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суббота, 22 июля 2017 г.

For teachers there is no money!

Teacher: Medvedev's words about the salaries of teachers - another spit from the authorities

Dmitry Medvedev's words about the 'normality' of teachers' small salaries among teachers are perceived as another slap in the face, said a member of the council of the inter-regional trade union 'Teacher' Andrei Rudoy. As the trade union official told the Rosbalt correspondent, in general, the prime minister's words look absurd.
'Already everyone is used to spitting on the part of the authorities. This is just another slap in the face, which will be accepted, 'Andrei Rudoy stated.
The pro-activist drew attention to the fact that this is not the first scandalous statement by the prime minister. 'I get the impression that Medvedev and Putin are playing a game. Medvedev gives out some nonsense with a periodicity of a couple of months, and Putin against this background is exposed as, it seems, a more positive character. It's like in olden days ladies wore ugly pugs to shade their beauty, 'Rudoy commented.

The teacher stressed that from the economic point of view, the offer to teachers to go into business is absurd. 'The structure of society is such that there is no place in the market for such a large number of businessmen. Teachers make up about one percent of the country's population. Even if they go into small business, the market simply will not take them. Moreover, one can recall the statistics that one of the forty business enterprises that are starting to work survives. But even if teachers go to business, who will teach children? After all, there are enough problems in education. Of course, Dmitry Medvedev's statement is meaningless in every respect: from the economic point of view, and simply from the human, 'said Andrei Rudoy.
Recall that at the forum 'Territory of Meanings', Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev asked about the small salaries of teachers, said that the teacher is a calling, and who wants to earn money could go to businessmen.
Source: www.rosbalt.ru

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