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пятница, 28 июля 2017 г.

Oligarchic state

 The world Bank said the main reason for the stagnation in Russia the concentration of power
Experts from the world Bank (WB) report on "Governance and law", excerpts of which publishes the newspaper "Kommersant", said the main reason for the stagnation in Russia the concentration of power. All power is in the hands of officials and a narrow group of elites, who live off resource rents leads to corruption, inequality and underdevelopment, the document says.
The level of non-compliance of the state apparatus, the development of the Russian Federation is on a par with Rwanda and Turkey, and occupies the lowest place among all countries reviewed.
As in these two countries, in Russia by 2015 remained groups with real influence on policy, but policymakers, and the only reforms that are implemented are meritocratic - that is made in favor of existing elites.

Attempt to create multiple groups for the privatization of the 1990-ies, the purpose of which was declared increasing the efficiency of state-owned enterprises, in fact, is over a product almost as inefficient oligopolies, and along with them - "a new class of oligarchy that resists reforms aimed at promoting competition", says the WB.
Thus, as suggested by the world Bank, Russia's problems are not unique in essence, but, of course, stand out for their scale.
Over the last 16 years in Russia was made for two strategic development programmes, but none of them was implemented in practice, in particular because of the opposition of lobbyists at all levels, confirm the findings of the WB at the Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin.
The proposals of the lobbyists often disguised as reform, although each step usually have a specific beneficiary in the form of an elite clan. "We need to be in constant contact with them to discuss what is acceptable, what is unacceptable, what they are willing to go, I wasn't ready. Otherwise, they will block", - quotes the opinion of one CSR from reliable sources.
The reduction of the budget pie and oil and gas revenues of the country will lead to a further tightening of control of elites over financial flows and the economy, podelilsa with the publishing Director of the Economic policy program of the Carnegie Moscow Center Andrei Movchan.
"We are already seeing how this process goes in the oil and gas sector through the nationalization of foreign trade through the consolidation of flows at the expense of the sanctions in the field of technology through the formation of a new market of the state order around the systems of control and content restrictions in the field of construction through the formation of new mega-projects", - quotes the examples of the expert.
Further the clamping of the competition, he said, will lead to less investment, care of business in the shadow, the contraction of the economy and reduction in budget revenues.

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