky boys goczalkowice even the ads found on the sale thereof.

"You pay for unsaved neighbors!" - shout two homelegance, head of oblik Ilyin and gorich Agapelove.
Indeed, "the Devil teaches us resourcefulness in the word so that when asked to give us his guilt and that, in doing sin, Dodge and justify yourself." (St. Ephrem The Syrian).
Not be aware of frisky young men that embarrassing the wise elders, who were not wise enough, and appointed them to senior positions. Not of that breed wise elders, which looks to the future for centuries ahead.
The people of such a defense called "From his priests to take". That inevitably involves the turning under spanking someone else's ass. Including the seat of their superiors.
What, then, did many years in the position of head of chief of police region a prominent figure in the United Russia party, later Chairman of the legislative Assembly and now a member of the General Google user? How is it that half the population of the region lives in one place and registered in another? It came to such insanity, already in police inquiries began to flicker revelations like "Place of residence...Place of residence...".
Crime and punishment
The punishment of the liar is not that he no
no longer believes, and that
he no longer believes.
George Bernard Shaw

But state infants did not stop parganna the retiree-General. They discovered that the theft in the country took unimaginable dimensions: the neighbors are just so busy that they steal each other's water and gas. Buckets! And illegally connected to the benefits of civilization. (And why do people love to judge others by yourself?)
Then tight the current head of internal Affairs of area the General-the major Casentino, because these acts fall under the Code of administrative offences. Article 7.20: "Unauthorized connection to centralized systems of water supply and sanitation - shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine on citizens in the amount from one thousand to one thousand five hundred roubles; on officials - from two thousand to three thousand roubles; on juridical persons - from twenty thousand to thirty thousand roubles."
Article 7.19: "Unauthorized connection to power grids, oil pipelines, oil pipelines and gas pipelines, as well as unauthorized (unaccounted) use of electric, thermal energy, oil, gas or petroleum products - shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of one thousand five hundred to two thousand roubles; on officials - from three thousand to four thousand rubles; on legal entities - from thirty thousand to forty thousand rubles."
And theft of electricity (in any case, Chubais) – and is a criminal offense. Look, gentlemen, look! Or thieving neighbors, or signs of a crime under article "incitement of social hatred". This article covered the high-spirited, but not in terms of intelligence, boys. And there is no one to warn the Maltz: we have even those with degrees in the field of jurisprudence learned to do public expression, but a faint idea of the content of the laws.
The law and the fist
It is easier to make laws than to execute them.
So, no meters, and if there is not the same set of stupid tenants. So said the young chief Agapelove. There turns out to be the correct counters, which themselves transmit readings where it should, not allowing untrustworthy tenants to write dashes in the payment.
Than put in the awkward position of the former head of the city, and now the head of the legislative Assembly retired Colonel Belozertseva, which met in the city Duma in 2000. And Executive head of the city since 2005, Roman Chernov. As well as a former mayor, and now Deputy Chairman of the regional government Alexander Serafimovich Kalashnikov, who in 1991 was appointed Deputy head of administration of Penza region, and in 1992 the head of administration of Penza. As stated in his own biography, "Twice, in 1996 and 2000, Kalashnikov A. S. the voters of the city of Penza were given trust to lead the city. Working as the head of the local government (1992 - 2004) Alexander Serafimovich has paid great attention to development of municipal economy". But did not pay attention to the implementation of the laws.
Because the law according to the Law of the Russian Federation from 24.12.1992 N 4218-1 "About bases of a Federal housing policy", which is published by the current Governor of the region Vasily Bochkarev during your tenure as a member of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, there is article 15 of part 2:
"organizations of housing and communal services, providing housing and communal services, ... are required to take measures to use energy-saving and resource-saving technologies, improve the quality of their services, reduce costs for providing public services". And the city authorities according to this Law, "take the municipal program for energy saving, installation of individual metering and regulation of consumption of resources, including water, gas, thermal energy, and implement these programs."
By God! With such subordinates enemies is no longer necessary. For each voter, the question arises: what exactly did the Governor Bochkarev twenty years in various management positions?
Oh, no wonder Vasily Kuzmich again and again crying at the TV: "we Have to work! And we don't want to work." Because I want the TV to act and to substitute for trouble Main the Ass Region.
Our Orthodox from the former Komsomol bogachkov still can not truncate that n a h a lo g R e x a g o R e s n I (Sir. X, 15). "And vanity is a Vice, not the praises of men, but of the soul, which has a perverse love of praise from people, despising the testimony of his conscience".
Yes, with conscience of the guys don't really. Monuments to her which is not seen.
Eugene Pyrkov

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