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понедельник, 31 июля 2017 г.

Where lies the main challenge for the student?

Where lies the main challenge for the student?
Sverdlovsk students will tell what kind of God is correct and what is the Church the Russian
16.03.2017 published in the news section of the review

The missionary Institute of the diocese of Yekaterinburg launched at Ural state economic University course "foundations of spiritual security," according to Znak.com citing Department of information policy of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region.

From the summary to the course should be designed for six to eight hours of lecture. Among the topics that affect lecturers "Religious and political extremism," "Spiritually-moral ideal of the traditional religions of Russia", "Sects and sectarianism". He told the OTV channel one of the developers of the training program, member of the Institute of the diocese of Konstantin Korepanov, the course is intended "to meet the challenges faced by students, and points to the set of preventive measures not to get where to get not necessary".

As an example "where it is not necessary to get" information that led the Kiev Maidan, which led to the overthrow of power in Ukraine. "They (the youth. - Approx. NEWSru.com) thought that the deposed one and they feel good, were fighting for a happy future, and over the fact that they were suicide bombers, dead, disabled in the war, which was unleashed," explained Korepanov.
But, "continued the teacher, they did not burned, they did not received. These are the people who dressed in black, threw bottles, shouted slogans and went on Board the ship. <...> Their natural way used. Yes, they are for that matter paid, but they fell for the propaganda. And it was important that this did not happen on our streets that our people did not provoke, not engaged, and then dumped like a used thing."
A method for directing youth in the right direction Korepanov suggested metaphorically to draw from the famous novel by J. D. Salinger, Jerome D. : "You know, the way this is from the novel "the catcher in the rye", where a teenager wants to run on the edge of a rye field and catch the sparkle of children. Course something. Children play, and there are a lot of people who want to take advantage of this and these children to catch. We tell them what to do and where to seek," commented Korepanov.
On the questions where exactly to seek - is the Internet Korepanov said that it is not necessary to go there, "which invites Internet", if the consciousness of the young man begin to manipulate.
The new program was given in the framework of the course "Basics of life safety". According to the rector of the Missionary Institute of the diocese of Natalia Dyachkova, "at lessons in the first place are taught to act in case of fire, man-made disasters, but to protect themselves from the mental effects that can ruin your life and the lives of your loved ones, do not teach", and therefore was tested on this course.
The curriculum has already been approved by the Ministry of General and professional education of Sverdlovsk region, and its authors hope that it will enter other universities.
In December 2016, it was reported that the Federal Agency on Affairs of nationalities jointly with the interior Ministry is going to assess the extremist potential of students in all universities of Russia. The first test is scheduled in Moscow, and then in all other regions of the Russian Federation.
In October of the same year, the Deputy head of the Institute for strategic studies and projections at the PFUR Nikita Danuk said that within two years, more than 40 in Moscow and several dozens of regional universities has secretly held a rating of "protest potential" among teachers and students. On the basis of the checks were drawn "help for official use only," including for the authorities.
 By and large, adds the editor of the Forum.MSK D. Black, - similar "education" boils down to a single formula, does not broaden the mind of students, they systematically prove that "our sect is the most traditional, native", in fact, at public expense, the Russian Orthodox Church conducts advertising their virtual service communication with God, so it's time to remember held one hundred years ago the separation of Church and state by the Bolsheviks, his progressive role in the development not only of Russia but of the entire USSR.

Alexey Kazakov WROTE:
"...the course is designed "to meet the challenges faced by students..."
...first, the main "challenge" with which she (=the students) faces, it's... HER ...the RECTOR and the RECTOR. The fact that a student goes to College for an Education, and he, instead, palm off... "socialization"; he goes after the Truth, and he shoved "the cult of personality the closest superiors"; he yearns for Meaning in LIFE, and it substitutes "adaptation", ie, unprincipled opportunism; the student wants to learn to think, and teaching him to "bluff"; he counts on the Knowledge, and he slipped the fake, etc. etc.... What to say: all uncles and tetki "from the administration" have received higher education for free, and today's youth "give" him... for money! Unequivocally, they think (and teach!) so: a) money - a thing thin. The meaning of life - is also "a subtle thing". Therefore?... Therefore (!) the meaning of life is money is! ...Raise your hand WHO does not AGREE?! Ah... if you don't like "extremist"!!!

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