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воскресенье, 23 июля 2017 г.

Organized losses

Siluanov spoke about the losses of state funds in troubled Russian banks in 2016

The RF Ministry of Finance estimates the loss of state funds in Russian banks of 100 billion rubles over the past year. In this regard, the Ministry supports the measures of the Central Bank aimed at improving the reliability of banks, in particular - the proposal to create a multi-level banking system, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.
'This, on the one hand, will reduce the administrative burden on banks and will help increase the availability of banking services, and on the other - will become the basis for the stability of the banking sector and improve the banking system,' Siluanov said at the Association of Russian Banks (ARB) Agency Reuters.

Separately, the minister pointed to measures to increase confidence in credit institutions. And the government, he said, will tighten the requirements for the placement of state funds in banks.
'We are now implementing measures to scale up the application of credit ratings on the national scale in assessing the reliability of financial institutions.' It was said a lot that we are cutting off banks from public funds, and this cutoff turns into a cynical and logically inefficient measure. Everything is much simpler, because we spent state funds in banks for the last year about 100 billion rubles, 'the Finance Minister said, stressing that the use of state funds should be carried out in proven, Banks.
'Obviously, the state is also concerned about the reliability of banks and the banking system, and accordingly, the use of state funds should also be carried out in reliable and reliable banks,' the minister said.
According to the head of the Ministry of Finance, the government will apply national ratings in assessing banks to use them when placing funds, working with commercial banks and participating in programs.

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