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воскресенье, 23 июля 2017 г.

The dream of the capitalists is a steady rise in prices

The rise in food prices in Russia in 2016
Economic difficulties have become a landmark phenomenon for Russian residents in 2016. Everyone felt them, starting with representatives of big and small businesses and ending with ordinary inhabitants. The most 'painful' phenomenon for Russians is the rise in prices for consumer goods, medicines and food products. A jump in the dollar provoked inflation, the cost of gasoline jumped to a sky-high altitude, therefore, the services of carriers increased.
The level of GDP fell below the 1998 level - now it is much more expensive to live, and some segments of the population suddenly found themselves behind the middle line. Especially it concerns our compatriots from rural regions.

In mid-2015, the Public Opinion Foundation conducted a series of sociological surveys among Russian citizens aged 18 and over. Data collected in more than one hundred cities in 43 regions. As the statistics showed, the price increase in 2015 was painfully felt by 84% of the inhabitants of Russia. In this case, especially complained about the increased cost of essential goods.
Estimating the data, sociologists concluded that in 2015 the following food products became more expensive:
Meat and poultry (40% of respondents);
Sausages (36% of respondents);
Dairy products (34% of Russians)
Sugar (33%);
Vegetables and fruits (28% of the total number of respondents).
That is, there was a significant increase in prices for all key products. FOM experts stated that the error of the survey does not exceed 3.6%. In view of the fact that the data were received in July 2015, when the inflation rate in Russia was estimated at 9.5%, then today (when inflation is 11.7%) growth is even more obvious. In 2015, some products increased their value, gradually coming to a certain figure, while others jumped from a minimum to a maximum in just a few days.
Expert opinions

Officials also interested in rising prices in Russia. The Federal Service for State Statistics conducted a monitoring of the dynamics of the value of products in 2016. According to experts, the average price increase on the territory of the Russian Federation is about 12%. A more significant figure was announced for the capital of Russia - in 2016 for foodstuffs it is necessary to pay 12,6% more than in 2014. Price anti-rating is as follows:
The leading place is occupied by white cabbage, the cost of which increased by 64%.
'It comes on her heels' carrots with a rate of 50%.
Bananas took the honorable third place, having risen in price in 2016 by 38%.
Almost broke into the top three potatoes - for it the inhabitants of Russia have to pay 21% more.
Apples have risen in price by an average of 17%.
The main reasons for the increase in prices for products experts Rosstat called the crisis, the beginning of which was traced back in 2014. Economic sanctions and fluctuations in the exchange rate led to the devaluation of the ruble. Official representatives of the Federal Statistical Office of Russia explain the uneven price increase in 2016 due to the fact that some products were in stock. Thanks to the reserve it was possible to stabilize their cost and reduce the impact of inflation on these goods. In connection with the reduction in imports in the market of the country, non-seasonal products that previously imported from abroad were in a certain deficit. Replacing them with domestic greenhouse vegetables and fruits did not affect the growth in prices.
Although the experts' justification for the current situation in 2016 can be considered quite convincing, the citizens of Russia have accumulated a lot of questions. One of them is the lack of understanding of the reason why domestic vegetables depend so much on the ruble-dollar ratio, because they are grown on the territory of our state. Politicians parry quite logical statement: the fall of the national currency forced farmers to raise the price level, as they also depend on the supply of imported goods. For the organization of agriculture, high-quality seeds, specific machinery, fertilizers are needed. All of the above products are produced abroad, and suppliers require payment in foreign currency. This leads to a significant increase in cost. Therefore, even Russian products in 2016 became more expensive.
Should we expect another jump in prices?

Unfortunately, analysts predict a further rise in value. According to their statements, the products in Russia will rise by at least another 10%. Disappointing forecasts stem from the unfavorable foreign policy activity of our state. It is expected that the dollar will rise even more. The increase in the excise tax on petrol and oil products planned by the Government of the Russian Federation will lead to a rise in the cost of transportation services. Suppliers and producers will have no choice but to increase the prices of food products even more. Sanctions continue to operate, so expect support from the West is not necessary. In December 2015, in Russia, residents expected growth in prices for alcohol, vegetables and fruits, bread and pastries, tea and coffee, shock

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