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суббота, 22 июля 2017 г.

Domination of financial oligarchy

The Russian economy is named by the most unequal in the world
Russia has headed the list of the countries with the highest level of an inequality among the basic economy of the world, informs "Interfax". Consulting company New World Wealth was engaged in research of appropriating parameters and formation of a rating. According to research, 62 % of well-being of Russia are necessary on a fraction of dollar millionaires, and 26 % belong to billionaires.
« If millionaires supervise over 50 % of riches in the country, in it practically does not remain seats for formation of middle class », — experts of the company mark. Most close to equality there is Japan: there millionaires posess only 22 % of cumulative well-being of citizens.

The USA takes of a position in the middle of the list: at the disposal of millionaires — 32 % of well-being. Analysts were surprised with this parameter as before presidential election in the USA the inequality of incomes in the state is actively discussed.
Thus in a rating of well-being per capita America takes the eighth seat and has a parameter in 151 thousand dollars. On the first seat of this rating there is Monaco. There average well-being is estimated in 1,6 million dollars, more 5 % of residents possess a condition from above 10 million dollars.

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