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воскресенье, 23 июля 2017 г.

Fearless speculators and elusive bandits are tormenting the country!

Audit Chamber: the bandits withdrew from Russia a trillion rubles

So the auditor estimated the losses of the domestic economy in three years

The Auditor of the Accounts Chamber, Sergei Shtorgin, at a meeting of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) cited the statistics, according to which trillions of rubles were illegally illegally exported from Russia over the past three years.

Shtorgin, as RNS writes, explained that 'imaginary foreign economic transactions' were used for this and called on the FCS to close this 'loophole'.

The auditor added that in the case of the trillion it was actually a question of 'bandit' money and noted that the Security Council and the Central Bank should also deal with this situation, in addition to the FCS.

We will remind, earlier in Russia the scheme of a conclusion of money at which the firm-non-resident addresses with the firm-resident has been opened. The latter agrees with him, the court instructs the Bailiffs Service to ensure the transfer of money abroad, and as a result of the collusion they leave the country.

The media in describing this scheme noted that while the Russian authorities can not counteract to it effective measures, as the actions of the courts and bailiffs are in accordance with the law.

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Fearless speculators and elusive bandits are tormenting the country

Touching upon the message to the Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin said that it is impossible to speculate on the ruble exchange rate:

'The Bank of Russia moved to a floating rate, but this does not mean that the Bank of Russia has avoided the impact on the ruble market that the ruble exchange rate can become the object of financial speculation with impunity.'

'I ask the Bank of Russia and the government to conduct tough coordinated actions in order to discourage the so-called speculators from playing on fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Russian currency.'

'The authorities know who these speculators are, and the tools to influence them, it's time to take advantage of these tools,' Putin said.

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