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In whose pockets are depositors' money deposited?

The Bank of Russia withdrew the license to conduct banking operations from the Petersburg commercial bank 'Financial Capital'. About this on Tuesday, October 25, the press service of the Central Bank.
The financial organization carried out a highly risky credit policy related to the placement of cash in low-quality assets. At the same time, management and owners did not take effective measures to normalize the bank's activity, the report says.

Bank of the Russian Orthodox Church perishes because of panic among depositors, the press service and the Crimean Tatars
The Central Bank appointed in the 'Financial Capital' an interim administration, the powers of the executive bodies of the credit organization were suspended.
Payments to depositors will be made no later than November 8, 2016, the Deposit Insurance Agency reported. Banks-agents will be selected on a competitive basis no later than October 31.
As of October 1, the bank 'Financial Capital' held 512th place in the banking system of Russia in terms of assets.

September 16, the Central Bank reported that for 10 years since 2006, revoked licenses from 463 banks.
In mid-August, the deputy chairman and head of the Central Bank's Chief Inspectorate, Vladimir Safronov, talked about the main problems of Russian banks: lending to their own owners, overvaluation of assets and fictitious capitalization.
Over the past two years, every fourth bank has closed in Russia, about a trillion rubles have been spent on the financial recovery of the rest.
In whose pockets are depositors' money deposited?
A problem for curious, capable of solving simple equations.
Introductory first: the depositors brought money to Bank X for a total of 10 billion rubles.
Bank X went bankrupt and the DIA compensated 10 billion rubles for depositors.
The question is: where did the 10 billion rubles contributed by the depositors to the bank and who in this history suffered, and who is free and with money?

March 4, 2016
Depositors of two closed banks will start paying compensation in April
Payments to the injured depositors of Miko Bank and Bogorodsky Bank, who lost their licenses on March 24, will begin no later than April 7. This is reported by the state corporation 'Deposit Insurance Agency' (DIA).
'The insurance indemnity is paid to the depositor in the amount of 100 percent of the amount of all his accounts (deposits) in the bank, including those opened for entrepreneurial activity, but not more than 1.4 million rubles in aggregate,' the DIA said.

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It is also noted that the amount not compensated by insurance will be repaid during the liquidation of the bank as part of the claims of the creditors of the first stage (for accounts of entrepreneurs opened for entrepreneurial activity - in the third stage).
Banks-agents, through which the DIA will pay compensation, will be determined no later than March 30.
Earlier on March 24, the Central Bank closed Miko Bank and Bogorodsky Bank. The regulator said that the revocation of the license of Miko-Bank is connected with the failure of the credit institution to comply with federal laws and regulations of the Bank of Russia, 'taking into account the existence of a real threat to the interests of creditors and investors.'
The decision to apply the last resort to Bogorodsky Bank was also made because of 'a decrease in the amount of equity (capital) below the minimum value of the authorized capital.'
In terms of assets, Miko-Bank held the 392nd place in the banking system of Russia on March 1, and Bogorodsky Bank - 476th.
It is expected that the procedure for the recovery of the banking sector will be completed by 2017.
The Central Bank revoked the license from the Moscow-based StarBank, which ranks 171st in terms of assets

The Bank of Russia revoked the license from Moscow's StarBank, which is part of the first 200 banks by the size of assets in the country. By order of the regulator, a temporary administration has been appointed to the bank, Interfax reports.
The message on the regulator's website says that the revocation of the license is due to the bank's failure to comply with the banking laws and regulations of the Central Bank, and also because of the threat to the interests of depositors and creditors. The Central Bank also noted that the bank 'was involved in conducting dubious operations to withdraw money abroad' and 'questionable transit operations.'
On March 16, the Central Bank turned off StarBank from the system 'Bank electronic urgent payments'. The Moscow office of the credit organization then told reporters that the bank no longer accepts citizens' deposits.
StarBank is a part of the deposit insurance system. Its depositors will be able to get their money back if their deposits do not exceed 1.4 million rubles.
'StarBank' was established in 1990. In the early years of its existence, it was called the November Commercial Bank. The current name he received in 2006, after it was acquired by the Kazakhstan financial corporation. At the end of 2015, the bank took 171 th place in terms of assets among Russian banks in the ranking of Interfax-100.
According to the information systems of Partner iD and kartoteka.ru, 19.7%

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