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четверг, 27 июля 2017 г.

Money from Russia — like dirt, but people have to Rob

The financiers support the state as a rope - a noose.
(Charles Louis Montesquieu)
Hard life of the Russian workers and especially the Russian people on mother Russia in the conditions of oligarchic domination and rampant plutocracy. Much he has to endure. Before he could get rid of some parasites and drones, as immediately on his neck and the other perched, swinging his legs, squealing and fun, Yes let's drive to humiliate him. And it is not just robbed and humiliated, and with the invention, with the creative enthusiasm and panache. He is going to spend extortionate monetization, actually reducing consumption significantly. Drop the ruble 50-70% and drive up prices 100%. Then invent levies in the form of obschedomovyh needs, which will include all the wishes of the thieves managing companies. It will introduce charges for overhaul in the form of a financial pyramid.

That would make optimization in medicine or education reform, reducing funding by a quarter. Yes plus otgrohali for 9 billion centre, the destroyer of Russia Yeltsin, enriched the oligarchy and begin to exalt him as the Savior of the country and a consummate Democrat. And there is this rampant plutocracy and experiments on people end. Therefore the rights was a well-known figure during perestroika and the author of the popular sayings Viktor Chernomyrdin claimed that "we live badly but not long." And as you can see, the government of Medvedev, constantly taking steps to prophecies Chernomyrdin realized as fully as possible.
The first took action, putting the direction of his Cabinet, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the reduction of the subsistence minimum in Russia to 221 rubles.
Snickering citizens! Luxuriate steel! By as much as 221 rubles above the subsistence level went up! Disorder. The crisis in the country, the oligarchs themselves a new yacht can not buy, and people have extra money on hand.
And this surplus of 221, the ruble is very, very disturbed by the Prime Minister, and indeed, the entire government, have not found a place. Prices in the country down. Government offices and said. Yeah, decline, which is clearly seen on a shelf in the dining room of government house, and the cost of living remained the same. Finally levies all doubts Dmitry Medvedev slashed from shoulder – will lead to compliance, and reduced cost level at 221 ruble.
Unfortunately, the government dining room does not reflect the situation in the country, where it is constantly and inevitably the prices only grow. According to Rosstat food basket for two months from the beginning of the year, rose by 2.1% and amounted to 3 649 rubles and 80 kopecks. There are, of course, in Russia and in the fertile land, such as Kursk oblast, where the grocery basket is 2 965 rubles and 60 kopecks. Well, just grace and heaven on Earth, in a particular area.
And do not trust you in the other statistical studies, which reported that the Russians are spending more than 60% of earnings on food. The government is not LYING! Rosstat and the same. They say that to feed an adult for one month is enough 3 649 rubles and 80 kopecks, so the way it is. Want to know what people should eat for this very money? I also want. But such heroes of our time have not yet met. You may not believe it, but the government believe. Believe that for the money, not undermining health, you can eat for a month and 9 452 ruble to live without any restrictions. We have, among other things, freedom of religion and the government have the right to believe in anything. Someone believes in UFOs, someone in the transmigration of souls or the snow man, but the members of the government in your grocery cart 3 649 rubles t 80 cents and the minimum wage in the amount of 9 452 rubles.
And do not relax. The government stated the need to tighten their belts for three years, at least. The crisis in the country. Money in the budget is not enough for all planned projects, and the oligarchs in mansions in London. They also contain the necessary. This is not moss-covered house in Uryupinsk. Therefore, the members of the government and give suggestions for cuts in social spending. Every day is offer. Top performance, I must tell you.
After the Prime Minister in the battle for oligarchic happiness, rushed, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov suggested that to cut costs the Ministry of health against 45.8 billion rubles to 13 billion rubles, ie, three times. Hearing this, Director of the research Institute of emergency children's surgery and traumatology Leonid Roshal has suggested to Anton Siluanov, to check the health in the district hospital.
After Siluanov distinguished the most creative Minister of our government, the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev. He did not beat around the Bush, and directly called on to declare about raising the retirement age to 63 years immediately after the elections to the State Duma in the fall of 2016. As you can see, the Minister thinks. He's not proposing to raise the retirement age right now. Does not propose to disrupt the election campaign. Let the elections will be held and everyone will sit in their offices and then declare to the people the chances of the protest was less. What a lot of money can be saved on payments to pensioners and put them on various global projects for kickbacks on the purchase of us bonds or to give the Chubais on the development of nanotechnology, in extreme cases. Savings pension money of U.S. Treasury bonds by 4.8 billion dollars to buy, as was done in January 2016, and 10 or more. Then American governors us soul warmer. It is no wonder that the speaker with the US Ambassador Tefft found. Oh, no wonder, if to take into account the information about his equally creative son.
The son of the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev Dmitri was a Director of the company Ronnieville Ltd, established in the British virgin Islands in November 2004 (at the time the speaker is a senior he held the post of first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank), according to the materials of the journalistic investigation. Formal violation of the law it was not, but journalists pay attention to the fact that Dmitry Ulyukayev at the time was only 21 years old.
In 2006, instead Ulyukayev, Jr., Director Ronnieville was some Julia Krapina and remained in this status until the liquidation of the company in may 2009. The authors of the investigation suggest the possibility that the wife of the Minister Ulyukayev, based on a similarity between a photo from a copy of the passport Rapinoe found in the database Mossack Fonseca, and later the available on the Internet that depicted a Minister, his wife and newborn daughter. In addition, the birthplace of Rapinoe passport is the Crimea, and the speaker declared the house and land in the Crimea, written just for the spouse. Finally, according to the team of investigative journalists, Yulia Krapina was listed as a research fellow of the Gaidar Institute, where until 2000 he worked as the speaker. RBC Sunday night failed to find on the website of the Institute employee with such name, but in the Google cache and search on the website of the Gaidar Institute, information about it has survived.
Pensioners live badly, say. It doesn't matter. The main thing that the son is well arranged. After all, pensioners and so pension dropped through the floor they live on, and not even rebel. The pension was lower than in the African countries and nothing.

Here he writes on his page on LiveJournal Nicholas Lachin.

"Please do not consider this post as hostile in relation to Russia, but not to write about it can not, for myself, when I learned – and wondered. Just the facts without much comment.

So Elena came out once married Africans and went to Benin. The education received in the Soviet Union, it architect and Benin was arranged to work in local Ministry. Of course, the white person with the Soviet education – especially at the time – for this job he took willingly.

In 30 years, Helen retired for years of service and now receives a pension of $ 400 in terms of local money. And her fellow architects in Russia, together with whom she once studied, get, how much do you think? 11000 rubles that today $ 170 – almost 2.5 times less. While Benin is not the richest country in Africa, about Equatorial Guinea or Gabon, even scary to think there students scholarships for 800 bucks.

And at that moment in Russia is 11,000 rubles was almost the same 400 dollars, her pension was still higher – nearly 500, as the West African franc for the last year or two also fell against the dollar."

 Driving pensioners into poverty, "so that they can longer active, did not feel thrown out of life" - explained his position in respect of pensioners Dmitry Medvedev, the government gave them hope by giving another batch of promises to raise pensions. However, in the future, and assuming that oil prices will recover to $ 50 per barrel. Such generous promises to pensioners now we can hope, but they can not understand how and why their pensions are so dependent on the stock price of oil? Except the pensioners themselves, their work, earned their pensions? Where and in what black holes disappeared pension contributions? In 20-40 years, people make pension contributions, and now he say that he receives a pension from the sale of oil!

Maybe the government really does not know, where did your retirement? Then it is necessary to tell them, how many were withdrawn funds from the country in various offshore, by including. The Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko has openly said that 20 years of reform were withdrawn from Russia more than $ 1 trillion. Today does not stop the outflow of capital from the country. The government openly declares that it does not wish to stop the outflow of capital, and the officials of the Ministry of economic development recognized that the structure of the outflow is not known to them.

The pension Fund has been robbed and now say to the pensioners that their pension depends on world oil prices, where the government has no power. And as oil prices fell, and pensions, through the depreciation of the ruble and rising prices, had to be reduced. Following this logic we must assume that in countries not selling oil at all pensions should not be, but for some reason they are.

- Can't compensate for inflation and rising prices. Explain to the people figures from the government offices. There is no money in the budget.

-Do not untwist inflation, teaches their people.

- I can not untwist inflation - meets Dvorkovich, as "a weak ruble helps stabilize the Russian economy and provides support to exporters". "Too strong rouble could undermine the competitiveness of the national economy," says Dvorkovich, President Vladimir Putin.

- Enter a progressive tax scale for physical persons for the budget, once money for seniors no - continue to teach the government to citizens.

- I can not, as the flat rate, according to the Deputy Minister of economic development Stanislav Voskresensky, is the conquest of our state. Would cost of course to clarify that it is the conquest of the oligarchic state and the plutocracy.

Stanislav Voskresensky actively supports the head of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Andrey Makarov: "I Say – let's introduce a progressive income tax is unfair that millionaires pay 13 percent. We will get no tax increases, we get a drop. We are all a lot of time passed".

Can't, it turns out, the state of oligarchy and plutocracy to collect taxes from the rich. In Germany, France and the Netherlands may in Japan and America, maybe in Australia and Italy maybe, but in Russia. All of this suggests that the bodies we have, but the state as such – NO. And the government openly says that the interests of the oligarchy, commodity magnates and plutocracy they are more important than the interests of the people and pensioners in particular.

With the rich, they collect taxes or not, but the tax burden increases. Increase the excise tax on fuel, introduced additional levies for the passage of heavy vehicles or tolls on major repairs.

"Now the Ministry of Finance, - says Anton Siluanov, is looking at various options of increasing the tax burden in Russia. The need to raise taxes caused by the collapse of oil prices and the chronic budget deficit."

No sooner had the speaker tearfully to tell people about the poor filling of the budget, about what to index pensions of money is not, as it popped up Andrey Makarov and protecting flat income tax, blurted out: "it's Important to understand that we have money like dirt. We just dispose of them effectively is not always can." And it says not a boy from the street, and the head of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes, who certainly knows the situation with the budget.

It turns out that when you need to index pensions, the money is in the budget catastrophically there, and when the question of a progressive scale of taxation, is "money in Russia as dirt, but the state is not always possible to dispose of them effectively."

Indeed, if we consider the financial policy of our state from the perspective of the citizen who believes that the state should bear the benefit of the people, that this policy is excessive and inefficient. Vast sums were spent on various global projects, where they safely disappear. But if you take into account what we state and to whom it serves, the excessive finances used effectively. And the examples are not far to seek. Read in the open press.

"The depositors of two closed banks will begin to pay compensation in April Payments to affected depositors Miko-Bank and Bank "Bogorodsky", which lost its license on March 24, will begin no later than April 7. It is reported by the state Corporation "Agency on insurance of contributions" (ASV).

"Insurance compensation is paid in the amount of 100 percent of the sum of all his accounts (deposits) in the Bank, including open for business, but not more than 1,4 million rubles in the aggregate" — it is told in message ASV.

 The Central Bank has given the DIA 20 billion rubles the Bank of Russia provided to the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) loan of 20 billion rubles. The money will go to ensuring financial stability of system of insurance of deposits. The relevant information contains in the message of ASV.

The Agency informs that as of October 1 for insurance compensation turned 400 thousand people. The total amount of compensation owed to them — 205 billion rubles. ASV ensures that all investors will receive payments regardless of the number and scope of insurance cases."

What we have a caring state! All investors will receive payments, and CBR allocates ASV 177 billion. And no one asks, where did the money of depositors themselves? What offshore accounts have disappeared?

ASV has received from the Bank loans of 177 billion roubles
The Agency on insurance of contributions received 177 billion rubles of loans from the Central Bank of Russia of the previously approved limit of 250 billion rubles, reports "Interfax".
"The Russian Deposit insurance system is constructed in such a way that funds in the insurance Fund will always be sufficient for payment of insurance compensation to depositors regardless of the number of insurance cases", - have explained in ASV.

The bankers stole 550 billion rubles of the collapsed banks, estimated ASV
More than 80% of cases, the causes of Bank failures are criminal in nature
Daria Borisyak
 The damage from criminal actions of top managers and owners of banks exceeded 550 billion rubles, and this is the conclusion reached by the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) in a study of the activities of the liquidated and reorganized credit institutions. The calculations of the Agency contained in the materials for the meeting of the expert-analytical Council under the DIA, which will be held on Thursday 31 Mar (document is in "Vedomosti").

Since 2005, under the control of the DIA received about 500 banks, the elimination of approximately half have already been completed, according to the materials. The value of assets in the liquidated banks on average only 10% of their book value. More than 80% of cases the causes of the bankruptcy are criminal in nature and are associated with the withdrawal of assets when questionable, economically unjustified operations that are conducted with the knowledge or in the interests of the owners of the banks, caused significant financial damage. In this regard, 417 ASV sent statements to law enforcement, and since the beginning of 2014, the Corporation has sent 159 such statements, reads the materials for the meeting.

The investigating authorities opened a 284 criminal cases involving the infliction of damage to banks and their managers and owners, production is 210 cases. "The results of investigation of criminal cases handed down 49 convictions against the owners, managers and employees of financial institutions (including 20 sentences – in 2014-2016), and 10 cases are pending before the courts", - the document says.
DIA is trying to compensate for the damage, feeding as civil claims for his compensation, and requirements of attracting controlling individuals to vicarious liability. All ASV stated requirements totaling 164 billion rubles, the courts satisfied the claims for 97 billion rubles "However, part of the real possibility of penalties awarded monetary amounts, in practice, there are some objective difficulties," says the Corporation.

Often, ASV and the Central Bank are faced with attempts of owners to deliberately delay the trial, and the real recovery from the guilty persons is complicated by the fact that in most cases, the moment of execution of judicial acts of the defendants do not already have significant holdings in Russia. ASV is increasingly confronted with the facts of the withdrawal of banks controlling persons of usurped assets abroad, and persons at occurrence at banks of serious financial problems go beyond the borders of Russia. Currently, there are more than two dozen troubled banks, the former management and owners of which are hidden abroad.
In September 2015 the Director of expert-analytical Department of the DIA Yulia Medvedeva said at that time, the Agency managed to recover less than 1% of the judgments of the courts of 93 billion rubles.
"Vedomosti" expect the comments of the representative of ASV.
Another bright and impressionable example of the effective use of budgetary funds, where he again distinguished speaker and his Ministry is the SEZ (Special economic zones).
The chamber has fallen with angry criticism on economic development and the joint-stock company "Special economic zones" (SEZ). According to auditors, the most important institution supporting the economic development of the country is a burden for the budget. Billions of rubles allocated by the state for creating infrastructure and jobs, were placed on Deposit and the profit was spent on the generous salaries and bonuses to top managers.

The reason for the investigation of the accounting chamber was the scandal that occurred at the end of last year. In its center was JSC "Special economic zones", in fact the management company of all created SEZ in Russia. Russian popular front (onf) has tested the 17 economic areas from Khabarovsk to Pskov and at a meeting with Vladimir Putin asked to stop the activities of this organization because of its inefficiency.

According to activists of the popular front, instead of investing the received money from the state budget breakthrough in regional projects, the leaders of the SEZ put billions of rubles in Bank deposits and with the profits paid themselves generous salaries and bonuses. An examination of the accounting chamber, in 2006-2015 management company of the SEZ received aggregate interest income on Bank deposits of about 30 billion rubles, and their operations were risky in nature.

So, JSC "resorts of the North Caucasus" (KSK) in 2012 has placed the funds under the letters of credit in the National Bank business development. Two years later, the BNB revoked the license. At that moment the accounts of the CSC, opened in the NBB, was 2.6 billion rubles. The money is stuck. But no-one was punished.

"The development of 51 billion rubles for the development of the tourist zones of Russia can be considered failed," complained the activists of the popular front. Despite the fact that after the loss of the beaches of Turkey and Egypt, import substitution in the sphere of tourism has acquired a special social meaning.

A similar opinion and the audit chamber. "Ten-year experience of existence of the SEZ shows that they do not become an effective tool to support the economy. The process of creating and managing a SEZ is characterized by formalism, irresponsibility and impunity, the lack of discipline for decisions and consequences. The real economic effect of the special economic zones do not reach", — said the auditor JV Sergey Agaptsov.

Recall that the total cost of construction of infrastructure of the SEZ is estimated at 334 billion RUB From 2006 to 2015, the Federal government allocated SEZ 121,9 billion, funds regions amounted to 64 billion.

"On the territory of the SEZ for 10 years, the 18 of 177 jobs. Correlate 121,9 billion rubles invested from the Federal budget. 185,9 billion — along with the subjects. Divide how much it costs one job. What kind of efficiency you can say?" — said the Chairman of the accounts chamber Tatyana Golikova.

In half of the cases the timing of the preparation and adoption of documents stipulated by the agreements on the establishment of the SEZ were not observed. So, on 1 January this year plans for the development of the SEZ have not been approved for 16 of the 33 zones, the amount of undrawn management companies of funds amounted to 24.8 billion rubles. The highest residues generated in the accounts of joint stock companies: "resorts of the North Caucasus" — 7.8 billion, "Special economic zone "Innopolis" 5.2 billion, "Special economic zones" — 3.5 billion.

A missed deadline leads to the rejection of potential investors from the projects. This can lead to early termination of the SEZ. Turning to the representative of the Ministry, Tatyana Golikova, said: "When we gave an opinion on the draft budget to 16, we noticed and wrote a submission that you do not comply with norms of the budgetary legislation on the planning of investments in the SEZ".

So the officials effectively manage public finances.

 "Vedomosti" expect the comment of the representative of ASV, and the citizens want to hear the comments of the President of the country, such a large-scale fraudulent schemes, embezzlement of public funds and inaction of law enforcement agencies.

Vitaly Glukhov

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