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суббота, 22 июля 2017 г.

Wizards of the country OEZ

 On the project of special economic zones have plundered millions
Vladimir Putin the decision has unexpectedly closed at once 10 special economic zones from already operating 33. What was it – the spontaneous reaction caused by disappointment from the project? The ripened unique decision? Or complex personnel game, with a view of and which details we still should understand?
The idea of creation реперных points of the accelerated growth to which had to become avant guarde of progress of economy, in Russia broke through to itself road long and difficultly. Though Russia in this business at all первооткрывательница: special economic zones is the European idea with advantage realized in the different countries. In 90th years we already had a hobby for internal offshores, but they began массово to be used for evasion from payment of taxes.

Then the idea also was transformed to creation of special economic zones on the European type which by means of and under supervision of the state would become points of growth of the Russian economy, assisting progress of the high technology manufactures, импортозамещению, to increase of employment of the population and competitiveness of the country on a foreign market. This problem complex and multipurpose, undoubtedly, fraught both mistakes, and corruption decisions, in fact a basis of state support ОЭЗ of steel direct financial injections, tax indulgences, access to an infrastructure of any type and other interesting benefits. It is clear, that was a lot of wishing to not carry by this spoon by a mouth. And here in April Счётная the chamber has fixed pitiable result: for 10 years ОЭЗ and did not become the effective tool of support of economy.
 Medvedev's debut
 The criticism of special economic zones sounded almost from their most creation, but in a slow mode. However clouds one step at a time were condensed. The first серьёзный the thunder has burst in late November the last year when Vladimir Putin has admitted to Is new-«úáÓ±óÑ active workers of the All-Russian popular front with the story about details of the project « For fair purchases! ». A hit of investigation then became the project of joint-stock company « Special economic zones » – in fact the operating company of all created in Russia ОЭЗ and, in particular, its experience of personal enrichment by прокручивания budgetary funds with their subsequent subsidence already on personal accounts. Here such « points of growth », only not the Russian economy, and several personal well-beings due to the budget of the country have turned out.
Having had heard plenty of a plain truth, the president has charged then to the State Office of Public Prosecutor, Счётной to chamber, the Federal revenue services and Росфинмониторингу till April, 1st to check up efficiency of an expenditure of budgetary funds company « Special economic zones » and other similar managers. Then process had joined prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. For the beginning it – for the first time! – has met with active ОНФ and on results of this dialogue has charged Минэкономразвития too till April, 1st to make to the legislation of Russia of variation which will exclude a possibility of creation of new economic zones with participation of the at fault joint-stock company « Special economic zones ».
 Auditor department has operatively executed the assignment of the president and already in the beginning of April has presented a sad picture of progress of " points of growth ». The general result: for the state OEZ has inefficiently spent 186 bns of roubles. In particular, only on development of various concepts, payment of consulting and marketing services on creation and management ОЭЗ expenses of the operating companies have made 578,7 million roubles. Thus all is distant not these development have found the application in practice. On subject matter the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has charged to suspend creation of new special economic zones; 10 ОЭЗ it decided to close 1019 Both have opened, and will close the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has charged to suspend creation of new special economic zones; 10 ОЭЗ it decided to close Except for active прокручивания in banks of budgetary funds not taken place leaders of growth actively earned delivery of property in rent, thus frankly swindling. One of set of examples – tenancy of hotel " Resident-hotel " in Dubna. The total sum of the income under contracts of rent of hotel and its equipment for 2013-2015 has made nearby 13 million roubles, and depreciation charges of joint-stock company OEZ – 68 million roubles. That is incomes of joint-stock company of delivery of property in rent have appeared essentially below expenses on its content. As a whole only on 16 objects chosen for the analysis depreciation charges have been overestimated on the average in 3 times, why the state budget 110,5 million roubles of dividends has missed. Thus depreciation charges were used not to destination and did not go on restoration of a fixed capital. And where they went? A question, certainly, interesting.
The programmed failures
 On each object of check the account goes on millions, what sphere of activity take. Have much subtilized with poor loans. But the imagination is amazed at all with them, and primary провальность, laid in a basis of the project. The most eloquent example – ОЭЗ « Island Russian » in Primorye Territory which has managed to the state in 23,6 million roubles. When money have been mastered, news has appeared in time:

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