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воскресенье, 23 июля 2017 г.

How to save on pensioners for rogues

Russian pensioners will not receive 55 billion rubles
 Pensioners who have worked in agriculture for more than 30 years can remain without a surcharge. The Ministry of Labor decided to postpone the implementation of the law on the outstripping growth of pensions of the inhabitants of the remote area for three years, RBC reports. A few days ago, the Ministry of Labor proposed to the Government Commission on Legislative Activity to freeze the law on an additional increase in the fixed part of agricultural workers, providing for an annual increase of 25%. It is planned that former farmers may not be able to increase pensions until 2020. According to the law on insurance payments, the norm was to enter into force on January 1 of this year, but its execution was suspended because of the difficult economic situation.

If the government supports the initiative of the Ministry of Labor, as a result of which it will be possible to save 55 billion budget funds, the project will be submitted to the State Duma for discussion. Let's note, lawyers warned legislators that it is a question of the most socially unprotected and needy pensioners. Today, the size of pensions of villagers and villages barely exceeds the minimum threshold of 4559 rubles., Increased in 2016 by only 4%, despite a recorded increase in inflation of 12.9%.

'Black holes' of the Russian budget
The Accounting Chamber looked into the 'black hole' Skolkovo

The Accounting Chamber peeks into the 'black hole' of Skolkovo The Accounting Chamber has published a full report on the verification (together with the FSB) of the Skolkovo innovation center for 2013-2015.
The main result is theft of state funds with a truly merchant's scope. The report takes several dozen pages. We will cite only the most egregious facts. For two years from the federal budget in skolkovskuyu feeder already charged 58.6 billion rubles. This is 78% of the fund's total revenues. Another 5.7 billion rubles. (Almost 7% of income), the innovative 'child' received from the placement of budget money in bank accounts.
Own activity brought only 4.5% of revenue. A significant part of budgetary money was allowed not for the development of science, but for the reward of loved ones: 'In the structure of the fund's expenditures in 2013-2015, labor costs amounted to more than 8.9 billion rubles (13.7% of the total expenditures made for the account Subsidies from the federal budget).

The research activity of money spent half as much. In 2015, the average monthly salary in the fund was 468.4 thousand rubles, which is 13.8 times higher than the overall indicator for the economy of the Russian Federation (33.98 thousand rubles) and 5.3 times the average monthly salary in Moscow (88.62 Thousands of rubles in December 2015), 'the report says. Budget funds were also provided to foreigners.
For example, an Israeli citizen is not a scientist, but a builder! In addition to wages rented an apartment for 300 thousand rubles a month and paid for medical and dental insurance in the VIP category. Russian pensioners, the founding father of Skolkovo at that time said that 'there is no money, but you are holding on'. In addition to 'breakthrough discoveries', the Russian budget generously pays for the educational 'forge of cadres' - the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (SkTech). For 2013-2015, it invested almost 12 billion rubles. Of these, almost 4 billion went by agreement to the country's main educational institution of a probable enemy - the American Massachusetts Institute of Technology! Nearly half of this money MIT spent on itself. Based on the results of the audit, the Accounting Chamber sent an appeal to the Prosecutor General's Office.
We wait.

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